San Luis Obispo County supervisor selling his home

June 3, 2013

gibson houseDistrict 2 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson has listed his Cayucos ranch for sale.

The rural Cottontail Creek Road property comes with a three bedroom, three-bathroom main house on 170 acres for an asking price of $2,595,000.

The listing culminates a turbulent seven-month period for the supervisor, currently in his second term of office. Last November, Gibson announced he had been engaged in a long-term affair with his administrative assistant Cherie Aispuro.

In January, Gibson’s wife, San Luis Obispo doctor Grace Crittenden, filed for divorce after more than 33 years of marriage.

Voters in District 2 were recently contacted for a phone survey, attempting to measure the impact of these developments on Gibson’s chances for reelection in 2014.

Gibson has said that he is currently living with his parents in Cambria. State law requires county supervisors to live in the district they serve.




  1. Downtown Bob says:

    How does an avid environmentalist who votes against any “upscale” ranch house live with himself while having this beautiful and excessive “ranch” ? He has been denying family members of ranching families to build on their family property. Bruce is no more a “farmer” than he is an man of integrity; just a hollow shell for show, and a total “do as I say not as I do” a-hole. Political class scum.

    • taxpayer says:

      It’s easy. :Like many other “environmentalists”, such as Al Gore, it’s do as I say, not what I do. While pretending to be a farmer, he has done extensive damage to many real ranchers whose family’s have actually been working hard and trying to do what’s good for their land for generations. Bruce Gibson has been a complete phoney as far as farming, politics and family are concerned, since the very beginning of his first term. He’s a person who made all of his money, excluding what his wife brought into the marriage, from working for the oil companies. When it came time to run for office he became an “environmentalist”. He doesn’t care about his farm, his family or the environment. All he cares about is himself and power.

  2. ironyman2000 says:

    So this guy has a thing with this gal then sells his house. Heavy duty stuff fer sure.

  3. Pelican1 says:

    I honestly don’t know why anyone cares. What he does, and has done while on the job representing me, concerns me. His character and professionalism are in question, not whether he sells his house or not.
    We as human beings are losing our logic through our vindictiveness. We can’t change the spots on this Leopard through tabloid journalistic behavior. Rather, we should be focusing on holding him accountable until such time as he can be removed from office..

    • beachrat says:

      Thank you, you are exactly right, it seems that this message board consists mostly of people with way
      too much time on their hands

  4. Lynette_Tornatzky says:

    Good grief, what a bunch of boring blather! Is Gibson gossip this exciting to merit all these comments? Get a life! Or at the very least get some awareness of Cal Coast’s reason to keep this stale story alive……

    • Paso_citizen says:

      Dear Lynette : It may be a ‘bunch of boring blather’ to you; but it seems to me that there is still some interest in Mr. Gibson’s conduct as an elected official of this county – and the un-deniable fact that he has brought disgrace to this county and to its citizens by the way he has conducted himself.

      I realize, by now, that you (and probably others) will defend Mr. Gibson to the literal ‘end of the earth’,
      and that is just the way it is. But there are some of us (hopefully enough to make a difference) that
      believe what he did, how he did it, and the total lack of concern he has shown – indcates a complete lack of morals – both as a person and as an elected official.

      And this is not a stale story – it is just one more chapter in the long story of how public officials in this county do what they want, when they want, and they want it – with almost complete understanding that the vast majority of the citizens do not give a damn. This is very unfortunate and disturbing.
      This is not just Mr. Gibson, but includes many others.

  5. As the world turns says:

    It must take a whole lot of love to give up half (or more) of your worth for another woman.

  6. Rambunctious says:

    33 years of marriage and this is how he wants it to end…he’s taking half of his life and flushing it. Amazing…

  7. Jorge Estrada says:

    Better days ahead.

    • givemeabreak says:

      Jorge Estrada……..yes better day’s ahead ONLY if we get RID of Gibson.

      • Jorge Estrada says:

        Possibly so but retirement seems to include selling the farm in this case. Yes he too, will have better days in a new home that looks lived in. I’ve been around long enough to know that is better to will good luck than to express good riddance.

  8. rogerfreberg says:

    A lot of bad things happen when folks push on the wrong domino in their life… but… seriously… Moving back with Mommy??

