Central Coast serial bank robber?

July 17, 2013

paso robberA woman matching the description of last month’s Nipomo bank robber held up the Golden 1 Credit Union in Paso Robles on Tuesday.

An Hispanic woman entered the bank on the 100 block of Niblick Road at 5 p.m., mentioned that she had a weapon and demanded money. She then fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of money.

On June 27, an Hispanic woman who said she had a gun robbed the Coast Hills Federal Credit Union in Nipomo.

In both cases, law enforcement described the woman as 35 to 40 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, wearing glasses, a cap and carrying a black purse.

A $1,000 Crime Stoppers reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest the Coast Hills Federal Credit Union robber.

Anyone with information about either robbery is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-7867.

nipomo bank


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I don’t know where someone gets the gumption to do something like rob a Bank. I’d be shaking so bad that I couldn’t get in the door and if I did get in I would most certainly lose my nerve and scrap the whole Idea. I wonder if she…or he…had that happen before finally going through with it. The bank may want to look at video tapes of dates prior to the robbery.

I’m sure I’m profiled as a bigoted white cracker, though I’m not bigoted at all. I’m just a white cracker.

As USUAL, the surveillance cams are placed high above the face, so we get a great shot of ball caps. When will the banks learn that bank robbers know this, HENCE the stupid ball caps!

They need to get those cameras at face level, plus one aimed at tthe entrance, because we all know that bank robbers caper and check out a place before they do their deed. This woman likely walked in and checked it out before the robbery. Her image could have been recorded without the get-up and we could know who she is..

Oh well, as they say; “It’s not about the money…It’s about the money!”

I was in a bank during a robbery in which the guy came, pulled down his mask, walked up to the teller window and jumped up on the counter so quickly that the five cameras, which were hooked to one video input (to a single vcr) that alternated between the cameras, managed to capture only one image of the robber’s heel. I saw his face clearly when he walked in and as soon as I saw the mask (skullcap) go down I knew what was about to go down so I gave him a look that said “I didn’t see NOTHIN’ buddy” and stepped out of his way. He DEFINITELY knew what he was doing because he robbed the bank at the exact time they were moving money into the vault from the count room, so he got a couple hundred thousand dollars.

I also noted on his way out that the gun he had in his hand had the remains of an orange tip which had been cut off. So as soon as he left the bank I tried to follow him at a distance where he wouldn’t notice. When the FBI got there they approached me quickly and suspiciously, preventing me from following him any more and forcing me back into the bank. By the time I explained what was going in, the guy was long gone, and the description they had to go on was pretty darn generic. I don’t believe he was ever caught (for that robbery).

I wonder how much money had been spent on such a crappy video system (no doubt put in by an approved contractor), the emergency alarm system, the salaries of the police and FBI agents that responded, and their cars and equipment… If they weren’t such control freaks and allowed individual human beings to exercise their judgement, I woulda nabbed the guy for free. I often wonder if this anecdote reflects any statistically significant outcomes from our approach to things.

Now when you describe a person (and do I dare say woman) by their ethnicity, such as using the term Hispanic, isn’t that racial profiling? Is that even legal? And how do we even know it’s a woman. Now days, it could be a man dressed as a woman. Just saying.

Legal or not, it is logical and highly effective. It just happens to not be politically correct. Oh well.

A whole new twist on what has become the dollar store. If someone displays a fire arm in connection with any robbery, they then should automatically be the subject of a legal shoot first and talk later statute. Brandishing a fire arm or claiming to have a fire arm should not be grounds for a take the money and just go policy because this obviously breeds greater public danger.

This on the heels of the Zimmerman case… you do that, completely in your rights and defending yourself, and some moron will come out and say “that could have been my kid” – then it’s all downhill, regardless of the actual facts and circumstances. Then you’ll get a propaganda arm of the government editing and doctoring the 911 call and having all the drones pickup and reproduce the propaganda before someone calls them on it, but by then it’s too late. It’s a movement. It fits a narrative. It profits some people’s agenda, fairness and reality be damned.

This country has become a joke. Don’t believe me? Read the foreign press.

Narrative? Based on the physical evidence alone George had to walk free. Judging by the officer’s observation of George’s wet clothing, his injuries, and the physical features of Trayvon’s gunshot wound, the physical evidence more closely fit George’s story of what happened, not that Trayvon is around to tell his side. There’s no need to paint Trayvon as a drugged out thieving racist thug, yet Rush had to rub salt into a grieving family’s wound by painting the kid as a gay basher who came back to assault what he assumed was a homosexual rapist. Rush Limbaugh, America’s foremost supporter of gay rights. I’ll let that one sink in. Narrative, my sagging wrinkled pockmarked hairy butt.

Really, what story are you trying to tell? That brave Americans finally won the right to stalk and gun down anyone who looks a little shifty? The foreign press doesn’t think that this story is a joke. They just wonder why 4% of the world’s population keeps nearly half of all privately owned firearms.

Jorge, where do you get that high tech ammunition that only strikes its’ intended target? It must come in real handy in a bank full of innocent bystanders.

Jorge, what you are suggesting would lead to raging, wild shootouts in public places leading to increased injuries and deaths of innocents.

You need to think things through, Jorge. Real life is not like TV.