Man hit by train in Pismo Beach identified

August 30, 2013

tracksPismo Beach police have identified a 22-year-old man hit by a train Tuesday as Mark Manuele of Pismo Beach.

Manuele suffered non-life threatening injuries from the collision and received treatment at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

Police say he was riding a bicycle down the train tracks near Highway 101 and Five Cities Drive around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday and did not hear the oncoming train until just before it hit him. Officers are unsure whether the train made direct contact with Manuele’s body or whether it hit his bike.

Union Pacific Railroad investigators have taken over the investigation.



Why are the headlines for these things always “Man hit by train”, and not “Man gets in way of train”? Makes it sound like it’s the train’s fault.


10 to 1 he was wearing ear-buds and oblivious to anything but his IPod.

Which is why its illegal to wear them while riding a bike.

Ted Slanders

The hell with wearing ear plugs or not, and legal or not, THE FOOL WAS RIDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRACKS!

Stupidity should not be rewarded, therefore, he got hit, and lived.


How can you not hear a train……