Abel says he’s able to beat Brown

October 7, 2013
Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado thinks he is the answer to Republicans’ dreams of taking over the statehouse next year, and he spent last weekend articulating that belief at the California GOP biannual convention in Orange County. (Sacramento Bee)

The Santa Maria politician has lost two straight elections, one for Congress and the other to retain his appointed position of lieutenant governor in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration.

On Friday he told reporters, “My campaign has never been in better shape than it is today” but acknowledged that his proposed race “is an uphill battle.”

He announced the formation of a new campaign team to compete in a political scrap that even most Republicans already have ceded to Gov. Jerry Brown.

And Maldonado admitted “it’s tough to raise money right now.”

Meanwhile, Brown — who has yet to announce his reelection intentions — has more than $10 million in his campaign coffers.



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Please don’t do this. Please go back to your family business. You can not win. You are only going to embarrass yourself. You can not out socialist the socialists now running CA. I really don’t want to see you try. Your behavior has made it clear you are not a conservative in any way shape or form. You personify what is wrong with the GOP today. California needs a strong smart leader to encourage the productive people to not flee the state. California needs a strong smart leader to chase away the welfare parasites. California needs a flea and tick collar not more freebies for those loyal democrat voters unwilling to work. California needs a strong smart leader to undo the damage that decades of leftism have done to this once fine state. You, Able, are not that strong smart leader. Heck you couldn’t even beat Lois Capps.

Abel, if Jerry keeps signing these ridiculous bills into law, your chauffeur could beat him in an election.

Ya, there’s a chance he can beat up an old man. That would be a photo opp, Abel!

Will be fun to the GOP nomination process, i.e., circular firing squad.

Sure, Abel can beat Jerry Brown, just like I can bowl a 300 game or a 900 series; or 18 holes-in-one for a perfect “18” golf game; while there may a “statistical probability” of any of those happening, the real-life odds of Abel winning the race for Governor is so far out of the realm of realistic probability that my winning the Super Lotto, the Mega Millions and the Powerball Lottery all in the same week could happen before Abel ever finds himself sitting behind the Governor’s desk in Sacramento. “Clueless” is the most appropriate word I can think of for Abel Maldonado in his viewing of his chances.

Dude, find a think tank somewhere and go away already …

Yes, Abel winning is as likely as fixing California’s current problems by the present leaders thinking that giving them more and more money will help.

Abel reminds me of who we have running the state, so maybe that’s where he thinks he has a shot… Perhaps he is thinking, “Hey, I can screw up the state at least as badly as these guys! I have a real shot here!”

And that translates to “Not conservative enough for you.”

Abel’s a conservative all right, just not what passes for a conservative these days.

By the way, Ronald Reagan wouldn’t pass the test as a conservative these days.

We may wind up a one party government in the next couple of years and it’s not the party that you’d favor. And we’ll all be the worse for it just because the Republicans chose to place their ideology ahead of country. And the Fox channel refers to them as patriots…what a load of crap.

Thank you, NorCoMod.

I ‘LIKE’ a conservative in the mold of Everett Dirksen, an Earl Warren, …a conservationist conservative like Theodore Roosevelt.

You’re right, even Reagan would be an outcast among these nutcake radicals.

So would Nixon. Nixon established the EPA and was fundamental to starting the Food Stamps program to help the poor.

Eisenhower would be branded a traitor. He actually was by the father of the Koch Brothers (who was a founder of the John Birch Society).

The Tea Party extremists are not merely the enemy of me. They are the enemy of you. They are the enemy of reason. They are the enemy of logic. They are the enemy of democracy. They are the enemy of America.

AND what most Republicans do not know…what some are coming to find out:

They are the enemy of Republicans.

The enemy of America are those that would fly jets into the pentagon and the trade center. The enemy of America are those that would leak national defense secrets to the general public with malice. The enemy of America are those that can not live with people that disagree with there ideology. The enemy of America are those that verbally and or physically attack their political opponents rather than listen and debate their opinions. The enemy of America are those that would put a lite match to the U.S. Constitution.

…and those that would attack you for pointing these things out…