Shandon man pleads not guilty to vehicular manslaughter

August 22, 2013

chpA man who is charged with causing the death of a Bakersfield couple in a fatal hit-and-run last week in Shandon pled not guilty Wednesday to vehicular manslaughter. [Tribune]

Vicente Muniz Montes, 38, allegedly told the police that he fled the scene of the crash because he did not have insurance, a driver’s license or vehicle registration.

Montes’s Jeep collided with the vehicle of Charles Massara, 69, and Ireene Massara, 68, killing both of them. Montes is alleged to have made a turn directly into their car while driving under the influence of alcohol on Highway 46 in Shandon on August 17.

On Wednesday, Montes pled not guilty to all four charges he faces. Montes is charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, hit-and-run causing death and driving with a suspended license.

Montes allegedly told police that he had four Tecate beers over a 3-hour span prior to the crash. Four hours after the collision, Montes had a blood alcohol level .048.

The defendant also has another pending DUI case, in which he is alleged to have been driving more than 100 mph on Highway 46 with a blood alcohol level of .12.



Guy blows a .048 after four hours and claims earlier he had four beers over three hours? I don’t think so. That or those Tecate’s must be loaded with alcohol.

Then his prior just eight months ago? This sh*thead needs to get five or six years, no early release, minimum.


5 or 6 years. Try 15 to life like they gave Kaylee Weisenberg. She didn’t have any prior DUI’s and she didn’t flee the scene but like this guy, she was driving on a suspended license. Why she got charged with murder and he only gets charged with manslaughter is beyond me. It would appear that it isn’t about the fact that you killed someone but it’s about who you killed.


Excellent points, Cindy. Apparently the life of one CHP officer is more valuable in the eyes of the law than the lives of two senior citizens. Very sad situations–both of them.

I hate drunk drivers.


Although it probably doesn’t apply in this case, the social status of the drunk driver can also affect the charges. I remember a lawyer who killed a teenager on LOVR near SLO some years back while DUI. He was let off easy too.


And don’t forget Alex Forster Alex Forster, he killed Francheska Rubin on Price Canyon Road, we was witnessed to be speeding, following too close and weaving in and out. He only spent a few hours in jail, probation was minimal, he was even allowed to leave the county for a family vacation, thanks in part to his wealthy family, his father, Michael Forster owned Power Save Energy Co. in San Luis Obispo. The judge, Barry LaBarbera told the spouse, Ben Rubin to note that it was not a sex crime and suggested Rubin seek counseling and move on with his life.

Alex Forster was also driving a $80,000 car in the accident, so maybe the value of the car the person who causes the accident matters