New website promotes winery sales

August 22, 2013

vineyard1Looking to buy a winery in Paso Robles, a recently launched website not only lists wineries for sale, but provides information on the financial viability and operational requirements of owing your own winery.

Pacific Commercial Realty’s one stop resource includes information on buying a winery as a lifestyle choice to a smart investment.

The site lists 13 wineries for sale with prices ranging from just under $2 million to $8.2 million.

There are currently over 250 wineries and 300 vineyards in the North County.

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I’m sure they’d take the listing… as would Pete Clark and many others… they make their living by listing and then selling real estate. Will potential buyers will be wary of buying your family land? The cat’s already out of the bag on the water situation here. That happened when the County had to declare the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin to be in overdraft, and the County was basically caught without a plan.

What’s a shame is that the Board of Supervisors did not act or see this coming over all the years that we’ve been heading in this direction. They could have asserted stewardship over the basin, slowed the permits issued for huge water-intensive vineyards, or conversion of grazing lands to vineyards, and avoided the divisive, near-panic situation that now exists by declaring an emergency and enacting urgency measures, whatever their scope. Buyers are going to be wary, and the groundwater situation will have to be disclosed in any real estate transaction.

the fact is is that they did see it coming, and did nothing. The question I have is why?

In some cases that may be true but I see/hear free-enterprise ideologues and libertarians who consistently refuse to accept/believe any facts or truths that would conflict with their ideology. I don’t think some of them are intentionally dishonest publicly. Their problem is that their beliefs overrule reason at times and on certain issues. It is more a form of dishonesty with themselves because they can’t accept that the ideas to which they have married themselves could have any significant flaws. I strongly suspect a perpetually unsuccessful area political candidate is a prime example of this.

Just in case someone thinks that this type of thinking is limited to the right-wingers, it is not. Lefties often have the same flaw — although it is often on other issues or on a polar opposite belief on the same issues. Objective critical thinking doesn’t lend itself to blind acceptance of any ideological system.

Because they profited by turning a blind eye.

Who needs that website, I’m interested and surely the surrounding vineyards are too! It’s not the land that would be worthless.

They’re not interested Jorge. Guess why?

Well we’ll see what the emergency ordinance is Jorge and then tell me if you’re still interested.

I beleive the Cadillac Ranch was in Texas, “The well went dry and the cow did too.”

Let’s say a land owner with almost 100 acres and no grapes who lives smack dab in the wine growing region of Paso Robles East side wants to sell their land that’s been in their family for 100 years before their well goes dry or the basin in ruined and their property is worthless, will the site help them sell their property too?