Homeless leave, San Luis Obispo County closes safe parking site

May 7, 2024

Homeless parking site


San Luis Obispo County officially closed the safe parking site off Highway 1 on Monday, after the last 10 people left.

County staff started dismantling the safe parking site on Tuesday, which includes the removal of fencing, showers and restrooms. Vehicles and personal property left at the site will be stored by the county until the owners take possession for up to 90 days.

Last week, on the day the remaining 10 homeless people were to leave the safe parking site off Highway 1 near the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, the county agreed to give the group $60,000 and an extra week to find somewhere to go.

Established in 2021 as a temporary safe parking site during the pandemic, the county began taking steps last year to close the site.


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So the county gave away $60,000 of tax money without putting it up for a vote… so then the $60.000 should come out of their salaries….

The $60000 should reimburse the taxpayers for the cost of the services provided and for cleanup of the area after the homeless leave.

Your tax dollars gave them $6,000 each. Man they made out like bandits!

Met a homeless coupe today, they were polite and honest. I asked where they were from, they came here from Redding because they are not friendly to vagrants up there.

SLO is a hobo magnet for the entire West Coast, and the local politicians think that’s a good thing

Maybe the county can make up the $60,000 by placing parking meters just outside city limits near the creek beds and bridges.

I am sure they left it better than they found it…

$60,000???!!! is that coming out of my taxes? I didn’t agree to that. For 10 people? Can I please have a free $6000?

Why did the homeless deserve $6,000 each? Unreal!

Oh good, they solved the homeless problem. Oh wait, there’s an RV in front of my house.

with $6,000 of your money, wait they are going to use that to get them out of homelessness, yeah right, officials can’t really think we buy that can they?