Illegal immigrants may soon become lawyers in California

September 23, 2013

lobbyiestA bill that would allow illegal immigrants to become lawyers is sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. [SacramentoBee]

Democratic Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez introduced Assembly Bill 1024 as urgency legislation earlier this month after the California Supreme Court heard oral arguments in case over whether an undocumented immigrant who passed the state’s bar exam can receive a law license.

The Supreme Court Justices expressed reluctance in granting undocumented immigrant Sergio Garica a law license because a federal law prohibits immigrants who enter the country illegally from receiving professional licenses from government agencies, unless states pass laws allowing the practice to occur.

After justices said the state could pass a law granting illegal immigrants the right to receive law licenses, the bill rushed through the Legislature, passing the Assembly 62-4 and the Senate 29-5 just prior to the end of the legislative session.

If Brown signs AB 1024 into law, it will allow the state Supreme Court to license lawyers whether or not they are legal residents.

Brown’s office said the governor has yet to take a position on the bill.



I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. As the end nears, progressives begin to take their masks off and reveal their true selves. It’s over-confidence, but they may have enough in place and enough dumbed-down welfare addicts in place to pull it off this time.

If you do not think they are bold now, just ask them about Common Core and see if they arrest you, too.

Your paperz, please?


atrocious, and totally unbelievable. My Grandchildren will definitely be going to private school. Talk about dumbing down America…


r0y says: “As the end nears, progressives begin to take their masks off and reveal their true selves.”

So are you expecting lizard folk, robots or bolsheviks to be stepping out of the latex “citizen” suits?

As the end nears lol what.


I can’t wait to see the court trial when an illegal plantiff, using an illegal attorney sues California in front of an illegal judge for discrimination and wins a multi-million settelment. Only in California!


Illegals will be serving on jury duty soon.

That’s the next plan they are working on.


I just graduated Cal Poly with good grades, and I’m studying for the LSAT and hope to get into one of the state’s top law schools. I was brought here as a nine month old and have my whole life here. I run a non-profit and donate a portion of the little I make to charities. I, like many people in my situation have earned my stars and stripes.

It only makes sense to support students like myself because this country has already invested so many of its tax dollars in my public education. And on the same note, undocumented immigrants pay taxes so in essence, we are all contributing to each other’s education whether you are documented or undocumented. It’s the right step to proving yet again how broken this immigration system is.

Jorge Estrada

Garcia, I have a similar history which rippened into obtaining my green card thence US citizenship. I could not be responsible for how got here at two years of age.

Anyone who has not removed the title, Illegal, should not be allow a title that affords them to be an officer of the court. An illegal resident can not be a legal representative, have a vote, obtain a federal license or buy a gun.

Pick any country in the world and should a person from that country have the same rights within this country as a legal US Citizen? I say absolutely not!


Yes, but when the goal is a borderless, “utopia” run by a massive centralized bureaucracy, you can see that this is a logical step on that path. Global communism seems to be a possible end goal for many of these goofy laws and allowances of late. I mean, it certainly applies if one thinks it through down that path. Compatibility and all.


Understood Mr. Estrada however, as you may or may not know, the current “pathway to citizenship” requires an 8-10 year penalty. Meaning that those that apply need to be on their “homeland” for that amount of time before they can be processed. This just isn’t logical for a person like me who was brought here at nine months old and is American in every single way except on paper. Propose a logical way to gain this citizenship and “remove the title of illegal” that you say I have.


Undocumented immigrants pay taxes? REALLY?? Please explain. That is one HUGE vacuum of money gone by, is unpaid income taxes.

Right step in proving how broken the system is??? It is allowing B.S. like this that shows how the system is broken. It is broken because………. IT HAS NOT BEEN ENFORCED!!!

To bad about Poly. I thought they were teaching the students something. Now I’m not so sure.


Undoc gets job, job withholds taxes, Undoc goes to store buys stuff, pays the tax at the cash register like anyone else, Undoc doesn’t file, receives no refund from the withholding pays more then other workers.. remedial classes may be available .


Zap in your zeal, as usual, being the resident CCN troll, you may want to get back to that remedial class and reading ASAP. I said INCOME TAX!! Never said anything about sales tax. I know they have to pay that……DUH!!

As far as no withholding? Do I have to explain paying under the table to you also???

Again get signed up for those classes you’re talking about.


Too bad you did not read his comment in you race to condemn.

It doesn’t help your case that your just multiplying hypotheticals for a TP rise. Shouting seals the deal and you call another person a troll?


Not paying income tax a hypothetical? Don’t think so.

Here this might help you along in your thought process.


Interesting article you linked to. Did you read the whole thing or just pick the part that said illegal immigrants are a net financial loss to the government? The reason I ask is that the article says clearly that the reason that “illegals” are a net loss is that they are low paid and not that they are illegal. They are like most Americans that work menial, minimal- wage jobs in that respect.

The article also claims that over half of the illegals work “on the books.” In case you are wondering how this is done, it is by using a fictitious Social Security ID which is easy to obtain. The employer reports the SS# to the various tax agencies who don’t bother to check it in most cases. So those taxes are credited to a non-existent number or to someone else whose number was duplicated in the forgery. In the case of Social Security and Medicare withholding, that means the illegal contributing has no way to claim benefits based upon their contributions.

I wonder if maybe this is why the feds are reluctant to really enforce illegal immigration laws? Is it possible that these “anonymous” contributions are helping to support SS & Medicare in a major way? It is from different parts of the federal and state budgets that “illegals” and other poor people make their money back. Food aid, Medicaid (not Medicare), and justice system expenses are the primary draws.


I hope they’re teaching the difference between “to” and “too,” as in “too bad about Poly.”


