Atascadero group appeals Walmart ruling

July 17, 2013

walmartAn attorney for Save Atascadero, a group opposed to the Walmart project, filed an appeal on July 12 that challenges a judge’s ruling approving the project.

In June 2012, the Atascadero City Council approved the construction of a Walmart superstore as well as an adjacent shopping center dubbed the Annex, near the intersection of El Camino Real and Del Rio Road.

Last summer, attorneys for Save Atascadero filed a lawsuit arguing that that the environmental impact report conducted by the city did not sufficiently examine air quality impacts the development would create.

City Attorney Brian Pierik countered, arguing that environmental studies proved that potentially toxic emissions would be within the legal limit. Attorneys for Walmart, which Save Atascadero named in the suit, also disputed Save Atascadero’s claims.

Last month, San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Jac Crawford ruled that Atascadero lawfully approved the Walmart project originally slated to be finished in 2014. City officials expect the lawsuit and appeal to delay the project by several years.


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It would be so cool if Walmart decided not to open the store … and the ill-thought-out Del Rio intersection redo would not suck up our money … and the some money instead spent for a nice park at the site.

As the analysts are pushing Walmart to close stores, the hurdle must be higher for them to open new stores:

Don’t give up the fight Atascadero, I had the pleasure of living in your

beautiful town back in late 2007 early 2008 and I then learned of the

Fight you had on your hands then. Paso is different and is bigger and more spread out then A-Town and has a much smaller Walmart than the one they want to build in A-town.

There is a big price that comes along with the low prices from the

Chinese crap that Walmart sells. Stores like Trader Joes, fit the

Central Coast profile and offer Jobs with a living wage to Locals. Young People that Walmart will steal your future from you in a New York Minute. Many of you all have live in the area all your life and your

family businesses and property values will diminish to nothing as

planned by the evil Walton Family.

Like I said I lived up there for a short time and it’s a tough place to

start over but that’s the beauty of A-Town and much of SLO county

they pick and choose whats good for them and keep the town small.

It’s interesting that when all else fails, activists try some environmental link for their cause (e.g. sand dunes in So. County?). I certainly hope those same activists consider the reduced emissions an A-Town WM creates… Less people driving from A-Town to PR, one stop shopping? I’m sure WM already covered those, but activists don’t care. Once they’ve got their cause they get blinders on and only think about issues supporting that cause.

In the mean time, sorry A-Town. But thanks for all the tax revenues your citizens bring us when they drive up here to shop at our WM. Thank goodness for that, as PR dried up when WM came. Just look at our down town.

Seriously, it’s sad when a “few” stop something that the “many” want. If you don’t think the many want WM, then just go see how many will shop there when it eventually opens.

God luck A-Town, I hope you overcome the “few”.

They should simply start the planning and construction on the shopping center. They already have city approval. Just do it.