Child’s leg found at Spooner’s Cove?

October 6, 2013

UPDATE: San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies determined the remains were sea lion and not human. The department originally responded by searching the area for more body parts. At the time, one deputy surmised it could be medical waste, sources said. A witness said they could clearly see a toe nail. Photos at the bottom of this story.

A man spending the afternoon with his two young sons at Montana De Oro State Park discovered a child’s leg partially submerged in the tide pools at the south end of Spooner’s Cove on Sunday at about 1:30 p.m.

The partially decomposed right leg appears to belong to a three to six-year-old child.

Montaña de Oro State ParkAfter wrapping the leg in kelp, the man attempted to find a park ranger. He then approached Los Osos resident Juliana Epperly and asked for assistance.

Epperly, the Solvang man and his children then drove the leg to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s substation on 10th Street in Los Osos. However, no one was there.

Epperly then utilized the substation’s emergency phone to call for assistance.

“I asked for someone to come down and they asked ‘what is the emergency,’ ” Epperly said. “I said we have a leg here.”

Four deputies responded and drove the man back to the tide pools to look for more evidence. The incident is currently under investigation.

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Seals have legs?

It was Seal’s (the singer) leg. He lost it in the divorce.

Trust me, Sheriffs do not study anatomy and do not have the ability to determine that sort of distinction. It appears the tibia and fibula are not normal in appearance…but shouldn’t someone who actually deals with the physical sciences in a more in-depth capacity examine this more closely? Even if it is medical waste and the leg was deformed-that is rather disgusting.

first off let me say I have great respect for the police and sheriff dept. that being said…the “emergency” phone at the sheriff dept didn’t work so I called 911 the person who answered the phone was both unprofessional and inept. the person who found the “bones” did prosthetic for a living. also I took the pic to the Marine mammal facility and the Vet said it was NOT a seal leg.

LOL glad this had a happy ending

That pretty much says it all about Los Osos, the lights are on, but nobody’s home

Meanwhile @ Pelican1’s house, the lights are on, and Pelican is home, trying to make witty comments about someones childs leg being found in the ocean. Klassy.

It was Andy’s birthday and Barney took him fishing…..

Not funny.

Actually it was funny. I laughed out loud. What is not funny is the fact it all unfolded the way it did.

I can’t believe some of you….OK maybe I can. First of all no one would lose their kids leg without calling someone….even if they got no answer at the Los Osos Sheriff Station they would have tried another number…lol All of your premature thumbs downs should go to your Sheriff and your County board of supervisors that think it’s OK to unman a substation with five patrol cars and two vans in the parking lot.

Most police stations I go by around here have EXTRA patrol cars in the parking lot. You know in case one breaks. Again four responded, for the love of GOD, please explain how that makes a station unmanned.

I’m not the one that found the station to be unmanned…the guy with the seals leg wrapped in seaweed did. If no one is there….what would you call it?

I would call it guys out on shift and available to respond, which they did.

Again it was the weekend which is like after hours. Reduced staff, i.e. most likely only switchboard/dispatch. Hard to believe people can’t get nor understand that.

How many times have your taxes been raised to finance “Police Fire fighters and teachers”. They should be able to man their stations. Weekend or not.

How long has the Los Osos Sheriff substation been unoccupied?

Well seeing as it is a weekend probably nobody there other than maybe at switchboard? Maybe that person can’t leave their station?

The person used the call and got the right response, four deputies. Why are people so down on the cops for this? I don’t see anything in their response that they didn’t take serious and respond in kind. Why don’t you ease up.

Would you be happier if the cops had all been at the station sitting around? You would probably be complaining about that. I would much rather see them out in the field working, like they were.

Actually, I assumed the patrol deputies would be doing just that, patrolling.

Besides providing a pit-stop for patrolling officers, a substation allows officers a place to write reports, do followup, book evidence, and that old fashioned concept of getting to know the ‘neighborhood’.

A sub-station is serves the purpose of offering the ‘locals’ a place to conduct relevant business, such as seeking or filing reports, turning-in found property, asking questions. etc. Without the need to drive to Kansas Ave./County Jail.

Yes it does provide all of that. And if you have known any officers and or would get to know them, like the neighborhood, you would know that in the evening or weekend, yes there are still people writing reports but the staff has been reduced. Have you ever went to your local police station and noticed there is more activity during the day than the evening?

Again I think you are being hard on them that they aren’t in the station when you think they should be. The most important part of the safety is, are there officers out on the beat and the answer is yes.

Oh and I bet after the officers went to the scene in Los Osos, they probably went back to the station and filled out that report. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t going on.