Man robs Grover beach home, punches residents in the face

August 16, 2013
Michael Davis

Michael Davis

A Grover Beach man punched residents in the face while robbing their home early Thursday morning.

Michael L. Davis Jr., 27, was stealing items from a home on the 600 block of Rockaway Avenue around 4 a.m. Thursday when the residents confronted him.

Davis punched them in the face, grabbed property from their home and fled the area.

Grover Beach police found Davis in the 100 block of North Fourth Street and arrested him without incident.

The officers booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail for burglary and robbery. Davis remains in jail on $60,000 bail.


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If I had a son, he’d look like Michael L. Davis. Well not really because I taught my son right from wrong. He got a belt when he lied and did other bad things. It only took a couple of times before he figured out that misbehavior and disrespect of anybody wouldn’t be tolerated. Now he has attained a high rank in the U.S. Navy and is a career sailor. By the way, to any naysayer, the belt didn’t do our relationship any harm either. We spend time together and do all sorts of fun stuff whenever he is around. I was his choice for his best man in his wedding. He also calls and texts me, at very least ,daily and often more.There is nothing but good to come from teaching a child the right way.

You had to use a weapon to discipline your son? Wow, you should be ashamed of yourself. Have you ever heard of codependency? Sure, he’s successful and does contact you on a regular basis but he does hold a grudge for your abuses.

You did not teach him the right way; you beat him into submission. If that’s what you think it took to teach him “the right way” then you are sadly mistaken. You completely lack the knowledge, wisdom and mentorship required to be a good father.

Good day.

Right, I completely failed with all three of my kids! LOL You sound like a typical judgmental, arrogant , thinks they know everything , progressive. Your way is a complete failure. Just look at the prisons ,mental hospitals ,drug and alcohol recovery centers and people with AIDS and other STD’s .Look at all the people who can’t make it through the day without taking some sort of pill to change their mood or how they deal with life. Look at all the people who are screaming for their “right” to smoke pot just because they can’t cope with reality and need to concoct some bogus physical malady to justify their weakness.That’s the result of the liberal free for all that started the slide down hill in the 60’s.You want no part of God or his word and now you’re reaping the harvest.Yes sir, Mr. “Answer4U, you really have a handle on everything. How’s that workin’ for you?

First and foremost, I’m nowhere close to being a liberal and God is a big part of my life. Speaking of God’s word, I was never instructed to abuse my children with weapons. That doesn’t mean I was averse to delivering strawberry patches to my kid’s rear ends to get them in line. But introducing weapons to the disciplinary process is representative of the deliverer’s maliciousness and lack of parenting abilities. To this end, you failed as a parent!

I introduced a moderate level of punishment for my children but relied more on mentoring, leadership and support. They were wonderful kids who turned into great adults and humanitarians. They are both successful having earned Master’s Degrees and they entered into flouring careers.

Yes, your son is successful, contacts you on a regular basis and he chose you as his best man. But that does’t mean his scars don’t run deep. Fathers are supposed to love their children, not deliver corporal punishment to the level you did. YOU FAILED AS A FATHER!!

Feel free to reply but I won’t read it. An individual like you is not worth any more of my time!

Since you won’t be reading this I’ll keep it short. First off, I haven’t exactly beat my son. At the most there were maybe 2 or 3 separate instances with one swat across the fully clothed rear with the leather part of the belt. Secondly, since you claim that “God is a big part of my life”, Proverb’s 13:24 says:He who withholds his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him diligently. Pain is a part of life that frequently follows one’s not adhering to society’s rules. Michael Davis is now going to be experiencing some pain, probably for an extended time. More than likely his upcoming pain could have been averted by him being taught the lesson at an early age. His life could have taken a much better course than the one he will most likely be on until it ends.


“Feel free to reply but I won’t read it. An individual like you is not worth any more of my time!”

Being so snobbish and rude shows who has the bad character. Maybe you should have been spanked a little better to learn respect to others. Your choice of

words clearly shows what kind of a arrogant person you are. I usually never make remarks but this time i couldn’t resist.

THeo P. Neustic. : ) Well said…..and my reply to Answer 4 U…………I hear Birkenstock is having a sale on sandals in SLO…..better get on in there! lol

You son’s story is not over. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say, or find out how he will treat his children. And, from the way he is compelled to stay so frequently in contact with you, it sounds like he may have some independence issues, which may be one of the reasons why he joined the Navy.

Sure, you raised your son the best way you knew how, but to assume that your violent ways are so absolutely right and encourage others to “belt” their children is going a little far. Your results are not in. Sure, you may have got your son to do what YOU want him to do, but the jury is still out on what psychological issues your son is dealing with and what he will then pass on to others in your line.

If this little pipsqueak tried to punch me in the face this story would be completely different…

Residents were probably in their 80’s.

I wonder why this guy thought he had the right to go into some ones home, steal from them and assault them? I agree….too bad the homeowner didn’t have a gun, and blow this low-life away. Good riddance.

Davis is very lucky that the property owner did not let his finger do the talking.

Should have.

A couple of rounds fired by the homeowners……………….. and…… look at al of the taxpayer trial dollars that would be saved .

NOT TRUE, unless the homeowners were black. Any other race getting caught shooting a black man in their home for ANY reason would automatically be guilty of racism. Millions of of taxpayer dollars would be spent trying to convict the homeowner of violating the dirt bag’s civil rights.

Not in Texas where self defense is a right.

Don’t forget that someone would have to pay off Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and if there was a female involved Gloria Alred would probably come along for the ride.

Mr. Holly…..LOL….you sure have that right!!!!