Supervisor tries to get witness to change story about homeless gifts

August 16, 2013

adam hillBy KAREN VELIE

Less than a week after his fiancé filed a slander lawsuit against a local private investigator, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill began contacting a key witness in the case, attempting to get him to change his statement.

On March 21, Dee Torres, homeless services coordinator for Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO), filed a slander lawsuit against private investigator Mike Brennler claiming he slandered her in a phone conversation with one of her ex-husbands. The lawsuit was one of several actions taken by Torres and CAPSLO against persons looking into or providing information about practices by providers of services to homeless persons in San Luis Obispo County.

Brennler became aware of allegations of fraud against the homeless after reading a CalCoastNews exclusive about allegations of CAPSLO mistreatment of the homeless. After learning that former CAPSLO staffers said that Torres took and used the gift cards for herself, her family and friends, Brennler volunteered to identify individuals who might have information about Torres.

Brennler spoke to several of Torres’ ex-boyfriends and former co-workers who said Torres regularly pilfered items donated to the homeless including gift cards.

Torres’ lawsuit claims that Brennler told one of Torres’ ex-husbands that, “Torres has been stealing money from homeless clients at the homeless shelter and that Torres has stolen money from a homeless man named Cliff Anderson.” Brennler has denied telling Barber that Torres had stolen from Anderson and says that none of the statements he made during the two and a half minute phone call were false.

Torres’ former boyfriend told CalCoastNews and Brennler that Torres had taken gift cards that had been donated to CAPSLO for use by the homeless.

On March 26, Hill texted Torres’ former boyfriend Ralph Almirol 18 times attempting to get him to change his story.

The texts began at 10:05 p.m. At first, Hill keeps repeating “123” to Almirol, which Almirol took as a physical challenge, he said.

Hill — “123.”

Almirol — “Still need to clarify what 123 means? If you can?”

Hill — “Streets.”

Almirol — “Well, you know where to find me! Anytime!”

Hill –“What does that mean?”

Hill — “O, beating up women, I suppose. You do have that record.”

Almirol – “Over 13 years ago. Now I am back too well you can catch me in wrestling room doing what I have always been good at. So if that’s all you got your wasting my time. But nice pathetic try. LOL Would you like to know the things I sexually did to your finance?”

Hill – “You are a deadbeat meathead, Ralphie. You did a stint in our county jail for beating up Dee. You have not been able to hold a job and you have paid next to nothing to support a daughter who is ashamed of you.”

Hill – “You really expect to have a relationship with Savannah after smearing her Mom? Why do that? To satisfy your spite? How are you going to make that right, Ralph?”

Almirol – “And if Dee was a good person she would never have stopped Savanah and I from having a relationship. It is a two way street Adam. Dee could make this right she does not want too so it on her for her actions are now being called into question and should be.”

Hill –“ Look, I do not know about your relationship and did not need to know until you lied about her to CalCoastNews, Ralph. I have gone through difficult times with my own father–even until this day, but my mother would never have done what you did by lying to CalCoastNews. How is that going to make anything, anything at all, good for Savannah, Ralph?”

Almirol – “I am not lying that is the part you keep denying to yourself. And Savanah knows the truth and it will take time for us to heal but I will never give up trying to be a small part of my daughter’s life. Dee could have made this right she choose the lower path not me. I am just telling the truth.”

Almirol – “There were gift cards back then at Prado. And I am doing the honorable thing and willing to take what punishment I deserve for my part in letting my children and myself benefit from the charity of others for those that were less fortunate then us.”

Hill – “Ralph, please. This is stupid. We already have a sworn statement from Tom’s Toys, we already have other documents. You went to jail in ’99, Ralph. So come clean. What is it you want? Everyday I work to settle issues. What do you want?”

The documents that Torres filed in her lawsuit do not include a declaration from Tom’s Toys. The manager of the toy store said they no longer make gift card donations. He told CalCoastNews that he did not want to discuss the past.

Almirol – “Dee could make this right!”

Hill – “I asked you how she can make this right. And no, I would not badmouth you to your daughter. But this is ugly to have done this to her mom. Let me know if I can help to make any of this right. You will have to let me know.”

Hill continued to text Almirol to shortly before 2 a.m.

On June 22, Hill began messaging Almirol through Facebook asking him to change his statements.

