Marketing of Fear and Disease in America

August 15, 2013


Recently the media has continued its intentional misinformation campaign intended to create fear in the public and create the illusion of controversy, this time targeting fish oil supplements. The purpose of this campaign is to convince the public that supplements are to be feared and drive the unsuspecting to turn to pharmaceutical companies for answers. The previous campaign telling you that supplements were a “waste of money” and “just gave you expensive urine” was failing and the heat needed to be turned up.

Recently a similar attack befell the supplement carnitine, another important nutrient used to treat cardiovascular disease was portrayed in the media, extraordinarily inaccurately, as a cause of heart disease. A similar situation is occurring now with a treatment for prostate cancer being linked as a cause for prostate cancer. The entire media system is part of an obvious deadly ploy to misguide the general populace away from the prevention of disease and towards the drug-industry treatment of disease.

I recently ran across these quotes from Mark Twain, “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” And “Be careful if you read health books. You may die of a misprint.” What this brilliant gentleman witnessed in his time pales in comparison to our current deliberate campaign by the financially elite to promote disease and, as part of that strategy, crush true prevention.

Many of you might be saying to yourselves, “He’s going too far. This can’t be true. Why would anyone promote disease?” My answers to those queries would go as follows “No, I am not going far enough. It is probably true at levels deeper than even I have guessed yet. And money!”

Watch the documentaries Gasland and Gasland Part 2, and read the counter pieces funded by the natural gas industry, and then you will get a great feel for what the financially elite will do for money at your expense.

Let me explain a little further. Prevention is boring and unpopular. We knew for decades that if the levees on the Mississippi River in New Orleans were not repaired, a direct hurricane hit would be devastating. The US Army Corps of Engineers who were directly blamed for the levee failures could not finish repairs on levees in time for the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, the project started in 1965! Katrina caused over a $100 billion in costs, over 1800 people dead and untold suffering and environmental damage, much of this preventable at a fraction of the cost. Current cost of the War in the Middle East is between 3.2 – 4 trillion dollars and is expected to keep growing. The US has the money to kill around 300,000 people across the world for unclear motives, but not protect our citizens from the anti-preventative health movement. There is vastly more money to be made by not preventing, actually creating, a false war while sending young, usually impoverished American youths to their deaths than by creating peace. There is vastly more money to be made by cleaning up after the hurricane than preventing a few thousand deaths of impoverished primarily non-white Americans. If these levees protected The Hamptons, do you believe they would not have been repaired? This is what the GOP means by “Job Creators”.

You might wonder what Katrina and natural gas fracking and misinformation on fish oils have to do with each other. The answer is very simple: there exists a marketing campaign intended to enslave you at all levels and convince you that climate change doesn’t exist, we can’t afford sustainable energy, and that anything that isn’t a drug or a GMO is bad for you. Although that last part was slight hyperbole, we must recognize these forces for what they are. A profit motive exists to make sure that people who might prevent a heart attack or a cancer by healthy eating and supplements is “bad for business”, and the media is the mouthpiece of those that would profit from your disease. For anyone who actually believed these recent reports regarding fish oil and cancer, I will be doing a multi-part series on what real science thinks of fish oils. In the meantime, any report in mainstream media on anything must be looked at through the eyes of our intellectual leaders, who realize Media =Misinformation.

If you want accurate information on supplements, I recommend, our website with many articles on supplement usage and safety, and http:/, a good site for up to date information on recent supplement research. Seeing things exactly as they are without needing to change them is what I want from our readers. As my life path, healing and wholeness, is the opposite of mainstream media’s goal, then I must advocate for you. I started out today to write an article on fish oil and prostate cancer and felt a great wave of sadness over how marketing trumps knowledge in the Game of Health Care. I couldn’t write that article without first recognizing how powerful a force the media is in creating fear and disease. You have a choice.


Your Journey to Health and Healing,

Gary E. Foresman, MD


Sources: (2011 Cost of war estimate) (2013 Cost of war update)


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Submitted on 2013/08/16 at 4:18 am by SLOTECH90

I was very disappointedand disillusioned at your reference to: http:/ which among other forms of woo-woo supports the sale of homeopathic remedies. I hope the following information will dissuade you and your customers from getting into non-science based medicine:

Homeopathic “remedies” are usually harmless, but their associated misbeliefs are not. When people are healthy, it may not matter what they believe. But when serious illness strikes, false beliefs can lead to disaster. This Web site provides information about homeopathy that is difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. The bottom line is that it is senseless and does not work.

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