Thief steals Arroyo Grande chief’s badge and gun

July 9, 2013
Steve Annibali

Steve Annibali

A thief stole Arroyo Grand Police Chief Steve Annibali’s badge and gun from his unmarked car Sunday night. [KSBY]

Annibali said that the thief smashed the passenger side window of his car around 11:30 p.m. Sunday outside his Arroyo Grande home.

The thief took Annibali’s response bag, which contained his identification, badge, gun and other emergency supplies.

Annibali said he locked the car and did not place the bag in view, so he believes the person who broke into the car was looking specifically for the stolen items.

The Arroyo Grand Police Department is investigating the case and has yet to identify any suspects.

Annibali said that in retrospect he should have taken his response bag out of the car.

He said he wants the public to know what happened, so everyone is aware that this type of crime could happen to them.


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When I leave my guns in the car (just did yesterday), my car is never out of my view. Ever.

That said, this would be an easy way to start taking down a police chief (politically), should someone wish to do that. Just saying…

Roy you are about as believable as the chief. you Never EVER have your car out of view. So do you just sit in your front window staring at your car? You don’t sit and eat, use the restroom anything

I think you could have been wiser and brought the gun in the house so you did not have to stare at your car all day. Your point is mute because it is so out there.

moot not mute

Maybe Chief Annibali needs to revisit and read his statement during a press release in the Telegram Tribune on December 10, 2009.

The gun cache — police say many of the weapons were stolen from registered owners — included a 45-caliber submachine gun, commonly called a “tommy” gun. “We will not allow this on the streets of Arroyo Grande,” Annibali said.

Here is the web address for entire article complete with a photo of Annibali holding a gun.

Red herring.

A number of invective inviting comments have been deleted please don’t add more.

??? or !!! use the email please.

Well said Dexter! People need to quit trying to divert the original issue and stay focused on what happened. Because of Annibali’s failure to follow policy and POOR judgment there is a gun on the streets.

“He said he wants the public to know what happened, so everyone is aware that this type of crime could happen to them.”

Yeah, right. Like if I leave my bag with my badge and gun in my car! Give us all a break, chief; we’re not like you.

Sounds more like a CYA PR operation because he did something he knows is wrong, and probably illegal to boot.

Shades of the Paul Brown gun incident.