California to shield arrested illegal immigrants from the feds

October 7, 2013

immigrationGovernor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Saturday that bars California law enforcement officers from turning over arrested illegal immigrants to federal immigration officials. [Mercury News]

AB 4, authored by San Francisco Democrat Tom Ammiano, prohibits placing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) holds on most jail inmates who are otherwise eligible for release.

Brown said the new law “protects public safety and yet also protects immigrants who are basically living upright lives and working hard for the people.”

Also known as the Trust Act, AB 4 does not shield immigrants charged or convicted of serious and violent felonies. Crimes that law enforcement officers can still report to ICE include child abuse, drug trafficking, weapons sales, aggravated federal felonies, gang-related felonies and using children to sell drugs.

Last year, Brown vetoed the bill. But, he decided to support it after the legislature added the exemption for serious and violent felonies.

Opponents of the new law say it still compromises public safety.

“Californians, regardless of their immigration status, are now left unprotected from deportable criminal aliens,” said Kristin Williamson of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “ICE agents will be forced into unnecessarily dangerous situations trying to track down illegal aliens who were safely in the custody of state and local law enforcement.”

Last week, Brown signed a bill into law allowing the California Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.



I wonder if Federal law would supercede State law in this case. Of course you need Federal employees who are not furloughed to enforce the Federal law ;-)


This wasn’t the only thing Jerry Brown recently signed into law – did you know kids can have more than two “legal” parents, now?


This “illegal immigrant rights” move will affect other illegals, not just those from south of the border. From Humboldt County, a group of older Bulgarian/Russian/East European illegal immigrants destroy the Redwood forest for a pot grow. Hopefully, these people who come to California, clear cut the forest, defecate in our water supplies, and destroy our wildlife, will be deported. We shall see.


I can just see the new move to California advertising campaign….move to California, we protect illegals, give them welfare, drivers licenses, college education, basically anything they want.


Does your hate have no shame ?

the guy paso

Isoslo is stating the obvious, why is that hateful?


Hateful, fearful and shameful.

I wish all the freedom haters would migrate away.

I hear there is lots of room in Arizona.


It’s not hateful. More rights and privileges for undocumented workers will draw these people to California and that is part of the intent. My complaint is that California is not negotiating with Mexico to help our citizens in living and buying property in Mexico. Why is Brown giving everything away to Mexican citizens without extracting anything for Californians (US citizens) who might want to live in Mexico.

Back in the Jimmy Carter days, the Governor of Texas did negotiate with the President of Mexico to resolve problems because Carter ignored the border. Why can’t Californians have easier access to buy property and some kind of insurance in case Mexico decides to nationalize their property–again.


If the TRUTH be shameful, so be it.


The problem it’s simply NOT truth. PERIOD. They do not get welfare, college educations, or whatever they want. A driver’s license isn’t a GIFT to someone it’s a TRACKING DOCUMENT. You people love to just MAKE STUFF UP!


This is so bad it I’d even consider a vote for Maldonado to get this guy out of office.


I agree, this is bad, really bad. Just not bad enough to vote for Maldonado.

Nothing can be that bad.


Take heart, cooperdog ! Your former ‘friends’ will now call you a RINO and a traitor, and be out for your hide.

Nice going !


Just add this to the LONG LIST of reasons I got out of the so called GOLDEN STATE !


Ooooh…a ‘smart one’ !.

Enjoying Governor Brewer, Sheriff Arpaio, and rattlesnakes …along with the hot weather ?


Yes I am enjoying a governor that likes low taxes and a balanced budget and stands up for the constitution, and a sheriff that believes that if you break the law you should pay the price and not be REWARDED !

Also you must not have a clue about the state of Arizona. It isn’t all flat hot desert full of rattlesnakes like you think. There is lots of ponderosa pine forest north, south, east and west of me and we get snow every year. Also I’ve seen more rattlesnakes In San Luis Obispo County while hunting than I’ve ever seen here.

So tell me again slowerfaster Who is the smart ONE ?


Excellent, please keep posting how great Arizona is and with some luck we can solve some important issues in California.

California, if it is not the state you want then go east.


Don’t worry. Taxpayers who can are gradually leaving the state. Do away with Prop. 13

which will allow local governments to raise property taxes 10 or 20 percent in a year (whatever they want), and we will all leave. I see this as only a matter of time with our Democratic majority legislature.


So… if they are here illegally (getting their drivers license, no doubt) and are arrested and convicted and doing time – “basically living upright lives and working hard for the people,” they will NOT be turned over to ICE when they become eligible for release because it protects the public?

What the heck is wrong with progressives that they cannot seem to comprehend basic thought or logic?

Is there ANYONE in the media who even KNOWS what their job is supposed to be? They just allow some elected “official” to spew off some nonsense like we have here in this story, and remain UNCHALLENGED? No one thought, “Hmmm, how is protecting convicted, illegal alien prisoners protecting the public?”

Would that be too much to hope for?


r0y says:”just allow some elected “official” to spew off some nonsense like we have here”

Yes nonsense like we have here.

So move because California will never be the state the gop/tea party want. Maybe they can try to shut down Sacramento, you know to save it like DC.


You really do not like to address the actual issues, do you?


Welp, this will go straight to court. May as well call it the Legal Jobs Initiative. Harboring a fugitive and playing legal dare-ya games with the Fed are both bad, bad ideas.

Brown, I can’t wait to see you go.


Of course, if it is anything like our MARIJUANA debacle, even though it’s legal to open up shop in CA, maybe the Fed will work with really bad local sheriffs who do not understand their roles and responsibilities and get them re-busted?


Brown said the new law “protects public safety and yet also protects immigrants who are basically living upright lives and working hard for the people.”


Basically living upright lives? How do you define basically? Arent’ they in jail?

Talk about lowering the bar.


abigchocoholic says:”How do you define basically? Arent’ they in jail?”

So basically abigchocoholic’s comments are fact free, or low fact for those watching there fact intake. That Fox news diet is doing wonders for you.