Trio of gang members arrested for Paso Robles crime spree

August 30, 2013
Arturo Montoya

Arturo Montoya

Paso Robles police detectives arrested three believed gang members for a series of crimes between the evenings of August 22 and August 24.

During that span, victims reported three incidents which included assaults, knife attacks, a robbery and a carjacking, each carried out by a group of three males. Detectives determined that each of the incidents were related and were committed by three Paso Robles gang members.

Officers arrested Arturo Montaya, 20, for carjacking assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, criminal conspiracy, felony warrant and possession of a control substance; Francisco Martinez, 19, for carjacking, robbery and criminal conspiracy; and a Paso Robles juvenile for attempted murder, carjacking, robbery and criminal conspiracy.

Detectives from the Paso Robles Special Enforcement Team conducted the investigation along with the San Luis Obispo County Probation Department.

The Special Enforcement Team detectives are working with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Gang Task Force and the District Attorney’s Office to add gang enhancement charges to each of the three suspects.



Why are Paso Robles detectives covering up for the Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Motor Vehicle, thugs committing violent crimes in all of North County?

Are the Road-Rage Thugs at Lake Nacimiento Jim App’s buddies?


My my, the savagery of these comments. The solution is obvious: deny law abiding citizens access to firearms, punish law abiding citizens for protecting their lives, family, and property, accuse law abiding citizens of racism for stating the statistical obvious, finance feel good programs with money earned by law abiding citizens to promote utopian fantasies, promote casual fornication and reward the irresponsible to breed indiscriminately, glorify the antics of mentally addled “entertainers”, promote deviant lifestyles as normal behavior, vilify success and label it as greed. I’m confident that the party promoting these policies possesses the road map to a vibrant and successful society. What could possibly go wrong?


How about we introduce these punks to some real gang members. Take them to Los Angeles, and drop them off around midnight in an area called Watts.. Tell them if you’re able to make it back to the drop off location we will be back around 6:00am.


How about we check their status and deport them if not legally here. Other nations are facing the same immigrant problems we are, they just don’t put up with it like we do.

All the illegals have attached themselves to the system and the teet flowing benefits, and like others have said these perps probably don’t care about their families one hoot. All they care about is moving up the gang ladder which usually entails murder, drugs and mayhem. Even jail is seen as a badge which the use to exploit more of the system and benefits….


The Three Amigo’s ride no more..”You dirt eating pieces of slime, you scum sucking pigs, you sons of a motherless goat.”


This gang banger crap is already out of control. We talk about holding the line and keeping them out of our county but they’re already here. Lets start holding the parents accountable and deporting anyone who is involved. In other words, if the gang banger is an anchor baby, the parents get deported and the punk goes to jail. Deporting parents will make them think twice about joining a gang and committing crimes. Go ahead call me a racist for using some common sense and looking for perhaps the only thing that might work to control kids from joining gangs.


I agree with you Cindy on the jail time but frankly I don’t think these punks give a rats ass about what happens to their parents


Maybe if there were consequences for the parents, the parents would do a little better job of raising their kids?


The parents are probably clueless.

Stupidity breeds stupidity.


Hate to be the voice of dissent, but maybe their parents have to work two jobs to keep them from being homeless, so they can’t be there like a middle class SLO Co. type. Also, this illegal stuff, well frankly, it is prejudice.


They will when mom and dad lose their section 8 housing and any gubermant assistance.


Too many rules, regs, and laws hamstringing Darwin. In some cases, it would appear that the herd needs thinned.


I comment on allowing natural (as in nature) selection to remove the societaly troubled and you retort with a link to a book about master races and nazis?



“herd thinning” = eugenics.

My link > The War Against The Weak- American origins of eugenics < since you mention it this ! good day.






eugenics = Selective Reproduction

Please explain how my advocation of stepping aside and allowing natural selection to thin the herd is advocating anything related to selective reproduction?



Power and strength are the only things these thugs respect. The gang problem will never go away as long as law abiding citizens rely upon 3rd party agents of the government for their personal & property’s security.

A healthy respect/fear of armed law abiding citizens is the ONLY thing that will prevent these types of events. The police are wonderful at solving crimes, but really lousy at preventing them. This is yet another example.

Kudos to the PD & task force for bringing them to justice for their actions. Sympathy to those who are/where effected by these thugs.



Amen to that. Our state legislature is trying to limit your law abiding gun rights as we speak. I’ve already emailed every single senator and assembly member as well as written a letter to Governor Brown. Once all our gun rights are gone, the gang bangers will have full run of our neighborhoods without any fear of encountering “resistance”.


Sterilize every last one of them, and GPS their Arse’s.


Nice to hear that the cops got these A-holes off the street in a fast manner. Hopefully they continue to stay on top of these gang bangers and make life uncomfortable enough, that they either comply or move on to another town.


The gang-banger cancer is already here. Oxnard, Ventura, SantaMaria, SantaBarbara,

Camarillo, ThousandOaks, Somis. It’s the changing demographics of California, so look for a lot more of their sickness spreading to more and more area’s.