Central Coast hit with massive power outage

June 23, 2013

pg&eMore than 148,000 residences from Solvang to Cambria are without power from an outage that started at about 9:30 p.m. on Sunday.

PG&E online says that the outage was caused by interruption to a main transmission line. Santa Barbara County dispatch is reporting on Twitter that power lines are down in Santa Maria on Driftwood and Tanglewood drives.

In Santa Maria, 42,582 homes are without power. In San Luis Obispo, 741 residences are in the dark.

PG&E has not given an estimated time that power will be restored



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Those are some bizarre figures. The whole county was dark. And it was almost impossible to get any information while sitting in the dark. The emergency channel was silent. I didn’t get any “Poly alerts.” The radio “news” channels were churning out pap about “lunchtime liposuction” and how Ed Snowden is a “felon” (huh?) and how he should return to the U.S. immediately to “face charges” (double huh? how can you “face charges” if you’ve already been convicted? er, wait. how can you be a “felon” if you haven’t “faced charges”? and how do news channels like ABC get away with putting out propaganda like that? i’m all confused and stuff.)

PG&E are a bunch of liars. 741 homes in SLO without power? Excuse me, the ENTIRE city was without power. There was no electricity for 150 miles! How does this happen in 2013? It wouldn’t have happened in the 1970s. We apparently now have a completely centralized grid with no redundancy. Talk about going backwards.

Sure wasn’t expected but having a home build generator that covers everything in our house, we were the only ones with power. I would suggest considering home generator in case things like this happen.

Unless you have dire medical equipment electrical needs, why add to the pollution (both air quality and noise) by running a generator for a few hours? If an emergency notice is given that power will be out for days at a time, I would concede that having a generator would be off great help in saving your refrigerated items, but there is usually very little harm in having your power off for a short while.

When you consider the loss of power from transmission over the grid, home generators are actually fairly efficient.

There are solar- and wind-powered generators, Bob.