Gibson’s campaign will focus on foes

August 12, 2013

gibsonBruce Gibson said Monday he is seeking reelection to a third term as San Luis Obispo County’s District 2 supervisor, and launched a savage assault on his perceived enemies — COLAB, Tea Party “ideologues,” “paranoid conspiracy promoters,” and “water wasters.”

Gibson is sending a letter to “my dear friends” asking for contributions, noting that “powerful pressure groups… are turning our North County into a dust bowl.”

In his plea, Gibson alludes to “events in my private life” and predicts that his opponents “will attack me personally.”

He referred to his public affair with his administrative assistant, Cherie Aispuro, which has resulted in divorce from his wife. Aispuro still works for Gibson after having been removed from his office while county officials tried to determine if the pair had violated existing policy.

After it was ascertained that the county had no official policy covering such personal affairs, Aispuro returned to the Gibson office.

Gibson said he believes that “aggressive and well-funded special interests have invaded our Board of Supervisors’ chambers to push an agenda of antagonism, fear and greed which threatens the fabric of our quality of life.”

The supervisor said “extreme elements” like COLAB — the Coalition of Labor, Ag and Business — and the Tea Party “attack science and fact-based decision making an effort to destroy essential public services.”

He’s “fighting against those extreme elements that will stop at nothing to undo the very protections that make our county a special place.”

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Are you kidding Bruce? Those scary folks like Elsa and Tom Dawson? Bill and Gwen Pelfrey? How do you characterize these real people, who have the constitutional right to their opinions, as anything by neighbors?

Your letter to supporters is embarrassing.

Why don’t you stand on your record? Oh yeah, because it sucks.

You’ve jammed the Los Osos sewer down the throats of a disadvantaged community and tried your darnedest to blow up the ocean with your friends at PG&E. You’ve supported desalination for Cambria and done nothing for the Cayucos Pier, right in front of your nose. Your biggest accomplishment is tying your name to others efforts to build a library.

As Chairman of the BOS you play games with speaker slips and public comment, the simplest way for the public to participate. You clearly want to discourage differing views.

Pack your moneybags and your gal pal and hit the road.

Will all of Gibson’s supporters please take some time and list his accomplishments while in office? That would be a good place to start a campaign for reelection. What has he done to help his constituents? I can think of nothing. If there isn’t a fairly long list after two terms then he shoudn’t be reelected. It’s as simple as that. What has he done that has helped you personally? He has sat and pontificated on various personal agendas, and been paid handsomely for it by all of us, but what has he accomplished besides proving, ultimately, that he’s in this for himself? Aside from his personal indiscretions, there is really nothing there but words and a large ego. The 2nd District has a lot of problems that people need help with but this Supervisor doesn’t seem to care about that.

Oh, Carlos Danger should not be a roll model.

Bruce, if you truly want to confront your “foes” head on…take a long look in the mirror.

“Gibson’s Campaign Will Focus on Foes”. Given his real political status, whether he is aware of it or not, this is great a great political strategy given that “foes” may be all he has left.

Gibson needs to take a “chill pill.” Instead, it looks like he’s taken a “Hill pill.”

Of course people will focus on his personal life as it has been dishonest and deceitful. That would most likely reflect on his professional life also. Why the dumb turd sent me a campaign contribution letter to My Paso home is a head scratcher.

Gibson is using an interesting ploy. His total disregard for the citizens of our county goes beyond political beliefs. He is a meglomaniac and should not be re elected. His treatment of the homeless situation and his flaunting of his poor judgement of making us pay for his girlfriend is enough to get him bumped.