Rising ocean waters pose big threat

July 24, 2013
Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown

A panel of legislators today is hearing a discussion of climate change and its importance to Californians as — according to Gov. Jerry Brown — a “very slow but inexorable” rise in sea levels begins to approach an irreversible crisis stage. (Sacramento Bee)

The Select Committee On Sea Level Rise And The California Economy is examining how rising water along the state’s famous coastline will affect fishing, tourism and agriculture.

Brown told graduating U.C. Berkeley students recently that higher ocean waters will present the greatest environmental challenge yet.

He said then that climate change and melting ice caps pose a much more serious threat to the future than any other issue.

Brown told the students, “That’s the world you face. But you have the skills and the knowledge and the sense of the good. You can make change.”

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The science-bashing in these comments is pathetic. The evidence is overwhelming – just overwhelming – that unusual and extreme weather events are occurring more and more frequently around the globe, and that the changes are occurring more quickly than ever before, as judged from analysis of tree rings, ice cores, lakebed and ocean sediment cores, etc. The naysayers are people who have no training in science and no idea how to examine evidence for themselves and think critically about it, hence their only option is to lash out in fear and ignorance. Ask an Eskimo or a Pacific Islander if he or she thinks climate change is real. This person will tell you the natural world as they know it is falling apart.

Jeff(underground weather)Masters’ blog has groovy maps

Don’t be so quick to dismiss and insult. Even when the global temperature declines as it has over the last decade. Not debatable…the global warming industrial complex trips over themselves to explain it. Their best guess is that global warming has paused…anyone that takes that seriously just wants global warming to be true…


Hello, excuse me but the North Pole has melted

and we may have a bigger problem than CO2

global temperature is a very complex not entirely understood,BUT the ice above sea level is melting Like never before.

My high school biologist taught me science just fine I can trust the results if I have enough data. Iisten to the data

Your link did not work Zap…look I don’t want a dirty planet but I’m not going to stand by while power hungry politicians and money starved institutions of higher learning feed me a bunch of scare tactics in hopes of changing my way of life and getting their greedy hands deeper in my pocket. That’s way too much power to give to anyone. So I started to read…not on the internet but studies published and some not but I’ve come to the conclusion that the planet is not getting warmer. As far as extreme storms are concerned we have experienced horrible weather disasters in the past and we will in the future. I only ask that we investigate what we are told. If the last 10 years have taught us anything it should’ve taught us that we can’t believe what we read or hear from our nations media machine.

In his 1961 farewell address to the nation, President Eisenhower stated [http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/ike.htm]:

“there is a recurring temptation to feel that some spectacular and costly action could become the miraculous solution to all current difficulties”


“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”

We now face the Climate Industrial Complex, where all powers involved want to impose their own version of a costly action as a solution to the misrepresentation of global warming.

A Song of Our Warming Planet

“In Crawford’s composition, each note represents a year, ordered from 1880 to 2012. The pitch reflects the average temperature of the planet relative to the 1951–80 base line. Low notes represent relatively cool years, while high notes signify relatively warm ones.

The result is a haunting sequence that traces the warming of our planet year by year since the late 19th century. During a run of cold years between the late 1800s and early 20th century, the cello is pushed towards the lower limit of its range. The piece moves into the mid-register to track the modest warming that occurred during the 1940s. As the sequence approaches the present, the cello reaches higher and higher notes, reflecting the string of warm years in the 1990s and 2000s.”

Interesting that you would use the words of a science fiction writer to insult me…I guess in the world you live in an insult wins the debate…so congratulations you win. lol

Did you see the camera? at the frikkin NORTH pole? can you explain all the liquid there? ten years ago it was like this

Yep I can…water melts and water freezes…

Let’s say the U.S. did everything possible to comply with the doomsdayers predictions, would China, would Russia, South America or any other industrial nation. Doubt it.

So that would be a reason to take no action whatsoever? Brilliant. Instead of being a world leader, you’d you’d rather the US be a follower and lag behind the other civilized nations.

Another issue that should be handled within the next couple of hundred years… too bad they aren’t handling the real economic issues that affect the average person.

There are many scientific articles published indicating climate change will produce a rise in ocean levels, leading to flooding in coastal regions especially, but in other areas, as well. This is especially true of the risk of inland valleys connected to the ocean by canyons, flood plains, etc.

It will be expensive to address the changes that must be made to deal with coastline flooding, but far more expensive to do nothing and simply allow the most productive coastal (and some inland areas connected to the coast) regions (especially the farming and other ag areas) to be destroyed.

Scientific American published a very layman-friendly article on the subject:

Megastorms Could Drown Massive Portions of California (Scientific American, 2012)



The Pacific Institute, in May 2009, published an extensive research project on this subject in May 2009:

The Impacts of Sea-Level Rise on the California Coast (California Climate Change Center, May 2009)



CCN published an article, by Dr. Rey Waymann, regarding the “la-la-la-la we’re-not-listening” short-sighted, ostrich-like attempts to deny the reality of the rise in ocean levels and the impact this will have on us.

The Climate Change Challenge (CCN, 1/9/2010)


Even if it’s true that 100% of the warming (if it is getting warmer) is caused by Man, how in the world do we get China and India and the rest of the world to clear up their acts? Short of war?

What about all those articles and scientific investigations from WAY, WAY, WAY back in the 1970’s and 1980’s (loooooong ago, right?) that said we were going to enter another ice age? Am I the only one who remembers propaganda older than last week?

Why is GREENLAND called GREENland when it’s covered in ice? That was one of their big arguments a few decades ago… Iceland can still be fairly green in the summer…

How long have we been keeping meteorological data for? A little over 100 years? How long is 100 years in the course of Human history? In planetary history?

What about all those e-mails showing the original scientists fudging their data to achieve their personally-desired results? Then another batch was released… then another.

The problem with marrying an issue is most people do not want the divorce, no matter how abusive the situation becomes. Over time, it just becomes a sad state.

Your first clue should have been when “scientists” say that the debate is over, the science is in. Just think about that.

FIRST !!!!! the north pole is (now) a lake current image