Police seek murder attempt suspect

August 7, 2013
Albert Ernest Moore

Albert Ernest Moore

Atascadero police have widened a search for one man and arrested another in the alleged attempted murder of a person who showed up at Twin Cities hospital with multiple stab wounds.

According to Sgt. Gregg Meyer, the department’s public information officer, the unidentified victim named two potential suspects.

Warrants were issued and on Monday a California Highway Patrol officer saw one of the suspect’s automobiles in Grover Beach.

Michael Anthony Nunez, 24, of Atascadero, was taken into custody without incident, according to Meyer. He’s been booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Still being sought is Albert Ernest Moore, 35, also of Atascadero. He is said by police to be driving a brown Chrysler Sebring convertible with the license number 4BUB576. Meyer said Moore is presumed to be armed and dangerous.

Call police at 461-5051 with information.

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With 6 Billion + people on this planet, there is some “mayhem” going on everywhere all the time. The fact that over 75% of them have world views that doesn’t allow for thought and kindness..

Sad but true.

Wow north county…you all need to clean up your towns. Every week there is some kind of mayhem taking place up north.

Sad but true.

Hispanics stabbing Hispanics….it’s a daily happening in SantaMaria, SantaBarbara, and Oxnard.

Wow really? So nothing going on in Oceano, Nipomo, Santa Maria?? This stuff is everywhere. Not sure what plastic bubble you live in?

Pointing your finger at other areas is the crux of the problem…I stopped visiting south county years ago. If you want folks to stop coming to north county just keep the blinders on. You should put the pressure on the city council and the police chief until they get serious about cleaning up the crime element.

Never did point a finger. Never did say we don’t have a problem in the north county. MY POINT WAS, that we have a problem EVERYWHERE and your focusing just on the north county and ignoring elsewhere is short sighted and a good majority of this is linked to drugs and gangs.

I keep hearing people in Atascadero saying, boy Paso has gangs. Like I have pointed out before, do people think these gangs don’t drive? I don’t care where you live. This crap can wind up on your doorstep even in what people think is a good neighborhood.

No blinders here my friend. I have called on suspicious activity I thought was drug related and was. How about you??