Hill – “You agree to write up a statement admitting that you lied about Dee, revealing how that website and their PI worked with you, and you don’t get sued. Otherwise, you get sued and you will need a lawyer and more $$$. The truth will set you free, Ralph.”

Hill – “More court coming for you, Ralphie, and more $$$ you will be paying. You do have a way to save yourself.”

In his August 15 declaration to the court, signed under penalty of perjury, Almirol said he stood by his earlier statements that Torres had taken gift cards and other items donated for the homeless. Almirol also swore that Torres’ own declaration included false statements.

“I have read the declaration by Dee Torres filed on or about August 9, 2013,” Almirol’s declaration says. “Her statement that ‘I have never taken a gift card donated to the CAPSLO (or any of its programs including the shelter) or any gift card intended for a homeless client’ is untrue.”

CCN sent an email to Hill, asking him for a response about the texts and messages.

Hill declined to answer the questions directly.

“As you know, there is only one person named in Dee’s lawsuit, so even the foundation of your typically loaded questions is fallacious,” Hill emailed. “Your vendetta against me is tiresome, Karen. But the courts will unlikely let you continue lying and smearing. Your hatred of me has turned you into a sad farce. The courts will not find it amusing.”

Brennler’s attorney Stew Jenkins has filed a motion to strike down Torres’ lawsuit citing California’s anti-SLAPP statute. (SLAPP stands for Stratetic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.) The law was created to prevent people from using slander and libel lawsuits to silence critics or opponents on matters of public interest.

The motion is set to be heard on August 22. If Brennler’s motion is successful, Torres’ suit will be dismissed and she will be responsible for paying Brennler’s attorney’s charges.



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We truly are a unique community. Here, its our Democrats and liberals are corrupt and can’t be trusted. I guess we like to do things a little different than the rest of the nation.

One part of the above exchange strikes me as quite odd. The Ex asks a question that is clearly intended to taunt Hill:

” LOL Would you like to know the things I sexually did to your finance?”

Hill comes back with:

“You are a deadbeat meathead, Ralphie….”

Now this seems totaly out of character for Adam, I would have expected him to blow up and a whole slew of increasingly invective comments to follow.

But he actually showed some restraint. Makes one wonder just how nervous and scared he and Dee are about these allegations.

Maybe the exchange sounds odd to you because ccn has taken editorial liberties and edited most of the conversation? Maybe they are only snipping out pieces, because their purpose it to attack Adam and that is the best they can do.

To me it shows that he a diplomat trying to get this wife beater to admit he made a false statement about the ex he believes put him in jail for beating her. The ex admits this is true. He goes on to say, ‘you can find me in the wrestling room’, meaning he welcomes a fight. He goes on to show his true character when he bring up sex with Adam’s fiancé. What kind of man does that? That was rhetorical.

So have you stopped beating your spouse/significant other? These seems to be the type of questions you like.

Perhaps CCN has the conversation just right and you have your blinders on? I’m sure to his followers Adolf was a diplomat, most felt otherwise.

You have avoided providing any proof that the statements made were false.

I think the true character is Mr. Hill.

So you are an expert on my likes?

There are missing pieces in the conversation, It says, Hill a couple times in a row and no Almirol. When I am given only a partial conversation, it makes me suspect I am being played. Critical thinking requires more than just one side.

PS: Can’t you do better than to compare me to one of hitlers followers.

Perhaps you are not aware, but a person can send multiple texts in a row, even without the other party responding.

Perhaps you are suspect because you just do not want to believe your golden boy can do wrong.

Let’s see…Who should I believe . a guy who went to jail for beating a woman, who hasn’t held a job for any substantial time, whose daughter can’t stand, who makes public the private sex life of his ex, or a Cal Poly professor who was elected TWICE by his constituents? Which one would I believe? Let’s see…

Some women just ask to be beaten! I don’t agree with giving them what they ask for and Dee sure does ask for a beating, stealing gift cards that were donated to the homeless! To believe adam hill would be a mistake at all levels unless you truly believe he should have things his way no matter what. adam has a penchant for telling lies that serve his causes, no matter what others may think or experience, he doesn’t care what happens to others as long as he gets his way. I was his neighbor for 5 years……he is a self-serving, arrogant, pushy, my way or not at all kinda guy! He knows people who know people and doesn’t mind messing with people by making a few phone calls/texts. Me, I vote for believing the guy who beat up the lady that stole from the homeless!!!!!

