Share SLO social ambassador fired

September 4, 2013
Bentley Murdock

Bentley Murdock

The Rosetta Marketing Group has fired San Luis Obispo’s first social media ambassador, Bentley Murdock. [KSBY]

Rosetta hired Murdock six months ago to promote San Luis Obispo by attending events and posting on social media. The marketing firm received funds from the San Luis Obispo Tourism Improvement District to hire Murdock for a year.

Murdock served as the city’s ambassador for six months after a highly publicized, six-week hiring process that involved interviews with, among others, Mayor Jan Marx.

Others involved in Rosetta’s promotion of San Luis Obispo tourism said that Murdock was not attending events.

Sources told CalCoastNews a few months ago that Murdock’s firing was imminent.

Rosetta now says that the San Luis Obispo ambassador position has been eliminated, and the firm is using a “street team” of more than 100 volunteers to fill the role of promoting the city.

“We just didn’t see him,” said radio host Adam Montiel, who applied for the ambassador position and is a member of the street team. “If you ‘Google Bentley Murdock Share SLO,’ the first thing isn’t from posts. It’s the article that says he won.”

Montiel said he interviewed Murdock on his radio show the after Rosetta hired him.

“He was chosen because the mayor liked that he didn’t drink,” Montiel said. “When you figure how much wine plays into everything we do here, that didn’t even make sense.”

Murdock said he is seeking legal representation. Roestta said it could not comment due to the threat of “legal ramificiations.”


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CCN might want to investigate this issue a little more.

“Bentley didn’t do his job. Bentley didn’t go to any events. Bentley is too shy and timid for the job. Bentley is some sort of anti-alcohol puritan who refused to go to any events that served alcohol.” Yes, this is the narrative that certain vocal members of the “street team” would like you to believe. But it is also far from the truth. Anyone familiar with Bentley and his work with ShareSLO can attest that he put in a lot of hard work and was doing a great job.

Unfortunately, the ShareSLO ambassador competition brought a lot of wannabe socialite diva’s out of the woodwork, who were none too pleased when an honest hard working guy who wasn’t a party boy lush got the ambassador role. They immediately pushed for roles on this “street team” and then went to work badmouthing Bentley and conspiring to get him removed. Unfortunately, their unscrupulous tactics appear to have paid off.