San Luis Obispo city attorney’s brother-in-law gets a job without any competition

August 27, 2013
Christine Dietrick

Christine Dietrick

CLARIFICATION: Ted Green is Christine Dietrick’s brother-in-law.


San Luis Obispo city officials provided a job to a key employee’s brother-in-law without making the position available to current city employees or the general public.

City Attorney Christine Dietrick’s brother-in-law Ted R. Green needed a job. On July 25, Community Development Director Derek Johnson provided Green a temporary department position of administrative executive assistant at $22.95 an hour or $47,736 a year.

It is unclear if he is qualified for the job as the spaces to provide education levels completed or his last employment position were left blank on his personnel form.

Under California Law, all government positions must be advertised either internally or externally for the general population to apply to eliminate improprieties, such as nepotism. The position was never advertised.

Human Resources Director Monica Irons said that because they converted the position temporarily to a non-permanent post the city is not required to inform city employees or the general public about the job opening.

“I think word-of-mouth and referring people we know to be good responsible people is a pretty common recruitment practice,” Irons said.

The city’s employment opportunity program was negotiated with the employee union SLOCEA. According to the program’s agreement, all employee positions that become available must be advertised internally to allow existing staff to apply. If less than three qualified employees apply and /or if administration feels that there may be more qualified candidates externally the position is then advertised to the general public to ensure that the most qualified candidate is hired.

But, by appointing someone to a position temporarily the city can skirt the requirement that the job be announced internally.

The temporary appointment also lets the city attorney’s brother build up work experience in the position. That experience then can become a factor when a position is advertised as a permanent post. And, because the temporary job is classified as an internal employee position, Green would be among the people notified of the position when it is opened up for applications from city workers.

Would Green’s temporary appointment give him an advantage over other applicants?

“I guess,” Kathy Hamilton, human resources specialist said.

Green’s current position became available when Ryan Betz, who held the position for about six years, applied for and received the public works analyst position. A position several city staffers contend is permanent.

However, Irons contends Betz moved over to finance to fill another temporary position and will at some time in the future return to his old job.

“Ted was hired on a temporary basis for a temporary need, because the person who filled the position in the community development department was loaned to work in finance,” Irons said.

Currently, the position of administrative executive assistant pays $53,560 to $65,780 a year.

Sources within San Luis Obispo city hall said Dietrick is working to have the position reclassified as an administrative analyst. That job carries a salary range of from $60,996 to $76,206 a year, according to the city’s website.

Irons denied the allegation that the job title is being changed.

A few years ago, internal emails revealed that Irons requested that the community development department director hire Dan Doris to fill a vacant code enforcement position.

In the email, Iron says that she ran into Doris at a party she attended with her husband Jamie Irons, mayor of Morro Bay. Irons also said that her husband had work inspected by Doris, a former inspector for Morro Bay.

“I know that Dan has inspected remodels that Jamie (my husband) has done and Jamie has always respected and enjoyed his interactions with Dan,” Irons writes in her email to Tim Girvin, the city’s former chief building official.

Tim Girvin then appointed Doris to the position, again through a word of mouth job notification process, Irons said.



Mr. Holly

The only thing that is good about this is that the city city didn’t spend thousand of dollars on a recruitment program when they knew from day one who was going to get the job. This happens everyday in every city.

Is it right? I don’t think so. The most qualified person should get the job not the most liked or who will be the best puppet.


Have you guys ever thought that maybe they don’t want to hire from a bunch of snivelers that are going to cry favoritism, cronyism, or nepotism every time they hire someone? Just reading through CCN, all anyone does is bitch about how the city does things. If it is that horrible, why do you live here? It’s a pretty nice place, except for all the sniveling about petty shit.


How is this any different than how Oceano continues to operate?

The last GM (Tom Geaslen) was hand-picked by the prior district Supervisor (who’s assistant was Tom’s wife).