Grammer? Really? Do you have a thought to contribute that might help the situation with illegal alien’s gaining a lic. to practice law??


Well, not just grammar, but spelling, too. Notice, it’s not “grammer.” I’m always amused that some of the most righteous-sounding people about education don’t know basic grammar or spelling. As for the issue, this kid sounds like a hard worker, born in this country, who probably overcame far more obstacles than you to get where he is today. I say right on.


Ah the cry of the liberal. You don’t know how it is. Yea I didn’t dig ditches working my way up, clean bathrooms while going to Jr. College, etc etc. Yea my business I started was given to me.

PLEASE. I know a lot of illegals (now legal=got citizenship) and yes they worked hard. I’ve worked hard. A LOT of people I know work hard. So what? Does that give you special rights? Are you one of those types that think everything is a right instead of a privilege?

As for your comment about education, we aren’t talking about that!!! We are talking about illegals getting lic. Follow the story and it might help your replies.


Oh, I’ve followed the story. The story is an inspiration. It’s a story that used to be held up as an example of the American Dream. No matter where you started, if you worked hard, studied, you could become anything you wanted. Even a lawyer. Or, perhaps, the President. People complain about everything, that this person is stealing jobs, or taking instead of giving. Here’s the story of someone who wants to contribute, putting it all on the line. Why do you fight him so much? Why don’t you applaud his perseverance? Isn’t that what America is about?


Yes you are right about inspiration and American dream but you are stretching the truth to make your point. Most of those types you mentioned, came through Ellis Island and did it the right way. BTW a foreign born couldn’t be President so you help make my point.

I have mentioned in other articles here recently that I personally know three men who were illegals and got their status in order, learned the language and got citizenship. Why should Mr. Garcia get a pass and others didn’t? Let him get a green card to work here and then get citizenship. If he has to take awhile doing it, so be it.


Well beentheredone… Ask an undocumented immigrant, they have an tin number. I pay taxes, so do most people in my situation.


How about field workers? Guys washing dishes? I am not saying that some don’t pay taxes but a lot also slide under the radar. Why do you think the Gov. is going after illegal immigration so much? It isn’t totally about getting one’s status in order. It is about those here illegally paying the same.

My wife works in the medical field and has watched many an illegal come through getting medical care, while many here (U.S) that pay taxes go without.


ask a mexican ! really!


OMG zap, where do you come up with your loony articles? They are going to imprison illegals? Well for most of my life and still now, unless they are wanted for crimes here, they are rounded up, bussed to the border and released.

You need to expand your reading horizon’s beyond the liberal claptrap you read.


Why haven’t you immigrated legally?


Too busy going to school. Obviously he doesn’t care about becoming legal, won’t need to, he gets it all free anyway! Free education, free grants, free everything at the expense of the “legal” citizens struggling to provide for their legal families.


If you become a lawyer and can’t figure out how to become a legal citizen then you probably won’t be a very good lawyer. I suggest you work for the state since they are more interested in the fact that you are something other than legal than the would be in legal skills.


You are not an American Citizen, and therefore have not earned “your stars and stripes”.

Illegals cost the taxpayers of this state millions every year, one big expense is educating the Children of Illegals. A large number of these Children obtain scholarships to our colleges. American Children take a back seat, and if the parents are unable to pay end up without a college degree. Free school meals, Free medical, Free food stamps. What little some do pay in taxes they claim back for dependents they have in Mexico. They take far more than they give.They march and protest for their rights in a Country where they have no legal status. The day I became an American Citizen and earned my stars and stripes was the proudest day of my life… A pity your parents didn’t respect the laws of this Country, and that the people who govern this Country do not enforce the immigration laws we have. Hope your not voting….


OMG!! I want to give you a 100 thumbs up for this post. AMEN!!!



So College Financial Aid for Illegal Immigrants……..Check.

Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants…….Check

Professional Licenses for Illegal Immigrants….Check

Welfare Benefits for Illegal Immigrants…….Check

Well heck! Give me one good reason to be a legal resident.


So, let me see if I get this right. A person who is here ILLEGALLY can become one whose profession is to give LEGAL advice and assistance to clients and represent them in court or in other LEGAL matters.

Perhaps the job of governor should also be open to those who are here ILLEGALLY as well.



Why wait to elect an illegal as Governor, just have Gov Brown step down and appoint an

illegal to replace himself.


Good lord, just what California needs, more attorneys, and illegal at that. Last time I read, “illegal” meant ” illicit, illegitimate, against the law”. Only in California does illegal mean legal… common core here I come!


using the word illegal to label a human being is a misuse of the language hence your confusion common core is a school curriculum issue not immigration.

but if you want to chew both of them at once please keep your mouth closed.


A person not in this Country legally is ILLEGAL, not a legimate member of this Country up to now until the damn progressives have taken over and are making everything and everyone legal. When California becomes like Chicago where you have to call out the National Guard so your kids can walk to school safely make sure you double down on your taxes since you and all the rest of your idiots friends are creating this damn mess because all is good, pass me the pipe!


First the Drivers lic. last week and now this? WTF do we have immigration laws for? To the liberals obviously for nothing!!!!

Heck lets just have them replace the legislature we have at the moment and let the illegals pass laws too!!! They couldn’t do any worse than the crop of dipshits we have up in Sacramento now!!!


So does that pave the way for the illegals to become cops, local solons and/or State legislators?


Actually, Professional Licenses include Medical Licenses. Get ready for Illegal Immigrant Medical Doctors!


even the contras liked cuban doctors


“Brown’s office said the governor has yet to take a position on the bill”. B.S. he has an opinion. And it’s not a good one.