Abel says he’s able to beat Brown

October 7, 2013
Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado thinks he is the answer to Republicans’ dreams of taking over the statehouse next year, and he spent last weekend articulating that belief at the California GOP biannual convention in Orange County. (Sacramento Bee)

The Santa Maria politician has lost two straight elections, one for Congress and the other to retain his appointed position of lieutenant governor in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration.

On Friday he told reporters, “My campaign has never been in better shape than it is today” but acknowledged that his proposed race “is an uphill battle.”

He announced the formation of a new campaign team to compete in a political scrap that even most Republicans already have ceded to Gov. Jerry Brown.

And Maldonado admitted “it’s tough to raise money right now.”

Meanwhile, Brown — who has yet to announce his reelection intentions — has more than $10 million in his campaign coffers.




No way he can win because he won’t get the illegal vote, I know they will be voting heavily in our next election. Brown has made it so good for illegals in Cali that it makes me want to renounce my citizenship and just live here illegally.


If you’re that paranoid, why don’t you just leave ?


How do you get Paranoid from that? The liberal mind s just plain odd


During his last campaign, Abel was not even able to show up for his meet-and-greet events.

The only thing Maldonado has going for him is being a “local voice” for SLO County in SLO County. However, if he can’t even be bothered to show up for scheduled events, he doesn’t even have the “local voice” thing going for him.


Old Moldy sounds like that compulsive liar character on SNL that John Lovitz was known for:

” Yeah…I’m gonna be the GUVNER of CAl-ee-FOR- NYAH ! And…and…My girlfriend is Heather Locklear !

YEAH, THAT’S the ticket ! “


What pathetic choices we have. An old leftist hippy vs gasbag turncoat loafer. Best option sell your California real estate and move to another state


Rick Perry wants us. And, California real estate prices are really high right now. Don’t be the last right thinker in California.


Mike…Wyoming is closer, and more like a landlocked penal colony for the inconvertibly stupid.

Send them there.

Texas is trending less crazy Republican .day by day …among the electorate.


The hispanic population of this state will turn out in mass quantities to get Abel voted in . Over 50 percent of ca is hispanic, He does not need large sums of money he has guaranteed votes already .


Not a chance. He has passed his expiration date


Why do you think Governor Brown gave illegals the key to the California bank vault plus no deportation for misdemeanor crimes, drivers’ licences, in state tuition and scholarships for the dreamers, etc.

Some Hispanics will vote for Abel; but most of the needy Latinos and the newly arrived will vote for Brown and his free goody bag for undocumented workers.


Ethnicity has nothing to do with it, really. The ignorant will always vote for the guy handing out the cigs and beer. Works the world over! Just our “cigs and beer” are much, much more expensive and end up destroying the state, but it is such a slow-moving process, most people fail to recognize the changes happening around them. That and the constant conditioning.


Abel has become a joke. The only Brown he can beat probably works on his farm without a green card.

the guy paso

How won’t even gear the “real” brown vote


“How won’t even gear the “real” brown vote”

What is this? Codespeak ?

This is unintelligible gibberish, but it has 7 likes to 1 dislike.

America is failed, because stupid people still get to vote !


And they tend to vote to de-fund education—an vicious and ugly downward spiral.


Abel Maldonado is the best man the Democrats have on their team to insure a Brown re-election.


The hispanic population will vote Abel into office


They sure showed up when he was on the slate for re-election as Lieutenant Governor, didn’t they?


This was my first thought… sometimes one sides loves when the other runs their ideal candidate (like Romney was for the dems last time around).

Tell me there’s a difference in parties when they both attack the same republicans and democrats who might actually challenge the status quo.


“Tell me there’s a difference in parties when they both attack the same republicans and democrats who might actually challenge the status quo.”

OK, I’m being quasi-respectful here.

Please name a few…of all political spectrum, that challenge the status quo.

I’ll start out to help: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) Vermont, Congressman Alan Grayson (D) Florida, former Governor Gary Johnson (I) (was R) New Mexico.

Kevin Rice

Laughing stock.


At least most republicans and conservatives (I’m guessing) here can recognize when one of “their own” is a political loser. If only both parties could be so honest with themselves.


Roy there is nothing here for us conservatives to recognize, i.e. their own. Abel can call himself whatever he wants but he isn’t a conservative.


“Laughing stock.”

We finally agree ! Hilarious but understandable.

Look who he would affiliate with: Darrell Issa, Dana Rorabacher, Meg Whitman, Kevin McCarthy, Carl Fiorina, Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Phil Gingree, Scott Walker, Steve King, Joe Barton, Sarah Palin, Mark Sanford, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Marsha Blackburn, Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum, Herman Cain, and the rest of the traveling loonie bin circus in politics and media that form the base of the “Stupid Party”.

Seems to me, Moldy fits right in !