Two arrested in fatal hit-and-run

August 19, 2013

helicopterSheriff’s deputies captured two men fleeing from the scene of a fatal hit-and-run incident Saturday in Shandon after an intensive air and ground search.

Vincente Muniz Montes, 38, of Shandon, is reported by officials to have been driving a 1994 Jeep when he turned left into the path of a 2012 Nissan Versa. The two occupants of the Nissan, whose names have not been released by deputies, were killed in the collision.

Officers took Montes and a passenger, Florencio Rojas, 27, into custody. Montes was charged with being an accessory.

The men were spotted by a CHP helicopter and chased down by K9 units.

Montes has been charged with vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence; felony driving under the influence; driving with a suspended license; and failure to appear on a warrant relating to the previous DUI.

Montes is in San Luis Obispo County Jail pending posting of $105,000 bail. Rojas’ bail was set at $5,000.

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Too bad we did not pick them up for the existing warrant before this happened.

Why, they would have been released again with some lame story, i.e. lose my job, family to take of, etc. Hopefully they will lock them up and throw the key away. They hit and run subjects are no different then someone standing with a gin their hand and killing someone. An innocent life (two) was taken for no reason other than a selfish act.

What’s in a name? Rojas = Red

Did they try to hide in the bushes?

That’s usually what they do, when

they hit & run.