Schools can’t ask parents for supplies

August 13, 2013

teachTeachers in San Luis Obispo County schools will be paying more out of their own pockets for classroom supplies following passage of a new state law prohibiting schools from charging parents any kind of fee. (San Jose Mercury News)

The law, AB1575, took effect Jan. 1, and is the result of settlement of a lawsuit in which state officials were embroiled.

California’s Constitution guarantees students a free education. Many school officials in the state had initiated policies which asked or required parents to contribute to the cost of supplies for certain kinds of classroom activity.

The new law disallows schools from charging parents for anything, from pencils to field trips to football uniforms. In many instances, parents could not afford the additional charges, and that negatively affected students’ performance in class, state lawmakers decided.

Some teachers now say they will depend heavily on voluntary contributions from parents who have the financial resources to help.

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Well there goes any field trips. I thought there was a “Cookie sale fund” for the kids who couldn’t afford it?

Wrong. Field trips are paid for by the parents and PTA. The school hasn’t paid for squat since their last pay and benefit increase.

capslo pays for some

For Head Start programs I assume?

i’m confused. i always paid for my own pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. when did things change?

Its the etc that’s changed.

i had to share a jersey with a team mate, that was the 60’s

Tom….how old are you anyway? LOL….just kidding.


Yeah…I’m a product of the 60’s too.

Norway, university ; you have no idea you would not believe it !

Most of the people posting on this thread insist on always blaming others for the faults of public educationand other public programs, not willing to accept any responsibility themselves. T

he fact is that we are a community and anyone who is part of it, who sees faults, has the ability, perhaps even the responsibility to step up and make things better. But instead we have all these keyboard-jockeys who blame everyone but themselves and don’t do anything to improve the situations they so energetically whine about

If you are part of this community any problems in this community are your problems and your responsibility. Whining about it might make you feel better or delude yourself into believing you are helping, but actually you aren’t really doing much, and may actually be doing more harm than good.

“But instead we have all these keyboard-jockeys who blame everyone but themselves and don’t do anything to improve the situations they so energetically whine about ”

“Whining about it might make you feel better or delude yourself into believing you are helping, but actually you aren’t really doing much, and may actually be doing more harm than good.”

It’s like you wrote it about someone you know really well……….

I’m one of the one’s paying for all this so that’s me stepping up and making things better. And I hold those w/ their hand in the till accountable. No matter how indignant it may make them feel.

Ohhh, poor baby !

You pay some taxes and you resent any obligation to contribute to society.You don’t care for civilization ?



We won’t stop you.

Go be a hermit in the desert, or move to a tax haven nirvana like Somalia.

Your insults might not incite indignation then, but maybe other things.

I’ve complained all the way up to the school board on a multitude of things that are being done wrong in the public schools. I get the same responses everytime: This is out of our hands / This is from the state/fed/somewhere else. I.E. they always say it is not their fault and was decided by someone else in another place.

So now what? What do you suggest we all do when the over-paid, under-worked peons in the Administration do nothing but cruise along with the current like dead fish, taking no responsibility or having a backbone? It is all about money, and when they take the carrot, the cower from the stick.

Look at our police force as of late. State says, local agency does. So much for local control and governance.

Wiser, indeed.

While some of the people complaining here or elsewhere may fit the stereotype you pose, I can guarantee that others have tried to influence change through comments to those with authority over the schools and via the ballot box. When those options fail, what are they supposed to do? Shutup and go away?

The higher up the bureaucratic ladder you go, the less that any individual has a chance to influence policies and priorities. The only exceptions are those with enough wealth to buy that influence and even that is not always successful.

At least here you can hear their complaints and either answer them if you disagree or take them into consideration if you want to work together for solutions.

Test scores down in our local schools, test cheaters in three (3) local schools, local sales tax up, sports programs co-mingled now, gender identified restrooms (new signage costs), raises for teachers and we are worried about the darlings having to buy their own pencils and paper from the Dollar Stores. What a joke!

Oh, dont forget that a student drops out of school about every five minutes.

What a totally not helpful out of context comment.

Every 28 hours in the United States of America a black person is the victim of an extrajudicial execution.


I heard Glen Beck say a few years ago that by this time we’ll wake up one day and not recognize our Country. I didn’t pay it much heed, but somehow I seem to remember him (or someone like him?) saying that in 2008 (or just after election).

