Brown sinks teacher firing legislation

October 11, 2013

teacher1A so-called “bad teacher” bill intended to smooth the path for firing California school educators has been vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown. (Sacramento Bee)

The bill, which had the support of the California teachers Association, addressed concerns of some that it has become exorbitantly expensive and time-consuming for school districts to dismiss teachers.

Brown, in his veto statement, said the legislation could “make the process too rigid and could create new problems.”

Among the bill’s provisions was one that would have added murder and attempted murder to a list requiring an immediate leave of absence; others would have lifted a current prohibition against issuing dismissal notices in the summer; and tightened time requirements to abbreviate the process.

“I share the authors’ desire to streamline the teacher discipline process,” Brown wrote, “but this bill is an imperfect solution.”


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I think that most people recognize the challenges facing education… low standards and questionably low standards. However, firing teachers is not specifically the answer to the problems in instruction and curriculum.

The Governor is throwing the problem back to the schools and hopefully they will address the issue rather than continue holding on to a crumbling system.

People are voting with their feet to better schools and where possible… home schooling and private schools. Our public educational system must recognize that people are not choosing a more time consuming and more expensive process… unless the current system has failed them.

Hopefully, cooler heads will work for change.

“But this bill is an imperfect solution.” Well Mr. Brown, is it an improvement upon the current situation? Perfect solutions rarely exist — especially when politics are involved. An improvement is better than nothing at all.

Why don’t you tell us specifically what is wrong with the proposal and what could be done to make it better if you “share the authors’ desire to streamline the teacher discipline process”? Otherwise this comes across as more political pandering rather than a rational evaluation of the merits of the legislation you just vetoed.

This bill provided more protection for the teachers than they currently have regarding getting dismissed for legal crimes. If a teacher is accused of wrongdoing, this bill would allow law enforcement 6 months to investigate, bring charges and prosecute the charges and allow only 5 witnesses regardless of the number of victims. This bill was a disaster for the victims if they were students and the crime performed by their teacher or a crime not directly related to the students but performed by a teacher. While I strongly disapprove of Brown’s actions most of the time, this is one he got right! This is related to a case involving a L.A. teacher and would have provided so much protection for him…

Thanks for the response. Assuming that is the case, you are right about this. I wonder why that information didn’t make it into the article above?

Brown, in his veto statement, said the legislation could “make the process too rigid and could create new problems.”

Yeah screw the little crumb cruncher’s… It’s just too hard to do the right thing for our school age children. My belief is Mr. Brown doesn’t want to sign this bill because it would make the NEA angry. He knows he can count on campaign donations from the CA teachers union regardless of whether he signs the bill or not. The NEA however has the big bucks and he also knows that.

So…We can build a multi-billion dollar train to nowhere, illegals can now become lawyers with drivers licenses, while at the same time we are shielding Illegal criminals from the Feds but we can;t fire teachers…amazing.

I guess if you want to really succeed inn California, simply become a teacher who is here illegally.


To: Gov. Brown

Fr: Teachers Union

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1 Helping you get elected Paid

“…Brown, in his veto statement, said the legislation could “make the process too rigid and could create new problems.”

You mean it is even MORE rigid and problematic than what is in place now? I find that hard to believe.

I don’t know, it sounds pretty reasonable to me! For once I think I agree with the teacher’s union. Anyone who has had a child in school with a really bad excuse of a teacher knows how hard it is to do anything about it. Shame on you Governor!

I think this is just smoke and mirrors from the teachers’ union. Maybe some low-level people in the organization really, truly believe this was good; but high up? Come on. Smoke and mirrors to help Brown look like he’s NOT totally in the union’s wallet… er, pocket.