John Madonna in Bakersfield plane crash

August 27, 2013

cornJohn Madonna and a Bakersfield man walked away after the homemade aircraft they were flying crashed into a corn field on Sunday afternoon southwest of Bakersfield.

The light aircraft the 56-year-old son of Alex Madonna and 42-year-old Shilo Staib were flying lost power and then took out a set of electric lines. Both men managed to get out of the plane before it erupted into flames.

Though one complained of a sore shoulder, their injuries did not require treatment.

California Highway Patrol officers responded to the scene to find a long section of power lines that had been pulled loose and drug some 60 feet south into the corn field. Firefighters were able to extinguish the flames despite the hot power lines. [BakersfieldCalifornian]

Officials said the crash knocked out power to approximately 400 residents of the sparsely populated farming area for about 12 hours.



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Glad the pilot and passenger are OK. This could have been a tragedy but since everyone is OK, I must admit that this “Orville & Wilbur” stuff makes for a funny story, what with the corn field, the home made plane and 400 upset residents without power for 12 hours.