Cal Poly’s increasing student body

September 17, 2013

calCal Poly has about 1,000 more students slated to attend this year compared to last and a goal of increasing attendance by 4,000 to 5,000 students over the next nine years.

At the annual fall conference on Monday, Cal Poly’s President Jeffery D. Armstrong explained his goal of increasing enrollment in the future. These proposed plans would change enrollment from approximately 20,000 students in 2013 to 25,000 students in 2022.

“Enrollment growth is essential. California – really, the country – needs more Cal Poly graduates,” Armstrong said. “However, the extent, nature and timing of growth are questions that we need to investigate with all of Cal Poly’s stakeholders, on campus and off.”


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Just what SLO needs, more students riding in their expensive cars, tailgating, using their finger for other things instead of driving, more auto pollution, more cig butts tossed, more bars downtown to keep up the image of ‘party town’, more complaints about loud parties, more water usage (then the complaints about shortage of water), etc. etc.

I avoid downtown; but Laguna shopping center and the Costco center are getting just as bad.

This is what the powers that be want but if it continues, the ‘happiest town’ will become a non-tourist attraction.

Ahhh,perfect lets get more temporary voters here in Slo and Slo county to vote in more useless politicians, I don’t believe these temporary kids should be voting here in our area.

A 25% increase in students would necessitate a 25% increase in administrators, professors, and other staff…so add to that another couple thousand or so.

Anticipate a 25% increase in glorified burger joints around town, along with all of the other gadget shops and youth oriented businesses supplanting the old guard.

Just imagine the walls of flashing jumbotrons of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus !

What a HAPPY place it will be !

I love the young people…I really do…especially the intelligent ones like the good kids at Poly but man! Do something about the traffic problem in SLO. I waited at a stoplight the other day for 4:00 min.

Wow, I’m pretty excited about having 5,000 more Cal Poly students around – I was afraid we were running out!

If they can build the university residences, then fine. But don’t let the burden fall on the city to supply more housing. The city is already short on affordable housing as it is and the city is almost at risk at losing the homeless shelter.

So where are the anti-growth people screaming “There is no water for this growth”?

There is no water for this growth (note: not screaming). Perpetual growth is a disastrous lie anyway, but that’s another discussion.

I remember reading a quote somewhere about “unrestrained growth is the philosophy of cancer cells.” I tend to agree but the issue is in how much restraint is needed to strike a balance between excessive growth and too little growth.

You WILL NOT disturb the cash machine. Shush!

Those water and social issues are for “other” people, OK? kthanx

More coastal growth at the expense of inland water or should we say what is yours is negotiable?

Jeffrey Armstrong is only interested in one thing, money! More students means more money!

Hate to break it to you, but the College and University system has been about nothing but money for DECADES. This is nothing new. Sadly, it has worked its way into the K-12 systems, as well.

Wow…can you say Top Heavy!

This would be interesting if it was actually about the CSU system, which Cal Poly is a part of – not the UC system… Interesting that the article you’re posting has a comment in it on how the CSUs are not nearly as top heavy in management as the UCs.

But the CSU system is trying so hard to emulate it’s bigger cousin

Cal Poly is insanely top-heavy. The admin occasionally sends out org charts; there are many positions with titles such as “vice assistant chief of staff dean for advancement of internal student affairs”. Most of these administrators do nothing except rain praise on their superiors while they watch other people doing the actual work. Worst part? These people make more than the instructors. Also realize that while enrollment has increased during the last 30 years, the number of instructors has decreased while the admin’s piece of the pie continues to grow.