    • taxpayer says:

      A question: How do we know Bruce is living with his parents? How do we even know he’s really living in the 2nd District? If it’s all based upon his word then I have to say the 2nd District is in trouble.

      • kayaknut says:

        Why does it matter, even if it’s illegal to live outside your district, if the SLO didn’t do anything when Mr. Settle clearly was living outside the city what makes you think the BOS will do anything here, it is the way it works.

        One might also ask where does Ms. Aispuro live, is it within District 2? It doesn’t take much to surmise Mr. Gibson is likely spending many hours there, now if it is living our not might be up for discussion

        • takemeout2theballgame says:

          $2.6 million is more than 5x what the average constituents home costs…BG is out of touch with who he “represents.”

          Aispuro lives with her Mom in Paso (not Dist. 2)…last we heard Bruce lives with his Mom and Pop in Cambria. Maybe he’s staying in the vacation rental in downtown Cayucos?

          Will BG be forced to sell the airplane too? No more mile high club for the love birds.

          • GalaxyTraveler says:

            Based on your math virtually every GOP member in any office is out of touch…Wait….you nailed it!

            • kayaknut says:

              You got it right, the last time I checked Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid both live in small 3 bed 2 bath homes in middle class neighborhoods……..

              • SLOBIRD says:

                You better check those facts again, kayaknut… Nancy does have a home in San Francisco but then she owns vineyards and wineries (with homes) in Napa Valley as well as a big stake holder in the Napa Valley lxury Auberge Du Soleil Resort an then she probably eats in a restaurant chain called Piatti which she is a partner in. Nancy and hubby are worth over $55 million so I am sure she lives where she wants.

                As for Harry Reid, that is sort of a mystery. He has a locked up in Searchlight, AZ (place of his birth) and it is reported that “maybe” lives there but that cannot be
                confirmed. Interesing, and with his $5-6 million net worth I am sure he can live where he chooses.

                Actually, in all fairness, most of the politicians in Washington, regardless of party, are much richer than than Americans they serve.

                • pasoparent5 says:

                  SLOBIRD, you missed kayak’s *sarcasm*. :)

                • beachrat says:

                  I find it quite interesting how a story about Gibson selling his ranch morphed into a comment about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and where they live and what their net worth is, I guess Ijust dont understand how some peoples minds work, sorry

                • SLOBIRD says:

                  I absolutely missed that, as I reread it this morning. Tough day at redrock yesterday! Thanks for my reawakening. lol

          • taxpayer says:

            I mean, seriously, two people who each make over $80,000 apiece in salary and benefits have moved back in with their parents. And this guy is one of five people who vote on how to spend the money in a county budget exceeding $100,000,000. He can’t live on his own. What a tragedy this story has become.

            • pasoparent5 says:

              It’s a tragedy for all the kids–some grown, some still young and I also feel badly for the spouses but as for Bruce and Cherie? I feel zero sympathy for either of them.

              • taxpayer says:

                I couldn’t agree more. People can’t pick their parents. I feel equally as bad for the parents. They must be really proud of the children they raised. It’s a shame all around. I wish the parents and the children nothing but the best in life. It’s not their fault.

      • Rambunctious says:

        I wonder if his parents allow his girlfriend to sleep over…

      • beachrat says:

        He is living with them, and they do live in the 2nd District, I know that for sure

      • givemeabreak says:

        We have been in trouble since he ended up in office. Our district has gone to hell in a handbag. POMPOUS, little man. And I use the word “man” lightly.

  9. jarhead says:

    Hope his FORMER WIFE take his worthless body to the CLEANERS , make him HOMELESS , what a piece of work , SLO need a house cleaning of the city council, DA, city attorney ,city manage, r

    • info says:

      You never know what happens behind closed doors, especially the past 33 years; however, California State Law will no doubt take care of his FORMER WIFE. BTW – What is the connection between Bruce and the City of San Luis Obispo?

    • MaryMalone says:

      Oh, wouldn’t that be ironic…if Gibson was actually made homeless and had to suffer the reality of CAPSLO, a effed-up organization he has so loyally supported.

      • kayaknut says:

        it would be Karma at it’s best but thanks to the lifetime taxpayer supplied benefits he’ll receive it likely won’t happen

      • TruthFairy says:

        You obviously know NOTHING about CAPSLO.

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