Illegal immigrants may soon become lawyers in California

September 23, 2013

lobbyiestA bill that would allow illegal immigrants to become lawyers is sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. [SacramentoBee]

Democratic Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez introduced Assembly Bill 1024 as urgency legislation earlier this month after the California Supreme Court heard oral arguments in case over whether an undocumented immigrant who passed the state’s bar exam can receive a law license.

The Supreme Court Justices expressed reluctance in granting undocumented immigrant Sergio Garica a law license because a federal law prohibits immigrants who enter the country illegally from receiving professional licenses from government agencies, unless states pass laws allowing the practice to occur.

After justices said the state could pass a law granting illegal immigrants the right to receive law licenses, the bill rushed through the Legislature, passing the Assembly 62-4 and the Senate 29-5 just prior to the end of the legislative session.

If Brown signs AB 1024 into law, it will allow the state Supreme Court to license lawyers whether or not they are legal residents.

Brown’s office said the governor has yet to take a position on the bill.


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If Brown signs the bill and this fellow becomes a lawyer in California, perhaps he could defend himself for being in this country ILLEGALLY!

Let me drag my tinfoil hat on for a moment, we are letting this crap go on and if you sit back for a while and look at it, its all part of the plan to keep the rulers in office continue to give people things and they are like a dog they’ll sit around and what for the next scrap and do your bidding,chase your stick and so on,it won’t be long they manage to give these illegal people voting power then we’re really screwed.

No tinfoil needed anymore. Five or ten years ago: sure. But now, even Glen Beck looks like he knew what he was speaking about when we crucified him years ago for “predicting” we’d be pretty much where we are right now. That has to hurt a lot of people who still have enough thoughts of their own to analyze that.

To your point, though, sure you see it. I see it. Many people see it. Heck, I was asking the same questions during Bush’s terms that I did when Obama came out of nowhere… and I get the same, blank empty stares from people. Granted there are a bit fewer now than in ’08 and ’12, but I think as a country overall, there are FAR TOO MANY IGNORANT people out there, and they are conditioned into this ignorance (to reiterate your point).

When Obama won the democrat primary, I knew we (as a country) were finished. Not because he’s some super-lefty (quite the contrary, he’s a worse puppet than Bush was), no. It was because we have enough people who are ignorant and do not know any different. Anyone can win if this guy could… and he did. Twice. Even after a disasterous first four years, he wins again (albeit to an “Obama light” candidate in Romney). We are done.

tl;dr version: too many people are too ignorant in this country.

Oh, right. Glen Beck is right and everyone else is ignorant. hahahahahahahahahahhahah

Glen Beck: the great Karnak of JBS regurgitative .

Well when I wrote for CalCoastNews, it didn’t matter whether I was undocumented or not. You still trusted the news as you should. Just as I can produce unbiased and professional journalism, I’ll be able to do that for law.

I think you are missing the point. At the end of the day it isn’t a trust issue, it is an issue of rules and laws. Please give us the readers a valid reason to change all the laws of recent weeks, i.e. drivers lic and giving professional lic. to undocumented foreigners? So were do we stop? Are laws and rules not important any more or just when they don’t suit your interests?

I think to many like agarcia, we are a nation of men, not laws. Too often we want Equal Conditions rather than equal opportunities. The opportunities are there for any foreign citizen to apply and get citizenship. It’s a long, and ugly process sure; but it is there, and many abide by those rules out of respect and become citizens. Now we’re being told there is another class of people that should not have to do that, laws be damned.

We are becoming a nation of men, not laws. Our founders must be spinning in their graves.

Despite all these ignorant, and uneducated comments I will still gladly represent any of you in court when I graduate from Stanford Law. That is unless you are disgusted by the fact I was brought here at nine months old. But then again, how would you know?

We look like you and talk like you (in a more educated way if you ask me). It’s a reality you will have to face.


I have a friend that was brought here at five years old illegally. They thought they were legal until they learned in their mid thirties that wasn’t the case. They didn’t go around whining for the state to change laws because of it. They took quite a few years and got their situation fixed.

So in closing the fact that illegals are here illegally they should still be given state lic.?

So the law be damned? Yep, you’re right. You will make an excellent lawyer.

No matter what you read in these posts, remember that there are people with good hearts who support you.

