Grand jury suggests merging Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach dispatch services

June 4, 2013

joinThe San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury has recommended that the cities of Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach merge their police and fire dispatch systems and contract with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office for dispatch services. [Tribune]

A grand jury report issued last week said that consolidation of the two cities’ public safety services into a single center run by the Sheriff’s Office would save both agencies money. The report also suggested a merger of Five Cities Fire Authority and Cal Fire dispatch services, which the Sheriff’s Office would also operate.

Cal Fire Chief Robert Lewin said his agency and the sheriff’s office have been discussing sharing a facility.

Sheriff Ian Parkinson said Grover Beach could save at least $150,000 a year by contracting with the sheriff’s office.

“I’m interested in working with each of the cities if it is determined that consolidation would be advantageous to everyone involved,” Parkinson told the Tribune. “However, the decision to combine the dispatch center and contract with the sheriff’s office is something the cities themselves will have to make.”

The county plans to hire a consultant to study the proposal and has already set aside money in next year’s budget to do so.

Last year, Arroyo Grande proposed to provide police services to Grover Beach under a five-year contract. The Grover Beach City Council rejected the proposal due to concerns over personnel cuts to its department.


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This stuff has been going on for more than two decades now. They’re tiny departments.

Just do it already.

Will likely never happen, it would result in a reduction of administrative departments and personal and would not feed the monster that require an never ending supply of tax dollars.

In part the same reason when there are education cuts they hit teachers and things that are direct to students and if ever very light on cuts to administrative staff and departments

You’re right. Government never shrinks or spends less. Heck, giving them a smaller increase is considered a cut.