Drug smuggling boat found in Cayucos

October 6, 2013

pangaA California Highway Patrol airplane discovered an abandoned panga boat north of Cayucos on Saturday morning.

San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies responded and found evidence that the boat had been used to transport narcotics. Deputies also found 15 fuel containers aboard the boat.

Incidents of drug dealers bringing marijuana into the United States from Mexico have increased steadily over the past few years. In 2012, California officials recorded 210 maritime smuggling incidents. Four years prior, officials recorded only 45 maritime smuggling events in the state.

In the past 18 months, deputies have discovered eight panga boats in San Luis Obispo County. In December 2012, a panga boat rammed into a Coast Guard boat killing an officer off the coast of Santa Barbara.



Who’s watching our coast? This is like “Who’s on first?”



I count four Yamaha outboards (250HP each, maybe) at 15-20k each plus the boat (25K);

That’s a helluva investment just to walk away from!


The CHP owns 15 airplanes, most of which are grounded 75% of the time since the courts ruled that they can’t be used to determine a driver’s speed from the air. The chance that one of them happened across a panga boat is zero to NONE.


Why is the Coast Guard sitting in Morro Bay? Why are they not out at night trolling the coast between Santa Barbara and Monterey. There are enough boats sitting in Morro Bay Harbor to put at least 3 boats out there and I am sure Santa Barbara and Monterey must have some too. Does the Coast Guard just rescue people or do the protect the Coastline too? Just asking!

Theo P. Neustic

California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife gets federal dollars for “homeland security” as well and all they do is write tickets for petty paperwork offenses since those could conceivably cut into their tax collecting gig.


Yep, the war on drugs has been a terrific success. Eight boats in eighteen months. A rate of one almost every two months and just in our area.

WHY do we keep up this charade called the war on drugs? It isn’t working!!!!


Homeland security at its finest.

Jorge Estrada

War on drugs is nothing new, remember naum and the jungle weed, drugs for guns because selling the drugs is easier. Stupidity has no shortage when fueled by short term pleasure.


They are here for their Drivers License!


The smugglers probably left the scene driving legally with a new illegal alien drivers license.

( I know the licenses aren’t available YET!!)


yes, but they don’t like their new licenses. PROFILING yes, you are liilegal, you cannot vote….oh wait, we’ll change that


a CHP airplane? not the Coast Guard? …….funding cuts


is this the same boat that was “captured” a few months back? do we drag it out to keep the funding?


Glad to see that someone is paying attention. I can’t wait until some whistleblower exposes this operation.