I agree there are two sides to every story and none of know what happen in the relationship, but from what others write, my guess is she knew what buttons to push. I do not condone or approve of domestic violence from men or women, but honestly i have a feeling there has to be more to the story. Ralph needs to move forward and make amends with his daughter, and yes one day she will understand, she will understand, problems between parents do not involve the children! I question anyone who would use their children as a weapon against the other parent! Obviously he wasn’t that bad if they continued to live together after his arrest! One thing seems to stand out in all these posts, Ms Torres has a questionable character both professionally and personally! Do everyone a favor and quit, your reputation is harming those you claim to help!

Unstable persons send numerous angry texts in a row without waiting for a reply.

This is what I am talking about. I think Adam was being super careful to keep it in check in hopes of convincing the ex to recant. I do think they are scared.

And do you do that often? Because we all know you are not a doctor or a therapist, so are you are speaking from experience?

Even the article says the conversation goes on until two in the morning. So where is the rest of it? It doesn’t cost ccn to publish the entire conversation, so why only part of it?

PSS…. I didn’t compare you to one of Adolf’s followers, the comparison was to the way they blindly followed him as though no matter what he did in their eyes he could do no wrong, and that everyone who didn’t agree with him was just out to get him.

Sorta like most of the people who comment on this site.

Yes, you for example.

See now you can go complain about how uncivil the nameless peasants are.

Go away Troll.

Nut, you’ve got it backwards. “You have avoided providing any proof that the statements made were false.” To make something stick in an AMERICAN court of law, you have to prove it’s true, not that it’s not false. But, heck, we know you used to live in Russia, so it’s no wonder if you have their system in mind instead of OURs. :-)

Truth, You seem to forget that Dee went on to live with Almirol another couple of years after he smacked her and she had him arrested! It would appear that Dee wasn’t quite the victim that she now claims to be as she certainly allowed him back into her home and bedroom for years. It looks to me like Almirol is a stand up guy willing to take responsibility for his past actions unlike his ex partner.

BTW – He isn’t the only (first hand) witness as to Dee’s pilfering of homeless donations. I suggest that Dee think back to others who know and shared in the pilfering, they are talking too, the witnesses are beyond the 7 who have already been mentioned. She should consider herself “lucky” that the court will throw out her “SLAPP” suit, but then, she knew it would be thrown out when she filed it.

Most domestic violence victims allow their victimizer back in the home. That is part of their learning that no matter how many times they claim they will change and never hurt them again, and bring them red roses, that underneath it is the same guy, the beater, who doesn’t change. Or they are afraid, and they think they have no other options at that time. Sounds like Dee went through the cycle, learned and moved on. But what’s his name is the same old piece of work, that he always was, STILL trying to hold some little power over a woman who broke free.

Wow, you are so far off, you don’t ever know Mr. Almirol? because if you did you would know that he is not the same person he was 14 years ago. if he was the same person now as back then, how could he be a community leader in his community? How could this man coach youth and high school sports? Do you think that the parents in Paso Robles would allow someone who demonstrated violent behavior to coach their kids? Why do parents in that community seek to have their child put on his teams? People can change and do change. It is folks like you who judge and create racist, and economic prejudice based on someone’s PAST!!! or your personal dislike that keep people down instead of bringing them up. He has no power over Dee, she has all the power and has choose to use it as she sees fit, not what is in the best interest of those she should be helping. Dee in all her relationships is the Alpha dog, the only exception was Mr. Almirol who did not always agree with her and went against her because it was in the best interest of all those involved. Where Dee’s only interest is her Self interest…….You must be a very close friend of Dee to spew about facts you have no idea about….You don’t have to be a minion, you are allowed to think for yourself. You don’t always have to do what Dee tells you!

One question: What would he being taking responsibility for? What year is he claiming this happened? And how long can someone be brought up on charges? Isn’t there a time limit? He said something about it happening over 13 years ago. No he can’t be arrested 13 years later. I am SURE he knows that. And he admits he was not well 13 years ago on the conversation with Adam when he says I am well now. So what is he doing besides still trying to punish Dee. Don’t make a wife beater with a grudge, a hero. I will tell you what he can be held accountable for, and that is perjury. One MORE thing. Who are the 7 already mentioned?

