California to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants

September 13, 2013

california dr license btA bill to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants residing in California passed the legislature Thursday, and is expected to be signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. [NBC LA]

Driver’s license cards issued in accordance with AB 60, which passed both the Assembly and the Senate Thursday, will indicate that they serve as identification only for the purpose of driving. The identification cards will not establish eligibility for employment, voting or public benefits.

The state estimates that the new law will allow about 2 million people in California to drive legally.

“This bill will enable millions of people to get to work safely and legally,” Brown said in a statement. “Hopefully, it will send a message to Washington that immigration reform is long past due.”

Prior to late Thursday, lawmakers had tabled the bill due to opposition from immigrant-rights groups that objected to the issuance of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants that differ in appearance from standard licenses.

But, Latino lawmakers in the Senate revived the bill during the final hours of a legislative session, and it later passed the Assembly by a 55-19 vote.

“This is a very historic night for all immigrant communities,” said Democratic Assemblyman Luis Alejo, who authored the bill. “We have had far too many families who have been divided, far too many workers who have been deported, for not having something so basic, so simple, as a driver’s license.

When Brown signs the bill into law, California will become the 10th state in the U.S. to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.



Does anyone know what identification they will have to show to get the license? It was a long time ago but I believe I had to show my birth certificate.


VOTER SUPPRESSION!!!1!!eleventy!!!1!

Oh wait, wrong subject… :/

Mr. Holly

Provide a legal document to an illegal immigrant? Stupid is stupid. They still will not have insurance (unless Obama provides that for them) and will flee to the boarder after being involved in an accident. Why, because they are illegal.

Jorge Estrada

I though the recent catalogue add, where each interviewed stated, ” I shipped my pants,” was funny but Brown’s statement, ” immigration reform is long past due,” had me rolling on the ground. With a drivers license the illegals no longer have to ship their pants too, they can now drive to the store.

TV adds can be halarious, as we laugh for free, but licensing law breakers is ridiculous. The reform needs to address legal residence first.


the whole thing is that we do things in this country that no other country would do for us. yes; we buy votes even from dead people


From the article, the cards “…will indicate that they serve as identification only for the purpose of driving. The identification cards will not establish eligibility for employment, voting or public benefits.”

So why would anyone in this country illegally go into the DMV and get one of these? To officially declare to the state that they’re here illegally?


You have to realize the real reason Gov Brown did this, it was not truely help the illegals.


What’s next? Voting? The dems. would love that.


you know that’s next


Yes sir, it’s in the works.


Hmmmm…I guess that means driving is no longer a privileged, but an “alienable” right.


just make sure they have insurance…..i’ve never been hit by an insured driver



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