Now, I know there is a whole cadre of folks that have been conditioned to knee-jerk reactions when they hear specifically-trained keywords like Rush, Beck, Hanity, Fox, Republican, Conservative, etc. Which is a shame, as it only silences a point of view. Thankfully, I like to listen/watch/read as many points of view as I can take in and just laugh off the indoctrinated. All that said, I am not recognizing my Country as of late. Not at all.

I’m done with blaming ideologues and parties. We’re FAR TOO GONE to be playing a blame game. What can be done? Personally, I think nothing can be done to fix the mess we’re collectively in. I think it has to crash and burn (which I also think was Obama and his minions’ intention) and rebuild. We better be REAL careful how and what we rebuild.

“I’m done with blaming ideologues and parties. We’re FAR TOO GONE to be playing a blame game. What can be done? Personally, I think nothing can be done to fix the mess we’re collectively in.”

Gosh, you’re close.

It is done. Gore Vidal predicted. American Empire is cooked. Doesn’t matter WHO is ‘leading’ us now.

We have a fractional banking system and a debased currency that can do nothing BUT fail.

It was the multi-national puppet masters that designed this. They have NO allegiance to any nation, political system, and certainly not people.

We are all chattel and commodities for THEIR usage.

BTW, the M3 money supply stopped being counted in 2006, long before the 2008 elections or 2009 administration. Not that I’m defending Obama ( he’s been ineffectual IMO ), but the plan was in place long before he took office.

I started reading that article with great interest until I saw this:

Beginning with a column by brilliant New York Times economic columnist Paul Krug­man

Oh well.

Taxpayers are a minority in this state so any prop to raise taxes will pass. Jerry Brown endorsed the last education prop in an ad, his selling point being that this time the money would really go to education.

It went to teachers unions who gave him over $1 million dollars to win that Prop, That would have bought a lot of paper and pencils. He has been bragging about all the revenues coming in over expectations for the State and how well the State is doing, so I don’t see a problem. Just another feel good campaign…

Just think how many supplies could be bought with all that money that went to solar parking covers.

Anyone live or drive by Laguna Middle School (Los Osos Valley Road) and see that not even 6 months went by and a delivery truck crashed into the over-prices PV cover. It is still not repaired and replaced. But all those trees are gone… yeah, those PV were cheap to put up, I’m sure. Probably about the cost of 1 or 2 pencils…

The priority is NOT actually educating children. The priority is about spending other peoples’ money so you can spend more of it next time. Our K-12 have become as useless as our under grad colleges and universities.

I don’t get it. K-12 education makes up the LARGEST part of the State Budget (42.1%), and teachers need to poor mouth to parents for supplies. This isn’t about lack of money, it’s about FUBARED allocation.

by the administration from Sacramento on down to the building principal. And, by the way, why do we need a Federal Dept of Education sucking up 6% ($6,3 billion). Like the vast majority of Boomers like myself, we did just fine in school without the Federal Dept of Education in existence.

” Like the vast majority of Boomers like myself, we did just fine in school without the Federal Dept of Education in existence.”

That’s disputable.

The federal Department of Heath, Education, and Welfare ( HEW ) was a cabinet-level department from 1953 – 1979, before the Department of Education was split off into it’s sole entity.

I’m guessing …as a ‘Boomer’, that you attended school during that time frame.

I think what would have been better to ask is: How much money was given to HEW between ’53 and ’79 versus how much is given to just Dept. of Ed from ’79-present. Then examine success metrics from each period.

I’m sure we’re doing WAY BETTER now than back in the dark days of Radio, Television, home appliances, moon landing, etc.

Well, the 15 negs to 0 ups kinda proves my point, don’t you think ?

“I’m sure we’re doing WAY BETTER now than back in the dark days of Radio, Television, home appliances, moon landing, etc.”

Can’t disagree with you there, but that was when the decline began. Yeah, we had it good; but Americans are such hopeful, naive dolts full of conceit and phony pride. A nation of suckers that think they can out-hustle the rest of the idiots around them.

Just look at all of the empty drones around you anywhere. They’re mindlessly attached to their electronic geegaws, with soul-less eyes and dead expressions.

It was not that moneys were wasted in HEW or the DOE. It’s that money, itself, and it’s concommitants of capitalism and consumerism kills the human spirit.