It isn’t a case of no heart, it is a case of using one’s brains.

The quality of the individual is not germain to the issue at hand. It is a very complex topic and not easily solved. I would question why, if you were brought here at 9 months of age and have progressed to the point where if you are indeed enrolled in Stanford Law, you have not sought out citizenship. You do not all look like us or talk like us and that is not necessary in this country. We are the melting pot of the world and our ancestors were kicked out of almost every other country in the world and ended up here.

I object to the flagrant disregard for the rule of law demonstrated by undocumented workers. I object to the flagrant bigotry and discriminatory practices that govern the immigration and naturalization process in this country. As i said its a complex problem and i don’t have an answer. I will say that, as a 4th generation Californian, mass demonstrations in California by illegals waving the Mexican Flag (with a proud and rich heritage) on American soil demanding California be reunited with Mexico does not sway me to support any form of amnesty or consideration.


Jesus, it’s “germane.” All you “go-back-home” anti-immigrant folks should learn how to frickin’ spell.

enable spellcheck? please. (click edit on the toolbar)

The issue is not your appearance. The issue is not your willingness to represent others in court. The issue is not your presumption of disgust on the part of others (which is false). The issue is not the zeal or honesty or skill you may bring to the bar. The issue is that you were “brought here” when still a toddler. The issue is that your status is not legal according to the laws of this country. Yes, situations such as yours present difficult and challenging questions. But the issue remains the legality of your status as a non-citizen of the country, coupled with the illogical step our government is taking in granting rights and privileges to a non-citizen who has no legal standing here.

Garcia, In the beginning I had a little empathy for your situation being brought here at 9 months by your irresponsible parents. Now I find myself being totally turned off by your cocky (conceited) arrogant and entitled attitude.

Not only do I feel that you and your parents should apply for residency, and if denied your family should be deported, including any anchor children who are underage, because their parents are financially and morally responsible for their care until they become emancipated. When these children are of legal age, able to work and provide for themselves with no help from the taxpayers they can re-enter the USA. If you are a citizen of this country you must provide proof that you are capable of providing for any family member that you wish to reside with you in this country, and only immediate family are allowed. I know these facts because I have tried legally to bring family members here to live with me, and even though i am financially able to provide for my family member who was an educated professional their request for residency was denied. It would have been easy to still come on a visa and just stay, acquire a fake ID and social security card, but i am sure you must know how all this is done. I honor the laws of this country and realize they were put in place for a reason.

I followed the law, and legally entered this country. Applied for citizenship accomplished the requirements. As I sit here at my desk placed beside me is the small American Flag that was given to me the day I swore allegiance to this great country. That was the day that I was told I had earned my “Stars and Stripes”.

You are obviously a motivated young man, and now have a great education courtesy of the American taxpayer, take that knowledge back with you to Mexico become a lawyer there. A lawyer for human rights.

So much for the code of ethics for lawyers. But I say if the guy is any good what the hey hire him instead of a legal lawyer. The legal lawyer will have to pay some taxes (after exhausting all loop-holes he can find) and pass those expenses onto the client (with a mark up). The illegal lawyer won’t pay taxes because well because he is undocumented and doesn’t pay taxes. He will work cheaper than his legal counter part. Sooooo then the next hurdle is the ability to run for public office. I am if we are going to let them in we might as well let them take advantage of the greatest free-loading welfare dole in the history of mankind…california public service.

Don’t be surprised if some of the people you trust to get you in depth and investigative news are also “illegal”.

You are trying to imply that it requires citizenship to do a job? You are missing the argument here, I think. It is not about competency or ability. It is about existing laws.

We have laws that require foreign-born people to do X, Y and Z to live here. When that is NOT done, they are illegally here. Now, should the person who circumvented the law be licensed to practice it?

Sorry to not focus on YOU, as that seems to be very important to you, but I like to try and stick to the topic at hand.

I think that it’s time to fire everyone in Sacramento, do away with all existing laws and just start all over. How in the world do you grant legal status to illegal people without some type of process.?

the problem is, most of the people in Sacramento are here illegally.

So basically both of you have lost all perspective and are still living in 1970’s America (in your minds).


Interesting to note that the lawyer arguing this case in front of the state Supreme Court on behalf of the State Bar is a partner in the firm representing Charles Tenborg.