Central Coast bandit robs Pismo Beach bank

August 15, 2013

Image_1The Central Coast Bandit robbed a Pismo Beach bank Wednesday, marking her fourth San Luis Obispo County bank robbery in the last six months.

The Hispanic woman robbed the Pacific Western Bank on Oak Park Boulevard in Pismo Beach around 3 p.m. Wednesday. The bandit told a Pacific Western Bank employee that she needed to cash a check, then passed a note demanding cash.

During the robbery, the Central Coast Bandit was wearing a hat and carrying a black purse, as she did in her recent heists. The woman, who has dark hair and weighs between 150 and 160 pounds, appeared to be smiling in footage bank surveillance footage captured Wednesday.Image_6

Since December 31, 2012, the Central Coast Bandit has robbed six California banks. Outside of San Luis Obispo County, she robbed a bank in Pacific Grove on New Year’s Eve and robbed one in Modesto last month. Wednesday’s robbery marked her fourth since late June.

Witnesses have seen the bandit carrying a pistol during some of the robberies and leaving in either a grey sedan or gold colored SUV.

The FBI is conducting a joint investigation with law enforcement in San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Stanislaus Counties. The Atascadero, Paso Robles and Pismo Beach police departments are participating in the investigation, as is the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.




Well, at least she smiles and looks happy !

More than I can say about most of the dour, electri-connected herd of zombies wandering the central coast.


First off r0y, she’s not a “little old lady”; she’s probably in her early 40’s. Second off, what do you know about investigating robberies? Since you’re so smart, why don’t you share your wealth of experience in order to get this scumbag caught? Third, I agree about putting a bullet in her.


Hmmmm… our local cities are fairly desperate … kinda looks like one of the mayors… except for the hair color. ;)


First off everyone, and like I tried to tell pismo beach police department but who ever listens to someone who makes sense, this is apparently a man dressed as a woman. Someone really good at makeup, so probably someone who dresses in drag on a regular basis or someone who is a makeup artist or dealer or supplier, maybe a cosmetologist. But definitely a guy. Take the photo, save it to your computer, open it up in paint or photoshop, look at the painted eye brows and the heavy face makeup/foundation covering his natural brow line, the painted in lips to make thin and whispy lips look fuller like a woman’s.


It is a man. She has no boobs. She has painted on eyebrows and his are covered heavily with foundation. Take away the bad wig covered with the hat, make him bald or with thinning hair, take away the glasses. Put the eyebrows back down to where his natural brow line is. And voila! You have your real bank robber.


So all she needs is a Note?? Really? A note saying “give me Money” is all it takes for the teller to hand it over? I find that funny! Why not tell her NO! Or Show me your weapon on camera first,then we will think about it. I doubt this lady even has a weapon. Just a Note! They are making it too easy for her.


No wonder why they can’t find her… they are looking for someone who weighs 50 pounds less than the suspect – who estimated her weight?

She’s gotta be pushing 200 pounds


I couldn’t figure out who she is from that intricate disguise she is wearing. It’s like realizing Clark Kent is actually Superman. Not only does she have the glasses, but a hat! We’ll never figure this one out…


Track down the “thumb down” person and that will be the suspect – LOL

Jorge Estrada

I don’t know this girl but after these new photos, I think she just stole my heart. Nice hat!!!


Jorge…… Sounds like Your a little short on cash there days? Looking for new friends ?


You go girl! I think this is funny that she us eluding law enforcement and has them shaking their heads. She will be caught but is giving them a ride for their money for now. You go granny!


You assume law enforcement is actively trying to capture / prevent this. We are told one thing…


WRONG !!!…….. The banks cash drawers have been running rather short for a few days…. and this explains the loss. Known as balance the books on paper. A quick fix.


You think this is funny? You go girl? Cute comments.


FINALLY! A bank with a decent camera!

Sad that a “little old lady” can elude authorities so easily… says a lot about the investigating police force, no?

Here’s a helpful tip: put a bullet in her the next time she does this. Problem solved.