Bank robber sentenced to three years

October 18, 2013
Steven Daniel Celaya

Steven Daniel Celaya

A 32-year-old man who confessed to robbing two San Luis Obispo County banks was sentenced to three years in prison on Thursday.

Facing a maximum sentence of 10 years, on June 12, Steven Celaya went to the police department and said he had robbed the Chase Bank in San Luis Obispo on May 25 and the Bank of America in Atascadero on June 7.

Celaya’s shorter sentenced was likely because he had no prior criminal history, he voluntarily turned himself in, and he did not use a weapon during the robberies.


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Maybe Gearhart, Miller and Graves will be next

I’d like to believe he simply got a guilty conscience and decided to do the right thing.

My guess is that he has some serious problems (health — physical or mental, addiction, etc.), no money to pay for help, and that he decided that the prison system was his best chance to get that help.

I think that you hit the nail on the head.

This is interesting. He basically “got away” with it, but comes and turns himself in… no priors, etc. Something is going on here.

My first thought is that this was a cry for help. Don’t know how much help he’ll get in prison though.