Please explain how he is punishing Dee? Dee does not let anyone tell her what to do! She has manipulative skills that 98.9 % of the people she is manipulating have know idea that they are being manipulated. She is that good. Her and Mr. Almirol used to work as a team and could sway a crowed easily. And Mr. Almirol helped is the one who encouraged her to seek the position at Prado. She has done a lot of good, but it has gone to her head and she has become the women she would stand up against and fight tooth and nail to make sure the person she has become would not succeed. You don’t really know Dee do you? You just do as she tells you. Don’t you?

Dee needs to think way, way back people she thought were on her side, at the time, but who when called to testify, if needed, will come!!!

When Adam Hill called Amirol “meathead,” Amirol could have easily replied calling Hill a “malignant dwarf,” but Amirol didn’t.

That shows restraint, something that Adam Hill totally lacks.

Notice that Truthfairy upholds Dee and spins every truth. Hence, the stagename.

She sounds so much like Shawn Ison, current manager at the Prado Day Center and who was formerly in charge of the Maxine. You can bet your butt she will uphold Dee’s every action, challenge and

confuse every comment against her boss.

Notice that Truthfairy upholds Dee and spins every truth. Hence, the stagename.

She sounds so much like Shawn Ison, current manager at the Prado Day Center and who was formerly in charge of the Maxine. You can bet your butt she will uphold Dee’s every action, challenge and confuse every comment against her boss.

“Torres’ lawsuit claims that Brennler told one of Torres’ ex-husbands that, …”

OK, I’ll bite. How many ex-husbands does Dee have?

She has been married at least 3 times and maybe 4. That count doesn’t include the men she just lived with. All 3 of her children have different baby daddies and she wasn’t married to all of their fathers. She has quite a history.

My God!!!! Sounds like she graduated from the same White Trash Class as our own Lisa Solomon. These people have no shame.

Nancy, What are you? The town gossip. And you know this is true because…?

Notice that Truthfairy upholds Dee and spins every truth. Hence, the stagename.

She sounds so much like Shawn Ison, current manager at the Prado Day Center and who was formerly in charge of the Maxine. You can bet your butt she will uphold Dee’s every action, challenge and confuse every comment against her boss.

Did any of her ex-‘s double down? You know, marry her twice?

I guess you’re implying she’s a slut — just come out and say it. But for every woman who takes on a man, there’s a man taking on a woman. So why the shock at the one case, and not at the other? It’s called a double standard, and you exemplify that double standard.

Oh, give it up. Dee Torres and her doofus politician fiance are the source of this scandal. YOU weren’t named as a possible floozy, either, so should we all start adding you to our commentary about the Hill/Torres scandal?

That was the purpose, for you to bite.

It’s now confirmed what Ron White the comedian has been telling us-You can’t fix stupid. Thank you Adam Hill for the evidence that we all have been looking for to make this true.

My observations have been that Mr. Hill goes after anyone that does not agree with him on ANY issue. He is not about learning why and where you are coming from, that would take listening and a willing heart to learn. Instead he has chosen a side that provides him with “Power”. When you choose power over what is honest and true you get into these situations.

When one must always be “right” can never be “wrong” then the truth does not matter. The spirit of truth cleans the soul and makes us whole by taking away those dark corners in our lives that haunt us. Pray for Mr. Hill’s soul, he too is worthy of a happy life.

Are you talking from your own experience? Pray for condescending hypocrites.

Notice that Truthfairy upholds Dee and spins every truth. Hence, the stagename.

She sounds so much like Shawn Ison, current manager at the Prado Day Center and who was formerly in charge of the Maxine. You can bet your butt she will uphold Dee’s every action, challenge and confuse every comment against her boss.

“condescending hypocrites.” Wth

First hand knowledge, self fulfilling troll.

California Penal Code Section 123

123. It is no defense to a prosecution for perjury that the accused

did not know the materiality of the false statement made by him; or

that it did not, in fact, affect the proceeding in or for which it

was made. It is sufficient that it was material, and might have been

used to affect such proceeding.

Sounds pretty smart for Adam. says it’s chat/text code for “I love you,” or “I miss you.”

