Atascadero hires firm to promote tourism on social media

September 18, 2013

atascadero_sign_photoThe city of Atascadero is turning to social media to state its case for becoming the tourism hub of San Luis Obispo County. [KCOY]

The Atascadero Tourism Business Improvement District issued an approximately $175,000 contract to an advertising firm to promote the city using a website and social media.

“The page had got close to 1,000 hits on hotel information, and an owner of a hotel said they had noticed a slight increase in people contacting their hotels to get information and that occupancy has gone up,” said Councilman Bob Kelley. offers information about attractions, dining and lodging in the city but also promotes the entire Central Coast. It’s home page contains photos of Morro Bay, Hearst Castle and San Luis Obispo County vineyards.

The marketing firm is next creating a video series to promote Atascadero on Youtube and cable television.

The city of San Luis Obispo also hired a firm recently to promote tourism on social media. Earlier this month, the marketing firm Rosetta fired San Luis Obispo’s first social media ambassador Bentley Murdock, who had not been showing up to promotional events.


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$175,000!! I’m destroying Rosetta’s marketing for San Luis Obispo as far as Instagram goes…for free… I’m sorry, but I think Share SLO is lame-o.

Hey Atascadero, I’ll do it for 50k!!

(Pity, I am not family or friends with whoever has the authority to give those contracts away.)

I just realized that the only Wal-Mart Super Center between Lompoc and Gilroy is being planned for Atascadero. Just fast-track that project, and the tourists should come by the thousands. I know that would encourage me to drop a buck or two in Atascadero, and I just live 20 minutes away.

Did the old website not work out?

I love Atascadero…it’s a great little town. Id like to see the lake cleaned up and maybe stocked with a few fish. Maybe add some paddle boats. The Zoo could be expanded and or improved. Get some concerts going at the amphitheater. I just think that… if you build it they will come. You don’t need a fancy pants firm… just give people a reason to come to your town.