Students at 3 SLO County schools caught posting test images online

August 13, 2013

cheatCalifornia Department of Education investigators caught students at three San Luis Obispo County schools posting images of 2013 standardized tests on social media websites. [Tribune]

Arroyo Grande High School, Atascadero High School and Templeton Independent High School were among 242 schools where students posted photos of this year’s Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) exam on social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Arroyo Grande High was one of 16 schools where students posted photos of actual STAR questions.

One Arroyo Grande High student snapped a photo with his cell phone of a graphic he drew on a test question. He took the photo when a substitute teacher was not looking and posted it on Instagram. Department of Education investigators discovered the post because it mentioned the STAR test.

Arroyo Grande High officials ordered the student to remove the photo from his phone despite concluding that it did not compromise the results of the test.

“We need to do a better job of monitoring students’ cell phone use,” said Arroyo Grand High Principal Tom Butler. “Basically, we let our guard down.”

The students caught posting images of the STAR test at Atascadero and Templeton Independent High School did not share photos of actual test questions or answers.

In 2012, the state Department of Education caught students at 216 schools posting photos the STAR test on social media sites.


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These kids are merely preparing for the real world. Some will become bankers, some politicians, some corporate executives, some government workers. They are simply acquiring the tools of the trade for future endeavors.

suspend them

Kids following the same creedo as many adults who send a message that cheating is OK. Its a perfect example of “the end justifies the means.”

Just look at the cheating that goes on in the politics of the world, the nation, the state, our own county.

Outside politics, we look at the examples on Wall Street. And just look at the juicers in professional baseball.

As I said, its a culture that has embraced the concept of the end justifies the means and it has sadly trickeled down to many of our youngsters.

Even our own sheriff set a sterling example when he had a family member help him complete a promotional test while on the SLOPD.

Its all about “the end justifiying the means” and sadly its only going to get worse

No cell phones in the class room. They must be OFF and kept in a backpack or a locker or you lose the phone privilege and get suspension for 1 day on first offense, 1 week second offense, find a new school third offense. End of story!

Yep, that will give those students a perfect lesson in fascist oppression. Are you volunteering to be the phone nazi at your local school?

It’s like many private sector jobs that involves entry-level workers (i.e. fast food, grocery, etc): Phone goes in lockers at the beginning of the shift (or school day) and are retrieved at the end.

We can have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy about drugs and violence (or whatever gets the money), but not about dress codes, electronics, and other distracting devices?

How convenient that students were allowed unsupervised cell phone use. Just call the teacher in the break room and ask for answers.