That seems like a more plausible (and simple) bullying tactic to come from the mind of Hill.

You’re correct racket, It is too smart for Adam. 123 is a childish teenage Bostonian (and other parts of New England) street call out that means “lets fight”. I haven’t heard that term since grammar school. If you read the text, Adam answers that 123 means “streets”. It actually means lets have a “FIST FIGHT”. I’m told that Adam is from Boston so as you see, it all fits.

Adam Hill – Grow up, you’re an embarrassment.

Hey adam: 123!

QUOTING RACKET: “ says it’s chat/text code for “I love you,” or ‘I miss you.’ ”

ROFLMAO. Oh, so Adam Hill has ANOTHER secret side.

So predictable. Someone posts what seems to be a perfectly good explanation for something that the story speculates is nefarious and the people posting here immediately dismiss it. Doesn’t matter if you like him or not, Adam is pretty smart. The guy on the other end of those texts, not so much.

Sure Homer, That’s why Hill left out the words Penal Code or P.C. in front of the 123 and when asked what 123 meant, he replied “streets”. pffftttt

Yeah, people always say “PC 420” or “PC 5150”. Try again.

PC 5150 doesn’t exist! OF COURSE no one says that!

That’s right, they say WIC 5150. You know, just how everyone also says PC 187. Uh, the point is, when’s the last time you heard someone throw out a code number as slang and preface it with the appropriate letters.


‘123’ is not a common term like 5150 is and that’s why Almirol had to ask what it meant. Funny that Adam say’s 123 means ‘streets’. Nice try though.

Mr. Almirol knew what he meant, he just wanted to see if Mr. Hill would elaborate.

Most people don’t even realize 5150 is a code section. They just know it means something. But police use PC/VC/etc. all the time. Yet, it’s about context. I say 1021.5 all the time and my friends know I’m referring to the Code of Civil Procedure, but almost anyone else wouldn’t know that.

You do realize this is a speculative and mostly silly debate, right? It’s completely ambiguous what was meant by 123.

Speculative is what CCN does best.

Homer, why do you state that? what leads you to that conclusion?

Don’t get me wrong. I do perceive CCN as a tabloid entity. But the Hill/Torres stuff is right on the money. I have experience with both of them. Hill tried to threaten me even though I don’t even LIVE there anymore. He gave up when he realized i was not a rube and there was nothing he could do about it,

I will agree with your ‘tabloid entity’ statement. The SLO Wannabe would an appropriate, or how about, The Union. ccn can gather up all the reporters who have been fired or dismissed, then, every person who has been fired for cause and looking for retaliation, and every person who has been expelled from local agencies for behavior problems and refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. Oh wait, they already did this.

I like how you keep bringing the blame on others. I guess everyone that has been denied services, mistreated, or fired, all gathered together and came up with the same story just to cause trouble for Ms Torres and Mr Hill; plus they were smart enough to include some of her ex’s with that same story. Maybe it was done in a group email, phone conference, or some private face book group…

Notice that Truthfairy upholds Dee and spins every truth. Hence, the stagename.

She sounds so much like Shawn Ison, current manager at the Prado Day Center and who was formerly in charge of the Maxine. You can bet your butt she will uphold Dee’s every action, challenge and confuse every comment against her boss.

TruthFairy Tell us where the bad reporter touched you?

Clearly you don’t like this place.

Walk away.

what ‘tabloid’ invites commentary from the reader? at no cost ? hyper-local news.

Tabloids invite comments that incite. Tabloids allow the same people to yammer at each other

ad infinitum. Tabloids encourage urination competitions. These are but 3 continents of the

wonderful world of tabloid.

Oh, all of them.

Infested with trolls, all of them.

Once again, I will remind you that once upon a time we had 5 decent supervisors, liberals and conservatives, not misanthropic, inbred liberals and Tea Party proxy conservatives.

You don’t really want to play the Once Upon a Time game do ya…

I was just thinking this very thing. Hill is a spoiled child. Arnold is a dupe for big money (and apparently not smart enough to realize it). Gibson and Mecham might be passable if they’d just use their brains and stop trying to posture and act important and just focus on doing the business of the citizens of the County, but I really don’t hold out much hope for that. Recall them all and start over!

Great idea! I assume you’ll be running for one of the seats.

Shit rolls down Hill. Again and again.