Union, Paso Robles school district agree to compromise on wages

May 9, 2024


The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District and the teachers union have agreed to salary increases of 4% to 5% over three years, under an agreement that still requires the approval of union members and the district board.

After months of discord with the union demanding 8.2% salary increases and the district offering a 2% raise, the parties have tentatively agreed to three-year salary increases, which is to retroactively include 2023. Members of the union, Paso Robles Public Educators, had threatened to strike if their demands were not met.

School board members are slated to approve the agreement at their May 28 meeting.


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Districts like Paso Robles and Santa Maria Bonita ought to be taken over by the state. The abysmally low test scores, lack of rigor and reputation for failing students, means that the administrators and school boards are not doing their jobs competently.

Our kid’s lives are more important than bureaucratic intransigence.

40% of California public school students are English learners, meaning the language most commonly spoken at home is not English. In the SMBSD that number is much higher, probably more like 80%.

While I agree that public schools have packed too many high paid administrators into the districts, I’m not sure the cause of low test scores is “bureaucratic intransigence.” I do, however, agree that increased rigor and repetition are needed, but it is difficult to retain low performing students in lower grades for more than a year or two.

It just doesn’t work socially and many low performing students take 3-5 years (or about 1,200 hours of English instruction) to become fluent. And even second-language fluent students will sometimes have trouble with questions on things like literature or grammar.

Finally, I’m pretty sure you don’t want the state to take over schools and eliminate local participation. That would be a nightmare.

That would just cost us more money. It’s the hiring process for these top leaders. Board members hire based on gut feelings, pressure from the union and PTO, instead of objective facts. A lot of this going around. New county administrator for example convicted criminal but he went to poly so don’t worry. Or How about Jill Southern in Cambria, every year she has worked up there her scores drop but hey why not give her the wheel, she knows the district… lol. These folks don’t have the skill set for the job just connections.

A 5% increase still puts them below salaries in other local districts.

This district made a director the superintendent. This would be like Michael Scott getting promoted to the CEO… David Wallace’s boss. They should have hired someone with proven experience. Santa Maria Bonita test scores are worse than any district in our county. How can someone that came from this failure have success? Painful to watch. The quality of these kids lives on the line.

Wait – 4 to 5% per year or total over 3 years? Good thing the school district is in such good shape financially

So what cuts are going to be made to pay for this?, one area that likely won’t be cut but should is administration. Most likely they will either cut items that directly effect students or float a bond.