SLO vandal leaves multi-block blood trail

August 18, 2013

bloodA 21-year-old San Luis Obispo man was arrested for vandalism Sunday morning after he bled profusely on private and public property.

After a heavy night of drinking, Matthew Faura punched out a window on Broad Street causing a deep laceration to his arm. He then began entering unlocked homes and cars where his excessive blood loss caused damage, police said.

At about 4 a.m., Faura walked several blocks along Broad, Mission, Almond and Chorro streets. He either entered or attempted to enter 24 vehicles and two homes, police said they discovered by following the blood trail.

One of the residents awoke to find Faura in their home and called 911. Emergency medical personnel then transported the injured suspect to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Firefighters tried to hose down the blood puddles, but because of the size were unable to clean up the scene, police said in a press release. City officials then elected to hire a local hazmat contractor to clean up the blood.

Officers later booked Faura into the San Luis Obispo County Jail and charged him with multiple counts of felony vandalism and two counts of burglary.


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Python’s, “The Black Knight”.

Faura might have a career in “Spamalot”.

Alcoholism and drug addiction accompanied by mental illness are not funny. Instead of making jokes and insulting people-do something. Our government no longer cares for the mentally ill and they suffer dearly without the coverage and care our warring government could easily afford. They wander the streets unbathed and unfed and anyone with even a hint of compassion and maturity must be able to see how miserable a life like that would be to endure. And yet, they cannot help it.

It was quite some time ago I gave up on the human race. That was until I visited other countries besides the US. There are actually places where, between the citizens and the government agencies-these people get cared for. In some other cultures, they would never laugh and make fun of someone so obviously disturbed and troubled. The self centeredness of humankind is stunning. America has declined into a state where no one cares. Your next door neighbor may be suffering and lonely, but so what? Who cares? That is the state of our country today. It has not always been this way-I assure you.

Is he mentally ill? I did not get that from the story.

Hope he gets the bill for the “hazmat” contractor.

Thanks for bringing that up. We have all these firemen who undergo all sorts of special training, wear the latest in protective gear, make very good salaries,and are allowed to retire at age 50 because of the dangers of their jobs, and they can’t (or won’t) clean this up? How much was the bill? Who was the haz-mat contractor? Was he related to a fireman on the force or a retired fireman who just “happened” to be available at 4AM? Who were the “city officials” on the job at 4 AM to make this decision? It should come out of the fire department’s budget as realistically this drunken deadbeat will never pay the bill and Probation could care less about collecting restitution.

womanwhohasbeenthere……honestly. Do you think the firefighters should have just hosed the blood down the gutter so it can just go somewhere else? There are certain things you use to clean up large amounts of blood and the firefighters don’t have them on thier rigs. The hazmat people come out with thier hazmat chemical stuff that absorbs the blood and they remove it so it’s not a danger to anyone.

And, a firefighter is not alowed to retire at age 50 “becuase of the dangers of their jobs”. They are allowed to retire at 50 if they have 30 years of service which means they would have had to been hired on full time at the age of 20.

Damn! Anyone need a “good” crime partner? Almost as funny as the guy that robbed the women at the ATM with the tennies that lit-up at the heel when he tried to escape…

Forget about it Zuma, it’s SLODowntown…

People leave their doors to their homes and cars unlocked?

Are they crazy?

Crazy, naïve, and foolish.

Also it’s troubling when 20-something girls jog or walk at night–alone. This happens in Paso and SLO far too often.

Lock your doors, people!

I’ve been that drunk but I’ve never been that stupid…

I’ve been various levels of drunk in my day, but I’ve never been THIS drunk.

How would you know ?