California unemployment checks delayed

September 20, 2013

unemployThousands of Californians did not receive their unemployment checks this week while the state struggles to upgrade its 30-year-old payroll system.

On Tuesday, the Employment Development Department announced that about 50,000 unemployed Californians did not receive their unemployment checks. A department spokesperson said that about 16 percent of the state’s 800,000 claims needed to be manually installed because of a glitch in the new system.

According to the department’s website, staff is working around the clock to finish processing delayed claims.

“We have dedicated every available resource to this effort,” the department says on its website. “However, we are limited by a staffing shortage created by reduced federal funding.”


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I can hear it now, Controller’s office needs $2.6 million for the “exploration” of a new unemployment check writing system to go along with the DMV cut-short inapt computer system that cost $208 million before it was “dumped” and deemed not fixable in February 2013 and then the California Court Computer System that was dished in April 2012 after ten years and $500 million. What an embarrassment for a State is known as the IT State!

More laughs from the people who will be handling your health care…

If someone’s credit rating is damaged by this negligence, can they sue California for the carnage that may follow? Silly question but this is California.

“while the state struggles to upgrade its 30-year-old payroll system.”

So from punch cards to quickbooks.

I heard of a couple of people who actually had to take off from their untaxed under the table job to go check on their unemployment checks. And a couple of others who had to forgo the daily 18 pack until the check arrived.

Lottery ticket sales have also suffered

30-year old payment system… so, they’ve been cutting checks for 30 years, now all of a sudden this “system” cannot do it anymore? Maybe that’s the “system” trying to give California a hint. Maybe it just was not designed to issue so many so fast, and for so long.

Or, more likely, this is just more political defecation from Excramento.