Man robbed while trying to purchase heroin

October 17, 2013
Fabian Medina

Fabian Medina

A 25-year-old San Luis Obispo man armed with a knife allegedly robbed a man on Wednesday who had stopped by an apartment on the 1900 block of Henry Street in San Luis Obispo, to purchase heroin.

The unnamed victim called police after Fabian Medina, 25, allegedly robbed him at knife point. Officers responded and surrounded the Brazil’s Terrace apartment.

The three occupants of the residence attempted to flee out windows and doors, but were detained. During a search of the apartment, officers discovered drugs and a knife.

Officers arrested Medina for robbery, brandishing a knife and a parole violation; John Torres, 46, for an outstanding warrant; and Chris Kiani, 25, for being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of stolen property and maintaining a place for illegal activity to take place.


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Fabian has probably experienced discrimination from potential employers due to his neck tattoos and had no choice but to turn to robbery and hanging around with unsavory heroin dealers. He deserves our sympathy, not our scorn. Probably an honor student at one time. Might be a good hire on Lois Capps staff.

Happiest place in America !

Brazil’s Terrace apartments, as in Lee Brazil, local slum lord? The cheap filth apartments on Foothill (which ones, right?)?

If that guy showed up at your door would you:

A) Good afternoon, fine sir, how may I help you?

B) Lock the door and call 9-1-1

C) Lock and Load

Seriously, anyone stupid enough to get neck tats (and is not some bizarre whole-body tattoo “artwork”) is begging to be taken to jail; it is only a matter of time and consequence.


Wow!!! Talk about a preconceived without merit or substance comment; “…anyone stupid enough to get neck tats (and is not some bizarre whole-body tattoo “artwork”) is begging to be taken to jail; it is only a matter of time and consequence.”

I see more and more people, young, old and in-between, all tatted out. Neck, arms, legs, you name it and its covered. The day of the “outlaw only tattoo club” is over; now its become a fashion all its own and is more and more acceptable in the business community.

I bet you still believe if you see a bearded big guy on a Harley he’s gotta be a 1%er, right (a 1%er is an outlaw biker, bye-the-way)? Or an African-American in a hoody gotta be a gang banger, right? Like I said… Wow! Just to let you know; we now have surround sound, HD TV’s, cellular phones and, wait for it… regular, everyday, law abiding citizens that are tattooed!

Just sayin…..

You know this is just plain wrong!!! What kind of country are we living in, when a drug user can’t go purchase his heroin or cocaine from a drug dealer with the expectation of not being robbed!!!

Why would these drug dealers resort to robbery? I don’t get it? They have it pretty good sitting around the house doing nothing all day and frittering life away. They seem like pretty good guys, why stoop to robbery?

With our overlords demanding smart growth, hopefully we can get the drug houses closer to our safe neighborhoods and avoid this kind of crime in the future.

Hey racket” ………speaking of smart growth I hope they are all abiding by FAR.

He needed the money for law school.

What do you expect? He just another retailer maximizing his profits before deregulation (legalization) comes in.

It’s gonna happen folks! It has to! Prior to prohibition its loudest proponents were Christian women (The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union). They complained loud, long and hard about how their husbands would come home drunk and beat on them! They were monumental in getting the 18th Amendment passed. 13 years later they were just as monumental in getting the 21st Amendment passed, the repeal of the 18th Amendment. Why? Well, because not only were their husbands still coming home drunk and beating on them now they were coming home broke as well! And besides, the feds’ finally realized its loss in tax revenues, combined with the Great Depression, and repealed it to bolster its tax revenues.

Legalize it and maybe only the pharmaceutical companies will be the ones getting robbed; it would only serve them right as they have been robbing us Americans for years.

Just sayin….

PS – Want to read an interesting book on the subject of legalization?


Drugs in America: The Case for Victory : A Citizen’s Call to Action

by Vincent Bugliosi (LA DA who prosecuted Manson)