Two injured in Morro Bay home invasion

August 19, 2013
McKinley Ray Thomas

McKinley Ray Thomas

Morro Bay police are looking for one of three men who committed a home invasion on Sunday shortly after 5 a.m., the second home invasion in four days in San Luis Obispo County.

Three men allegedly broke into the apartment, held the occupants against their will, burglarized the residence and beat the occupants, according to a press release. Two of the victims suffered injuries.

Officers arrived and surrounded another apartment at the complex at 2100 Main Street where they believed the suspects were hiding. It took about two hours for Eric Ross Jr., 30, of Morro Bay, and Darrell Marquis Switzer, 19, of Bakersfield to surrender.

Police are searching for a third suspect, McKinley Ray Thomas, 20, of Los Osos. Police describe Thomas as 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighing about 140 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Police are asking the public to call Morro Bay police at 772-6225 if they see Thomas.

On Thursday, Michael L. Davis Jr., 27, of Grover Beach broke into a home on Fourth Street. While Davis rifled through belongings in a bedroom, a man awoke and attempted to drag him from the room, which awoke his girlfriend.

Davis then allegedly moved over to the bed and punched the female victim in the face, knocking her out. Both victims also suffered injuries.


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This is the problem with current drug laws. Nearly every home invasion involves stealing drugs of somesort, typically medical marijuana and the like. Because of it’s street value and the types of people who like to profit off it’s sale, it becomes dangerous for the people who keep or grow it.

If you are going to legislate and make it a legal medicine, it should be regulated and sold as such…in a secure location like a pharmacy.

Dead home invaders are good home invaders.

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