Car crashed into Paso Robles restaurant

May 7, 2024


A car crashed into Thomas Hill Organics Bistro and Wine Bar in Paso Robles on Tuesday morning, causing significant damage to the building.

Shortly before 11 a.m., a black Mercedes crashed into the restaurant, leaving most of the vehicle inside the building. No one was injured in the collision.

The driver told officers they mistook their vehicle’s brake pedal for the gas petal.

Officers evaluated the driver at the scene, who did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


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A bit extreme. Maybe try just a negative Yelp review next time.

The driver told officers they mistook their vehicle’s brake petal for the gas petal.

And apparently at no point, while their car launched up a curb, through a brick facade, and into the restaurant lobby… did their brain reevaluate the situation and move their foot to the other pedal!? The lack of reaction time here is impressive.

How bad do you have to be at driving, to where you risk manslaughter while exiting parking spots, before you turn in your keys and call it a wrap for ever driving again?

Well, of course! If you press the brake pedal and the car accelerates positively then you’re not pressing it hard enough.. so press harder!

Autonomous car with the take me home option?

Old person more than likely.