News of offshore fracking upsets lawmakers

August 15, 2013

platform_gail_bTwo California senators have told the California Coastal Commission that the practice of offshore tracking, which only recently has come to light, is “cause for grave concern.”

Offshore hydraulic fracturing — a method of extracting oil and natural gas — has been occurring off the Santa Barbara coastline.

Senators Hanna-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) and Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa), who represent coastal districts, told Mary Shallenberger, commission chair, in an Aug. 8 letter that many unanswered environmental questions still exist regarding onshore fracking.

The pair is asking additional studies of potentially negative impacts.

“There is even greater uncertainty regarding the impacts of offshore hydraulic fracking,” they wrote, adding, “We believe there is cause to conclude that fracking constitutes a change in the type and intensity of use that should trigger permit reviews in state waters, and federal constituency review in federal waters.”

The lawmakers said that enough is known about “proven and potential impacts of tracking fluids” to justify additional investigation.

In the fracking process, fluids are injected into the ground to break up rock formations and release oil and gas. It is controversial because of its potential effect on subterranean water supplies.

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Hmmm…No off-shore drilling, no on shore drilling, no seismic testing, no nukes, no solar farms, no wind farms, no water, no pipeline, no sewer, no dust, no property development…anybody see a trend here?

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is quite worried about fracking and its effects on Saudi Arabia. So much so, he is funding a LOT of efforts to lie about the nature of the beast. The beast’s true nature is the future of Saudi oil exports (as much as 92% of SA’s economy).

Don’t believe me? You can read about it yourself.

While I believe that fracking isn’t as universally dangerous as some people claim, there have been legitimate incidents where it has resulted in pollution of local water sources and it may have contributed to minor earthquakes in another area.. Just because someone has an economic motive for opposing oil and gas development in the US doesn’t mean that there isn’t good reason to be careful about its use.

water is source / water is life . . bird brain’s frack-scheme

what the heqq is “subterranean water supplies?” Does it make weeds grow faster? God Bless

Obama bowed to the Saudi King early on in his first term…you don’t have to kick me in the head.

his predecessor kissed him on the lips! evidently they are somehoworwhat important to our interests presently. Gates is rumored to have kissed his oysters

It’s a scientific fact that fracking, which alters the balance of pressures under the Earth’s surface, can facilitate earthquakes.

Wow. I wonder what harvesting natural GAS would do, then… or draining an aquifer of water. Just something to think about, as well.

Hey! Finally, a good link! Nice, zaph!

did you click on the image?

I did! It is really “Desktop wallpaper” worthy! Nice find, again.

WiserGuy, I’d like to see some actual scientific proof of your statement.

Is that akin to the “scientific fact” that global warming/climate change is a man caused issue?

97 % of climate scientists agree , how do you spell consensus?

I spell consensus like this…scientific consensus is proof of nothing. There was a popular consensus the the earth was flat. It took a brave soul to finally prove the world is round. There are a growing number of scientist questioning the data on global warming. It’s only a matter of time before the truth will be known…

and another thing…if we are going to change everything about our society and harm lives and the livelihood of people world wide in the process I want more than a “consensus” I want proof…and so should you.

read and weep

science is not religion.

consensus is when scientist agree on the accuracy of the data.

politics is another matter (the art of possible)

If science is not a religion, why does it take FAITH to believe in Evolution?

when the Pope was asked a similar question he replied “things change” epigenetics is where its at.

Lawmakers often tell lies but they are not called Liemakers. It will be interesting to hear their reason for being upset about the fracking oil?

They are just ticked off because California is not getting their tax, permits, fees, fines, assessments, etc..$$$ Believe it or not they do not control the universe.

Exactly. Fracking is expensive. Which means there’s money changing hands.