California lawmaker calling for Florida boycott

July 19, 2013

Welcome to FloridaA Democratic assemblyman will call for Californians to boycott the state of Florida following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. [Sac Bee]

Chris Holden, of Pasadena, is writing a joint resolution with the backing of the California Legislative Black Caucus calling for Californians not to travel to Florida or do business with the state until it repeals the “stand your ground law” that allowed Zimmerman to claim self-defense in his trial.

A Florida jury found Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter Saturday, concluding that Zimmerman acted in self-defense when he shot Martin.

“What might be an appropriate way for us to usher in change would be for us to have a boycott that focuses on the seriousness and importance of looking at this law and making some changes,” Holden said. “We want to encourage those who are traveling and planning vacations and conventions and potential ways of spending dollars in the state to hold back until those changes have been made.”

Holden added that the Zimmerman verdict could create “an open season on vigilante-type justice.”


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Another Liberal democrat wanting to place another absurd boycott insult for doing business over the media started from NBC and CNN on pushing the Zimmerman trial. Perhaps Florida should boycott California for hiring illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco for not following federal law.

There are 1000’s of case’s everyday like this nation wide, some win some lose. Why the Zimmerman trial made the lottery to be the media circus but yet, the media is trying to get people to not think about what’s really going on in Washington and Congress by putting silly court trials on television so the people won’t have a clue what’s really going on in Washington, they stir their importance on a little court case.

It’s easy to detect the news media on TV is trying to do, to keep people away from the important things in this country.

“the “stand your ground law” that allowed Zimmerman to claim self-defense in his trial.”

How did the SYGL ALLOW Zimmerman to claim self-defense????

Which states boycotted California when OJ went free? Which legislators called for any kind of protest or boycott?

How many cities across America held demonstrations, and protests and in some cases clashed with authorities?

Did then President Clinton go on television and ask for calm and understanding, claiming it could have been him who was slaughtered by OJ?

Race relations in country are disturbing on so many levels.

Because so many millions of tears have fallen for black sons, brothers, lovers, and friends whose assailants took or maimed their lives and then simply went on their way, our culture remains racially divided.

Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.

I think the Zimmerman case is a diversion created out of circumstance by Obama and the Democratic party to help the passage of the Immigration Reform Act which will hurt Blacks by bringing and legalizing millions of illegal immigrants who will compete with Blacks in construction jobs, etc. Illegals will be preferred by employers because the companies will not have to provide health care for this group. In other words, it will be cheaper for the employer to hire illegals on the road to citizenship than US citizens.

Black politicians are acting like puppets of the Democratic Party and not tending to the real problem of unemployment. I would rail about the people who elect these puppets, but here on the Central Coast we have elected the same white Democratic puppet for decades–Lois Capps. How can I criticize others for the same idiot thing we have done.

Can someone explain to me why no one is talking about this story:…

March 21st, 2012

Tonight on AC360: Florida Shooter claims ‘Stand Your Ground’ defense

“The shooter, Trevor Dooley, says he shot 41-year-old David James because he thought James was going to kill him.” Dooley is black, and James is white, married, father of two. Where is the outrage!

Talk about prejudice, white people should be outraged over this incident, but no, only the blacks get to be racist these days and get away. They think they are the only ones wrong is done to. Where is the outrage for David James and his family!

Trevor Dooley was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years.

True, but the point was the “stand down law” that everyone’s condemning because of the Zimmerman case. I didn’t see or hear any outrage, protests, boycotts for the James case. Either the law is right or wrong and should not be identified as wrong because a white/Hispanic man kills vs a black man. Right should be right for all, equally for all!

So your point is that we’re hypocrites if we don’t greet every tragedy with an equal rending of garments. Again, Trevor Dooley was found guilty. George Zimmerman wasn’t. You may wail and weep for David James as you wish, but you won’t because what you’re really after is support for Shoot First. Shoot First and Shall-Issue CCW laws. Because *that* isn’t a recipe for disaster.

You’re right, we should riot just like we did when OJ was acquitted! wait, oh yeah, never mind.

The whining and crying about the outcome of this trial is beginning to be offensive. The man was proven innocent by a jury of his peers. I ask everyone here…If you had a younger and stronger person sitting on your chest hitting you and slamming your head into the ground and then he appears to be going for your gun…What would you do? I feel like I live in crazyland. My own President can’t even get past this. It’s just flat out Ridiculous…

What would I do? I would KILL THE MOTHERF………..not caring if he was white, black, brown, yellow or the man on the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one has ever proven Zimmerman is a racist. Not the point. Zimmerman was a tinhorn wannabe

security guard (much less a cop). He was a member of neighborhood WATCH not neighborhood shoot.

When he saw what he felt was suspicious activity he called the police as he should have. But when they

told him not to follow the guy and let them do what they’re paid for, the punk went right ahead and

followed the guy anyway,

Zimmy deserves every bit of aggravation and deprivation that will surely come his way.

Need to review facts there, ironman. He was following Martin while talking with the cops. When the cops told him to not do that, he turned and was walking back to his car (police still on the phone) and two minutes police arrive. According to TWO eyewitnesses Martin was on top of Zimmerman plummeting his head to the sidewalk at which point he pulled out the lawful gun and fired one shot.

Maybe this young 17 year old, suspended from school, problem young man should have asked Zimmerman what he wanted instead of telling his girlfriend on the phone we was going after the “cracker:, meaning white guy.

This is a sad incident, certainly no winners, but please, just get the facts right and don’t become part of the unruly poise.

Unruly poise?

You get YOUR facts straight dude. One eyewitness (sort of). Not two. Having a “legal gun” doesn’t

give Zimmerman a pass for being a headstrong punk wannabe.

If I were part of the unruly “poise”, I would be screaming racism. I specifically set that concept aside.

Dumb comments from a dumb right-wing toady.

Zimmerman is not white! He was doing his job he volunteered for. it was a dangerous job as there had been eight robberies in the development in the past year. Police were looking for an African American males who were committing those robberies. What are people to do, just open there doors and allow them to steal rob and rape just because of the color of there skin. I guess you think Zimmerman should have just taken his beating because white people deserve it. I wonder if the robberies stopped after the shooting?.

police have been looking for same African American males since reconstruction.