The current ‘office manager’ is the aunt of the board President and the job was never open to the public. In fact, the aunt morphed into that previously non-existent job.

The current ‘accountant’ was hired away from the district’s auditing firm and that job was never open to the public.

A clerk position has been vacant due to a firing. Not only have they brought back a yard maintenance guy to ‘temporarily’ fill it, that application process has not been made public either.

Seems the little guys ( like the Oceano Community Services District) learn it from the big guys (SLO County).


Why would anyone be surprised that the corruption at City of San Luis Obispo permeates all levels? Maybe Dietrick slept through her ethics class in law school – no self dealing – with your clients. Now procuring a job for your worthless brother is self dealing Dietrick! Well, at least he sits at a desk to draw his pay, it could be worse, he could be down in cabo san lucas drawing his pay? See this video which typifies why these self dealing acts left unaddressed.

Also, the position that Betz supposedly has now was vacated when Melissa Mudget became the new Parks and Recreation Manager under Stanwyck. So, how could this position be temporary. Lie, lie, lie and continue to lie Dietrick, Irons, Codron out of this one.


i would have applied for this job in a heartbeat, had it been posted anywhere. i guess it’s who you know at the city that gets you hired.


This is how it works everywhere. Sure are a lot fo sour grapes going on here. Are you surprised that this is how things are done? I’m not.


This is wrong. It’s not fair but it’s the way unions operate.


Huh, Dietrick bypassed the union just like everybody else. She screwed everybody.


Is former city clerk elaine cano related to current tourism manager molly cano?


I like the comments about “appointing” since it suggests that the queen has appointed a new servant that we commoners will now pay for! So his prior employment history was left blank, why was that? Did he just spend time in a government facility? Simply changing the status of the position and appointing a likely unqualified candidate simply reflects that they are well aware of what they are doing is wrong. And Derek Johnson just goes along with this without question – his a good soldier?

That reminds that the City a few years ago hired on a guy at the City’s wastewater treatment plant whose dad worked in water distribution at the City. A few months later it came out that the guy was a local registered sex offender – “only the best for SLO”. Buy the way, you remember the supervisor who directed his staff to dump hazardous waste at the back of the City’s yard on Prado Road well, guess what, they hired his son with absolutely no experience to work in water distribution. On top of it, he had a recent DUI! So another poster hit the nail on the head, the city only recruits the best “friends” or best “family members” to work at the City. People who can’t get a job elsewhere! They also hired years ago the former HR Director’s nephew for a job with, well a GED and promoted him up the ladder.

This reminds of all the top notch City employees who have been in the paper of late: Christine Wallace for going postal on fellow employees on face book (“go F*$*& Yourself”) on city time, on a city computer and much more; Officer McDow and his partner convicted for importing contraband to the U.S.; Bob Nicholson revealed for charging unsuspecting residents for the same services he is paid to do for the City; the staff who deliberately dumped hazardous waste at the City yard; Officer Corey Pierce charged with extortion and drug trafficking; Officer Limon convicted for importation of contraband to the U.S.; Ryan “knock-out” Mason reinstated as a fireman / paramedic after beating another patron to unconsciousness at a local bar then leaving him there in a pool of blood; Christine Dietrick providing unsound legal advice on the homeless issues which has cost us commoners plenty; Ronald Faria Public Works Inspector revealed for misappropriating City assets for personal gain; and the list goes on and on. This reads more like a line-up for the City of Bell or City of Vernon or an episode of America’s Most Wanted.

When will council wake up and take accountability and fix this mess. Clean house, stop the corruption.


This will continue as long as we continue to give them money. Vote NO on Measure Y. If it passes nothing will change. It will be an affirmation that all is well in city hall. If it fails it will be a wake-up call to the council and staff that we are fed up with this behavior and they must clean house. Most of these jobs could go away and no one would notice!


Come on now! Rules are for commoners. The Elitists make their own rules……