Shandon teen dies in car crash

September 9, 2013

chpA 16-year-old from Shandon died early Sunday morning following a single car crash. [KSBY]

Oscar Silva Lizarraga was driving southbound on San Juan Road in Shandon around 3 a.m. Sunday when he drifted off the road and onto the shoulder. California Highway Patrol officials say Lizarraga over-corrected his 1997 Ford F250, causing the truck to overturn.

The crash ejected Lizarraga from the truck. He was not wearing a seat belt at the time.

Officials pronounced Lizarraga dead at the scene.

CHP investigators say they do not believe alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash, but the driver may have been fatigued.


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the fact that people are putting the rules out there for everyone to know is ridiculous and insulting. Oscar was a responsible, GREAT young man and just because he got to stay out 1 HOUR later then “aloud” doesn’t mean this should be teaching other kids a lesson. this is a TRAGEDY. someone lost their son, and found him on the side of the road MINUTES away from there home. get a heart, and a life for that matter and stop putting your opinion where it isn’t needed. if this was your child and people were commenting the rules and regulations of having license on a news report about his/her death you would be appalled. Keep your comments to yourself. this is a 16 year old boy, who I bet if he had a chance to follow the rules of having a license again, he would. don’t you think his parents have already thought of everything they could have done to prevent this from happening? it’s too late now to put your UNWANTED opinion in. this is a blog and if you have this much time on your hands that says more about you then anyone.

And as to oscars family, I went to school with your son since kindergarten and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him since I heard the news. I’m deeply sorry for your loss. My parents and I have been praying for him every night. he was a great person on this earth and he was taken too soon. rest in paradise oscar, you may be gone but you will never, EVER be forgotten. I hope you knew you were loved by many.

Let me start by saying how sorry I am for the loss of your classmate and friend.

As for others I would say this. First everyone is entitled to their opinion right or wrong. Second, when it comes to tragedies it is human nature to ask, what went wrong and can we prevent this the next time and save a life. I don’t think anyone is trying to cheapen or lesson what happened to Oscar. I think everyone here, especially those that are parents with kids, as myself, want to see if their is anything that could help in the future. We aren’t second guessing what happened here, because their is nothing we can do to bring back Oscar. This was horrible and I always think about those last moments before someone dies by themselves. Were they alone, scared, etc. The thoughts of who they wanted to say goodbye to. That we didn’t get to say goodbye etc.

We have people die in plane crashes all the time. We figure out what went wrong and try and improve safety or thought process in the future. I have never felt this as disrespecting those that have died or their families, I have always viewed it as a living legacy to help others. I often wonder of those that have died, would they like to let things stop at that point and people do nothing else, or would they be proud that their name lived on and people talked about how one’s misfortune helped them?

I feel horrible when anyone has to come upon an accident and find out it is a loved one. I helped at an accident scene back in the eighties, that the husband came upon it. I don’t want to see that again in my life.

To all that have lost a loved one, I pray for your peace. For those of us that have our loved ones here, hug them, love them and never take it for granted.

When I first read this article, I was angry and it was a knee jerk reaction. Obviously, the article gives the impression that a 16 year old was on the road alone at 3:AM and lacked parental supervision, obviously this wasn’t the case. My BAD, I do apologize. I can’t think of anything worse than loosing a child and to find them in the road is just beyond anything I can imagine. My condolences to his family, friends and all who loved him. Sorry that he had to leave so soon, God Bless.

I didn’t know Oscar but one of my children had a few classes with him last year. She wouldn’t say they were friends but that they had spoke several times and that he seemed nice. My other child didn’t know him but has several friends who did. We first heard of it around 6:00pm on Sunday, just before dinner. My daughter’s phone was buzzing as the news about his passing was making it’s rounds via social networking. It was typical “conversations” that people have at this time; “I can’t believe it”, “I just talked to him last week”, “He friended me on facebook at I hadn’t decided if I was going to accept it yet”. For me, I just kept thinking that I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to lose a child. I read on this thread that the parents were the ones to find him. That just takes it to another level. There have been many conversations that I have had with my kids over the years. Many I have forgotten, but this one I won’t. The only experience that my kids have had with death are the ones you expect; death from old age and illness in our case. The questions ranged from placing blame, thoughts of his family to questions of their own death. The toughest part of that conversation was when my daughter said “Dad, we were the same age and I knew him”. I think it was one of those defining moments for my 16 year old. To see that realization in her face is not something I will soon forget. Needless to say, the hugs were a little tighter and longer and the I love you’s were a little more sincere last night. I started writing this as a condolence to a family I have never met. Reading it over, it seems like it might have taken a selfish turn. That was not my intent. My thoughts have been with your family since last night.

