Atascadero group appeals Walmart ruling

July 17, 2013

walmartAn attorney for Save Atascadero, a group opposed to the Walmart project, filed an appeal on July 12 that challenges a judge’s ruling approving the project.

In June 2012, the Atascadero City Council approved the construction of a Walmart superstore as well as an adjacent shopping center dubbed the Annex, near the intersection of El Camino Real and Del Rio Road.

Last summer, attorneys for Save Atascadero filed a lawsuit arguing that that the environmental impact report conducted by the city did not sufficiently examine air quality impacts the development would create.

City Attorney Brian Pierik countered, arguing that environmental studies proved that potentially toxic emissions would be within the legal limit. Attorneys for Walmart, which Save Atascadero named in the suit, also disputed Save Atascadero’s claims.

Last month, San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Jac Crawford ruled that Atascadero lawfully approved the Walmart project originally slated to be finished in 2014. City officials expect the lawsuit and appeal to delay the project by several years.


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My pills cost $11.25 at Wally. The exact same pills at the drug store is over $60! Wally is making money off me; however they are not gouging me!

ANOTHER good point. If one has to pay for meds out of pocket and can save almost fifty bucks in the process, I would love to hear from the Big Box haters, what is wrong with saving that kind of money on a NESSESSITY!!??

Folks! You really know in your heart you like the people you find at Walmart.

Confess the reason for your Walmart love to us.

Conceived at Wal-Mart…

I guess an unemployment rate of over 8% is fine with the Wallmart haters and the McDonalds haters and the Kmart haters and the Target haters and the Olive Garden haters and the Costco haters and the Home Depot haters and the FREE ENTERPRISE HATERS.

Agreed. What are we to have stores like those on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills? Shopping for the rich?

Like you, I don’t get it with the haters. There are some people that don’t make a lot of money. These kind of stores help on their budget. Why would any sane person pay 25% more for something at a brand store for the same exact thing at one of these stores? Those who claim they do are just a bunch of SNOBS if it’s true. A lot of the haters are the same type that say we need to help the little guy? WELL? Here it is folks. And spare me the raise the pay argument. Jobs are all over the place on pay vs experience.

I like a restaurant like Olive Garden. Is it generic? YOU BET!! But sometimes it is a lot cheaper to take the kids to a place like that so you can go out and let’s face it they don’t care, vs an upscale restaurant. You can pay about $60.00+ bucks more easily at Che Snooty. I say if you don’t want to go to a generic restaurant don’t. But don’t dictate to others that we need to spend big money.

Surprises me that Walmart can’t bribe these guys like they do in Mexico

They probably already did to get as far as they have in getting the taxpayers to pay for the new interchanges.

Why are there no groups who oppose other non-union chain stores like KMart…Target…Smart and Final…Trader Joe’s…etc.?

I’m neither pro or con WalMart ( I love the prices but shopping there makes me want to take a bath afterwards). I’m just wondering why other big box stores aren’t targeted like WalMart is.

Because Walmart is the largest, most successful, and snubs their nose at the unions they have become a full pledge target for the unions. I the unions can take down Walmart they can go after the others who will fall in threat. Plain and simple!

Me, I have been to Walmart maybe, estimate on the high side, maybe 10 times. I don’t like Walmart, Target, etc. Besides, I advocate buying local (Kmart) and supporting my community. But, that being said, if I had a family (we’re retired) I would probably reconsider shopping at Walmart as prices keep escalating in this economy.

I strongly support local and the right to shop, work, and spend my money on ad where I want too.

Wow Kmart is local? When did I miss that? I thought they were a national chain like Wal-Mart too?

He probably also prefers to eat at quality local restaurants like Jack in the Box, rather than McDonalds.

Other stores don’t suck as bad as Walmart. Some of them pay better wages and have benefits. They dont commit bribery and break environmental laws. Poor greedy corrupt Walmart every body is picking on them. Keep sticking up for Walmart.

“City officials expect the lawsuit and appeal to delay the project by several years.”

Good, Maybe they’ll just go away along with the two culprits who came up with the idea. Goodbye, Wade and Jim and Wally World. Oh yeah and the Rottman Group too.

Here is the thing I find galling about the whole process. This has been through the courts and a small group lead by the ilk of types like Tom Comar, drag on the process. I think what is obscene is that a small group of malcontents can do this.

Part of your statements are correct but let me assure you that Tm Comar may be leading this fight but it is the unions in the driver’s seat. Tom is a big union supporter and money is coming in under the table to pay the attorneys out of San Francisco and that is union, union, union. It does not matter that the people of Atascadero have supported and voted for this project. The unions are going to delay this to the end.

Look at what happened in Washington DC last week. The City Council after working and begging Walmart to come to their district, started the construction of three sites and plans for three more, then the Council passed an ordinance last week requiring Walmart to have a minimum pay rate of $12.50 an hour. Walmart shutdown the project, eliminated an estimated 1800 paying jobs and is not going to open in DC although the people want them because of the affordability of the produces. According to the Washington Post, not even the district of DC pays their employees $12.50 an hours. This is all union control. The unions have taken over our government pure and simple and to hell with the people living in the communties.

Tom Comar and his padres are evil union supporters as they hold our community hostage to their legal maneuvers.

We elected their talking head.. what did we expect?

You know back around ’96 when they were building the Paso store I heard the same LAME argument about how this was going to undo Paso. That was before downtown park area and movies. That was before Target and Lowes. That was before a good majority of the restaurants in downtown. Yea the Wal-Mart boogie man is coming to town.

The REASON they will do better is that Wal-Mart will give you exposure. People will be in town and say, hey I need this at a place they are driving by and stop. What do they have now to attract people there?

The sky didn’t fall when it came to Paso and I think Paso is a lot better now than before. Next argument please.

Downtown Atascadero (the Mudhole) is already a joke. They build the Wal-Mart superstore and many, if not most, business in Atascadero will close because they cannot compete with this giant. Only the residents of Atascadero are too lazy to drive the 12 miles to Paso Robles to shop at the Wal-Mart there. After all, the folks in Paso made it as easy as possible to get on and off the freeway from there. Even Atascadero residents should be able to figure it out…

No we can’t figure it out. We voted for Wal-mart and that’s what we are going to get. Winedude you are drinking too much wine from Paso.

You don’t like our little town stay the hell out. We can make it without you. Blessings to even you winedude. We really don’t want to go to Paso, too many gangs.

Ever try to live on retirement pay? Even though we planned for retirement and can live this lavish lifestyle the money goes quickly just with necessities paid for. 12 miles of gas usage adds up quickly. There and back is a chicken we could use for dinner. Not very compassionate are you.

As you age and mature, hopefully, you will understand the complexities of getting old. You want to contribute a few gallons of gas I will muster grandma up and we will go on a day long outing to Paso.


e dowentoI want to shop in Atascadero, keep my sales tax dollars in Atascadero to pay for roads, parks, public safety, etc. I want to see other businesses come to Atascadero just like they did in Paso, which will bring even more tax dollars. I want to see the downtown turn around with the successful theater, restaurants, our little jewel of a park and the gem of the Veterans Memorial. Yes, it will take time, but it will happen, we will get our Walmart. Tom Comar and the Save Atascadero Group continue to cost the community thousands of dollars and the citizens should be very angue over this. I hope the legal system changes the law that if you lose, you pay the legal fees. Every taxpayer should be outraged over this grocery backed union and what they have done and are doing to the delays and costs of this project. Shame on them!

Those multiple roundabouts coming at the Del Rio-101 interchange will be expensive … but oh-so cool.