Vandals break stained glass windows at Los Osos church

June 10, 2013

churchA Los Osos church that has been the target of vandalism for about four years has broken stained glass windows following an attack Saturday morning. [Tribune]

Early Saturday morning, the resident priest of St. Elizabeth Catholic church at 2050 Palisades Avenue awoke to what he believed was an earthquake. Instead, the priest found the majority of the church’s windows shattered, including several stained glass windows.

St. Elizabeth Pastoral Council President David Bresnam said vandalism at the church has occurred regularly over the last four years. Bresnam said people have spray painted anti-Christian messages on the church, broken into the building, damaged the interior and broken several windows.

“We’ve been vandalized several times and each time seems to be getting worse,” Bresnam told the Tribune. “We are just sort of shaken up here.”

The church has installed motion-sensing lights and now plans to install an alarm system, but Bresnam said he does not know how it will pay for the replacement windows.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident, but has yet to release information on possible suspects or motives.

“I think the same people are doing it,” Bresnam added. “I think it might just be mischief.”


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This was probably just someone who is open-minded and tolerant, I’m sure.

It’s sad to say, but many dislike the Catholics for many reasons too numerous to mention here. But, to take out revenge by destroying their church is ungodly. It is up to the Hebrew-Christian God to take out any revenge that He may have towards the Catholic faith, as shown in the link below.

True Christians, always remember that our God created fossils to test our faith.