3am sunday morning as in late saturday night

What is a 16 year old doing on the road at 3:AM ? Didn’t he have school to attend on Monday? This might sound harsh but a 16 year old should be home in bed at that hour.

Cindy, this is my friend’s son. Why even make a comment like that? A life is gone now and you have to question why he was driving at that time? It could have…and DID happen way earlier…the 3am time is when he was found…not when he crashed. Refrain from thinking the worst of people please. Oscar’s family is hard working, caring and wonderful…Oscar was a blessing to all who knew him and was within a mile of his home…he was on his way HOME for goodness sakes! He made a mistake in driving that, sadly many young people do…for that matter, many adults do every day! If Oscar was your son, you would have been proud of the young man he was becoming and of the boy he had been. Please hug those close to you, pray for them, and while you are at it, pray for Peace for his family. We out here who loved him and love his family are going to do,whatever it takes to help them through this time of terrible loss. And for the record…he was probably coming home from working Saturday night.

Crestonian, I’m new here, but Cindy is one of the most frequent repliers here, and it’s usually something shitty to say, whether it’s about the San Luis Police, or a 16 year old kid that gets killed. It’s obvious she has nothing better to do than comment on nearly every article in this blog. Maybe she should repeat about the .078 BAC 15 more times.

My condolences to your friends. Some people don’t know when to shut up.

Boris, shame on you as well. This is a blog and people state opinions and their comments. That is what a blog is about. If you don’t like what you read don’t read it. Geez………………

Bird, shame on me? I’m not the one that repeats everything, like the BAC issue, 17 times, like I’ve got inside info or know something about the cops that nobody else does. Big difference between having an opinion, or being so blindly biases against something (The SLO PD), that you can’t even see the other side of the road. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

It happened Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. It’s Tragic that this young man was killed. Should he have been out at 3:00am? Probably not, but that doesn’t minimize the fact that parents lost a son, and his siblings lost their brother.

Well excuse me but you really have no idea what happpened only what this report says and you also don’t know the pain his family and close friends. Are facing right now

Thanks for your very insightful comment. This 16 year old was laying on the side of the road dead at 3a.m. And considering it happened on sunday morning im sure having school on Monday was not a concern. Your comments are harsh and completely misplaced. The fact is he dropped his girlfriend off at 11:30 and was supposed to be home by 12. His parents were headed home from Paso leaving a concert around 2 and pulled up on the accident finding Oscar cold and laying by the road. The CHP arrived at 3 which is why the report is at that time. Now that is HARSH! RIP Oscar

My sympathy goes out to Oscar’s parents. How horrible to come upon the accident involving your child. Although Cindy’s remarks may seem a bit harsh, California DMV rules state that anyone under the age of 18 that hasn’t had their license for at least a year, has a driving curfew of 11:00 pm. Since Oscar would not have had his license for at least a year, he should have been home. May this be a learning lesson for both parents and teens to always wear your seatbelts and abide by the law. Oscar, you were too young to die.

Thank you Survivor, you are completely correct there are lessons to be learned and his passing will not be in vain, and I know everyone appreciates your sympathy towards the family. I wish more people on these public comment sections would use kind words and understanding when responding. Cindy’s comments don’t show any sympathy and are not based on facts. Oscar was a fun loving kid who loved everyone and always made everyone smile. I know I will always wear my seatbelt after his passing.

All of you criticizing Cindy’s response should take a lesson from it. She may have been wrong based on incomplete information but her response was reasonable IF you could base a judgment on the information in the article and perhaps some generalized life experience.

This is a VERY common phenomena here on CCN. Often these articles tell only part of a complicated story and sometimes they don’t even have all the facts right. Until you see the effects of premature judgments on a situation that you know doesn’t fit the facts, the tendency is to go with what you THINK you know and rant about it. (Yes, I am guilty too at times.) Perhaps a bit more skepticism about the completeness and accuracy of the information we read here would make us all a bit better as people.

This information was pretty much that in the Tribune/ Therefore, if you want to lay blame for incomplete information maybe you should address the reports that public safety release to the press.

Condolences to the young man’s family and the tragic circumstances of this incident.