Fight injures CMC inmate

June 6, 2013

CMCA fight Wednesday between two patient-inmates at California Mens’ Colony (CMC) left one man with serious head wounds and another suspected of attempted murder, facility officials said.

Eric Guevara, 29, suffered blunt trauma to the head during the encounter with Damon Moralesallen, 28, said CMC spokesman Lt. Robert Furster. Guevara was treated at a local hospital and returned to CMC custody. Both men are in isolation from the general population.

Furster said the incident is under investigation.

In a prison environment, said Furster, “fights are something that can happen for a lot of reasons.”

This one broke out in a general assembly area during an exercise period. The weapon used was a crudely made object, Furster said,  but he declined to describe it or to comment further.

The incident was the second this week at CMC. A stabbing occurred Monday, but wounds were not serious. And two guards were slashed by an inmate in May.

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