It’s that money, itself, and (its concomitants) of capitalism and consumerism kills the human spirit.

I think that is true for some; but others are completely (and excessively?) motivated by money – thus, energizing their spirit.

Believe it or not, I am in agreement with you, though. Money is not the root of all evil, it is the LOVE of money that is.

So how do you think most of these “mindless” “empty drones” came about? Is it the shrinking of Government? The lack of government involvement in schools, daily life, and private life? Are we more or less intertwined with government? Is government “bigger” or “smaller” since a time when we weren’t mindless, empty drones?

That’s all I ever ask anyone to look at.

“So how do you think most of these “mindless” “empty drones” came about?”

Most Americans are stupid…and proud of it.

In the 1920’s, Walter Lippmann” called them a ‘bewildered herd’.

“…voters were largely ignorant about issues and policies. They lacked the competence to participate in public life and cared little to participate in the public process”.

“…the political savvy of an average (person) like a theater-goer walking into a play in the middle of the third act and leaving before the last curtain”.

Mencken also wrote along these lines. Later, Gore Vidal opined.

The dumbification of America is not a new thing, but it is more endemic today.

Here’s the kicker…by the sheer power of numbers and peer support, the masses of dolts rationalize that THEY are the smart ones !

My parents? Parents who worked hard so I could attend a private school and university.

I have immediate family members who teach in public schools. I find it interesting they complain so much about school policy and how exceptional students are dragged down by those ‘not to be left behind’; however, give me grief when I send my child to a private school? Don’t want to lose that funding!

Facts are facts. American public school are falling behind those of other nations. I don’t think its the teachers rather the public school policy of ‘bleeding hearts’.

Amen! I too have family and friends in the “educational camps” and all they do is whine about the changes, policies, lack of funds, pay, overtime, and ability to really teach because they are constantly worried about the tests and scores and having to focus on special needs, English learners, parents who don’t care, etc. Schools have become expensive babysitting pools! Want an education, go to a private school.

It’s not even “falling behind those of other nations” – rather, it’s FAILING to even COME CLOSE to what WE ONCE HAD.

WE HAD IT. Education in the 1800’s vs. 1900’s was amazing. Education in 2000? Yeah. Maybe we can ask them how it makes them “feel.” :(

“The schools ain’t what they used to be and never was.” W.R.

All 57 States are failing…

That’s why I’m willing to pay for private school for my grandchild when the time comes.

The demographics in Ca. is changing in a hurry, and schools will continue to go downhill.

In other words, maybe U.S. schools are not as bad as you might think.

…or, we’re as dumb as the rest of the world, now; instead of leading it like we used to.

Don’t need pencils, paper, colors or books. They are giving them ipads, not teaching writing and the little cheaters can’t read any way. We gave the schools (or was it the unions) and that new sales tax money, spend it well. Let them go to the bathrooms and play. Private schools are the only winners and anyone who can afford should definitely make the sacrifice and send their kids to a real school of education. Our County has some great ones!

And who is to blame for your “education”?

My parents, private all the way, thought the investment was worth it and today I received no government assistance so guess it was! Who paid for yours?

Who is to blame for your attitude?

Why are you attacking others, instead of reading the article and discussing it like an adult?

Lack of education indeed.

No, I read t but didn’t buy it. I’m better informed and didn’t buy the kool aide. I contribute to all these cheaters and losers every time I buy something. Spend it well because that it all you suckers get.

Why don;t you open private stores and restaurants that are for your private school alumni? Have your superior group make and cook all the products too. Then you can whine about paying $300 for a hamburger.

Nope, I can afford to go anywhere I want to and eat whatever I want, and “I” pay for it. I work for a living, good paying too thanks to the great private education and don’t lead to suck off the system!, No food stamps (SNAP), housing assistance, free lunches, free bus rides, free cell phones, free computers, free tires, free clothing, free backpacks, free utilities and soon free healthcare so the freeloaders can belong to this socialist free society. I take care of my own and am telling them to look after each other.

Right on SLOBIRD….

I bet you’re a fat, obnoxious slob, too.

Do you use the ‘free’ police, roads, justice system, internet, libraries, parks, any of the ‘commons’ ?

You should be President… a perfect symbol for this nation of dolts.

Good to see from your multiple postings that life has dealt you your just reward. Enjoy.

the sophists