Nipomo businesswoman running for supervisor

October 10, 2013
Lynn Compton

Lynn Compton

Nipomo resident and co-owner of an agricultural supply business, Lynn Compton, will run for the recently filled District 4 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor seat.

Compton, who has operated Valley Farm Supply for the past 15 years, applied for the vacant District 4 seat following the June death of Supervisor Paul Teixeira. Last week, Governor Jerry Brown appointed former Arroyo Grande Councilwoman Caren Ray to fill the seat.

The district, which includes Nipomo, Oceano and parts of Arroyo Grande, historically votes conservatively. District 4 constituents elected current Republican Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian prior to electing the Republican Teixeira.

But, Brown appointed the liberal-leaning Ray, who has already cast a key vote to extend an ordinance restricting water usage in the North County.

“We all know the governor has handpicked my opponent in this race,” Compton said in a campaign kickoff speech Thursday. “It is imperative that our next county supervisor be chosen and supported by us, the community, and not appointed by Sacramento politicians who continue to adopt burdensome regulations and unreasonable policies that drive our local businesses and job opportunities elsewhere.”

Compton, who has both agri-business and law degrees, said she is running on a pro-small business platform.

Despite the recent appointment of Ray, a primary election for the District 4 seat will take place in June 2014. Ray’s term ends in January 2015.

Ray has not yet announced whether she plans to mount a campaign to keep the seat, but she is widely expected to do so. Compton is the first candidate to publicly announce her campaign for the supervisorial seat.


Truth Hurts

Calcoastnews do some digging. If her husband is Pete Compton believe he used to work for another farming company but he did some shady business stuff to his partners and split off to form his own company. He bought a bunch of unauthorized stuff on the company dime and was basically embezzling according to a friend of mine. Tractors, farm equipment, and other items like that….

Truth Is

This election will definitely entertain us all as the Compton closet opens! Get ready for some good ole fashion Nipomo style bullridin! We will see if she has 8 seconds?


If you are pro-small business, then DON’T vote for someone in the pocket of CORPORATE BIG-BUSINESS..

Small businesses always suffer when these moneyed shills get in….and that’s ALL they are about: money, money, and more money.

They constantly toot how they are anti-regulation…until it comes to the regulations THEY like that make it easier for the corporate pig and tougher for the little person.

Get past the platitudes. See how Ms. Ray performs in representing ALL of her constiruents, or the majority of such.

Then, find out how and if Compton would have been different, and why.


Ms. Ray claims to be a Katcho like person. According to her vote on the water urgency ordinance showed that she is a Gibson and Hill like person! Big surprise!


Would you please show us where Ray claimed to be a “Katcho like person”? I never heard Ray say that. It is other people who have stated that.


Your conclusion is that Katcho would not have voted for the emergency ordinance as not only Hill and Gibson did, but also Mecham. I have not seen where Katcho came out against it.

Additionally, since this is Katcho’s home district he had input in the selection process that resulted in Ray so the disconnect is not what you imply it to be.


Agribusiness is what puts food on our tables that we can afford. This lady will protect the most important industry in our county. Other candidates with other agendas, stop global warming, etc., may not . Vote for Lynn Compton.


Hidden or not so hidden agendas like Gibson and Hill live for the right to lord over us the county residents and dictate how we should live on any topic they choose. Dictatorship behavior was made popular in Washington DC and we have two board members that are following in that style of governing. Now all their dreams have come true and they have a 3 or 4 (with Mecham) to “fundamentally change” SLO County forever…NOT so fast…Lynn Compton is preparing the way for that to all change. When that does you will have to harness Mecham and brand him to stay sided with you all. If he does that he is finished in this county. There will be no cover to hide behind.


Oh, yeah? What, specifically, has Compton said she will do to “protect the most important industry in our county”? Name even ONE specific thing that isn’t a tired, vacuous cliche.


Hmm, co-owner of an ag supply business, doesn’t like Jerry Brown, agribusiness degree, pro-small business platform… Well, I’m sure if elected she’d be completely fair and impartial in making sure the vineyards get all the water they need to keep expanding while homeowners’ wells run dry.


There is a difference between not liking the choice Jerry Brown made, for supervisor since the 4th district has elected a republican for over 40 years, and the man himself. I see no evidence that Lynn Compton dislikes the governor personally.

The urgency ordinance NEVER directly addressed the going dry 8-11 wells!

So the fact that Jerry Brown put Caren Ray in office is against those that have voted in the past. Jerry may be a very fine fellow but his choice was against the previous 40 plus years of the voting 4th district residents.


Carin Ray is a popular and well-respected Arroyo Grande City Council member. Governor Jerry Brown did the right thing in choosing someone who has a track record in politics and municipal leadership, two important things that Compton sorely lacks. But when it comes to knowing how to sue people and being involved with lawsuits, Compton seems to have that kind of experience.

The Comptons have only been involved with their farm supply business for 15 years. Now Lynn is ready to move into politics if she can get away with it.

