California lawmaker calling for Florida boycott

July 19, 2013

Welcome to FloridaA Democratic assemblyman will call for Californians to boycott the state of Florida following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. [Sac Bee]

Chris Holden, of Pasadena, is writing a joint resolution with the backing of the California Legislative Black Caucus calling for Californians not to travel to Florida or do business with the state until it repeals the “stand your ground law” that allowed Zimmerman to claim self-defense in his trial.

A Florida jury found Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter Saturday, concluding that Zimmerman acted in self-defense when he shot Martin.

“What might be an appropriate way for us to usher in change would be for us to have a boycott that focuses on the seriousness and importance of looking at this law and making some changes,” Holden said. “We want to encourage those who are traveling and planning vacations and conventions and potential ways of spending dollars in the state to hold back until those changes have been made.”

Holden added that the Zimmerman verdict could create “an open season on vigilante-type justice.”


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Any fool that acts like this should not be called senator or representative. Instead, their new title shall be “panderer.”

Someone needs to tell Panderer Chris Holden (D, Pasadena) that he is as useful as a flaring pack of hemorrhoids.

What about the 52 black people killed in Chicago during the time period of the Zimmerman trial?Oh wait, the majority, if not all, were most likely killed by other blacks so I suppose that doesn’t count. chirp chirp

I need to find something to purchase by mail from Florida…

Also available in local stores: Florida’s Natural orange juice. It’s fresh, not-from-concentrate, and made w/Florida oranges…owned by co-cop family growers. ( It may cost a bit more but the oranges aren’t from China or South America. ) Buy a carton today! :)

Chris Holden and the California Legislative Black Caucus can go ~!@$%^&*()_+ themselves! The racist terrorism they practice is simply unacceptable. I realize this is all about Holden and members of the CLBC keeping their names out in front of the constituents, but bigotry and hate they promote won’t be tolerated in the long run.

I agree SamLouis…The whining and crying about the outcome of this trial is beginning to be offensive. The man was proven innocent by a jury of his peers. I ask everyone here…If you had a younger and stronger person sitting on your chest hitting you and slamming your head into the ground and then he appears to be going for your gun…What would you do? I feel like I live in crazyland. My own President can’t even get past this. It’s just flat out Ridiculous…

Let us not forget the horrible little man, Sharpton and his hatred. He is just looking for ratings on MSNBC. Tal about a punk, if he is a role model for blacks then that tells the whole story!

California is near the bottom of the economic barrel…jobs are leaving California at a record pace. Public service pension plans are nearly bankrupt, I know contractors that haven’t had a call for work in months and this is what some political weasel in Sacramento thinks is important to do? Really? Maybe it’s phony BS like this that is keeping the California legislature from doing the important things that the California TAXPAYER deserves.

I will be ordering a case of Florida Orange Juice tonight in Chris Holden’s honor…grow up Chris.

The most effective protest is the protest by pocketbook.

BTW, about the “IRS scandal”…the IRS also targeted organizations with the words “progressive,” “blue,” etc. However, THAT information came out a couple of weeks after the story about the IRS targeting organizations with words like “Tea Party” in their name, and the press simply declined to make such a big whiny deal about the IRS targeting liberal organizations as they did about the conservative organizations.

…and there was about 2% that included those keywords. Nice try.

Nice try Mary but lets include the WHOLE facts. Yes they did target the others but at a very low rate comparatively.

What nonsense! Boycotting Florida! What good would that do?

It will do a lot of good. Protesting with your pocketbook, accompanied by lots of communications to the state’s officials, can be quite effective.

Florida will probably be happy not having the right wing radicals come for a visit. Oh yea, they are going down there tomorrow, staying in hotels, renting cars, eating in restaurants. etc. Good for the economy!

This guy is just following the first rule in the “Politician Handbook”. 1. Don’t let a crisis go to waste.

There’s no crisis except with the integrity of the POTUS, the other politicians and the news media who are doing their best to fan the flames and start a race war.

This whole situation is a tragedy on so many levels. First, the police and DA were not going to charge Zimmerman based on evidence. Then Obama spews his political prejudice remarks and everything changed. Next, the FBI investigate the case to review if civil rights were violated. After the investigation, they rule no violations.

Then comes a trial overseen by a judge who controlled the trial with a golden hand, certainly gave no slack to the lawyers, sequestered the jury of 6 women and alternates which were freely selected and approved by the prosecutor and defendant, evidence and witnesses are presented, deliberation takes place and a not guilty is issued. Then we have the President, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson and claiming unfairness ad foul. Why not, these people have divided this Country and injected more hatred which as become the mantra of Obama and his poise. Divide and conquer. They should all go back to Chicago and resolve the violence in their hometown. During the Zimmerman trial, 17 black on black killings occurred in Chicago but that is OK, because those deaths don’t count. That’s like watching a black comedian continually saying the “n” in public venues but it is racial for anyone else to reference this vulgar word.

Anyone want to talk about double standards? I heard a statement the other day that Zimmerman was white because his dad was white and his mom Peruvian. So I guess we can say Obama is white because his mom was white and his dad black. Double standard?

African Americas should be so angry at this President who has failed them on many levels. They have been the hardest hit in this economic downturn, their unemployment is the highest, they will be one of he hardest hit.

If Obama and Holden could address the issues of the IRS scandal, Benghazi cover up and Fast and Furious death of a border official to mention just a few of major issues the administration as neglected with as much passion as they did for this case maybe people wouldn’t be so divided. Oh yea, I forgot, that is this administration mantra, divide and conquer, women issues, racial issues, student loans and education, immigration, healthcare, unions, taxes, wall street vs main street, environment, 50 percent of Americans on some type of assistance, our veterans and military. This administration has left no stone unturned and we will all pay for this failure for a long time to come.