Compton talks vaguely about too much government regulation, but she doesn’t have the courtesy to tell voters which of those regulations she wants to loosen or eliminate. But we do get to see a lot of professional photos of Lynn.


WiserGuy. Why do you just make things up? Since Caren Ray was appointed (not elected) to the council, you can’t say that she is popular and respected. How long did she serve as a replacement appointment on the council? Were any popularity contests held during that time?

Should Lynn Compton make a list of regulations she doesn’t like? Then, Caren Ray needs to make a list of regulations she doesn’t like, too.


Well she served on the planning commission, then was appointed in 09 I believe. Then she stood for election on 2012. She won unchallenged which certainly speaks to the people of Arroyo Grande’s like and respect for her.

That is all fact without getting into the broad base of support she now has.


Caren Ray IS popular and respected. You don’t need an election to see that. All you need to be is an aware citizen in the South County. (Where do YOU live “Citizen””?)

We know Caren Ray from her leadership roles in local politics.

What do we know about Lynn Compton that compares to that?

Is it really too much to ask for Compton to be specific about her political goals?


Phoenix, the count is up to 60 wells going dry. But there is next to nothing that can be done for these people at this time by the county government.

The purpose of the urgency ordinance is to stabilize the water basin which, in the long run, will help everyone using the Paso Water Basin, including you.


Citizen, about what could’ve been done for the drying wells:

Supe Arnold was working toward a low-interest loan program to help. But the Gibson-Hill steam roller poo-pooed that, apparently with the help of their new lackey, Carin Ray.

But we’re both off-topic.


Phoenix, Caron Ray is actually just someone who is just a little smarter than Debbie Arnold. The urgency ordinance is a no brainer. It has to be done to save our water. If you want to blame someone for the need for regulations, then blame the global companies–Roll International, Daou Brothers, Gallo, etc., or blame the elite Democrats like Nancy Pelosi , Feinstein, and Boxer-(all involved in the elite wine industry) who push for more cheap labor (illegals) for picking and no water regulations (but only for wine grapes-not other crops).

Jorge Estrada

Forget the BS they call politics, my vote is for the rural land in this county and those who chose to live their private lives. Ag is the best defense for this working life style and clearly appreciated by many for the viewing. Sure, rural life isn’t for everyone but as you fly over this county you will see what hard work has done to preserve options for our next generation.

Judging by Karen Ray’s first voting performance, my personal choice is for someone different, welcome to the table Lynn Compton.


Compton’s press release is the typical vacuous political cliches and hot button innuendo we have come to expect from politician’s with hidden personal agendas. Compton mentions NO specific issues she takes a stand on nor any specific policies currently in place she doesn’t agree with. It’s all about presenting an image that gullible people will read into.

The fact that Kevin Rice has already voices his support for Compton is certainly once reason for concern about this candidate. If it turns out Compton has any involvement or support from lobbyists Mike Brown and (Nipomo resident) Andy Caldwell (the two guys that funnel the money from “COLAB”) the wise voters know to be extremely cautious about this candidate and figure that there are agendas on hand that are hidden and aimed at benefitting a minority of people at the expense of the majority.

If in the course of her campaign Lynn Compton can convince me otherwise, fine. But the burden is clearly on her to prove herself beyond knowing how to wear a red dress well.


Well said. Thank you! Absolutely!


COLAB funnels money….really? Far as I can tell they’re an advocacy group for people in this county that feel they haven’t been included in county government decisions. Pertty simple really.

How about some specifics?

Kevin Rice

He’s an idiot. COLAB is 501(c)(3) and cannot fund candidates.


Follow the money and you will see most of it flows straight into the pockets of Mike Brown and Andy Caldwell. Then they spend their time lobbying local politicians to do their bidding and work for policies and back room deals that benefit a tiny minority of people at the great expense of the majority.

COLAB is a cynical joke that is making two lobbyists wealthy as they do the bidding for business interests behind the scenes. It’s a charade in so many ways.

Reality Check

What an excellent candidate! A business woman, a Mom, and very smart. She seems like the ideal person to bring balance to the Board of Supervisors.


Well I’m thinking similar can be said about Caren Ray. Teacher, former small business owner, administrator, and very smart. Oh, and has public service and legislative experience going back 8 or 9 years. Looks like a interesting race.


I’m gonna say what all of us are already thinking: she’s gorgeous!


Irrelevant and immaterial. I am not voting for Mrs. America or even Mrs. SoSLOCo. I want to know what her positions are on specific issues and who is supporting her campaign financially. Image isn’t everything unless you’re part of the brainwashed masses.


Calm down, Ontheotherhand. You’re reading waaaay too much into my comment. Look at the picture. She’s pretty; that’s a fact.

Geez…let’s go back to the olden days where you could sincerely compliment someone: “He’s a handsome gentleman” or “She’s gorgeous” without being lectured.


Ooh, look at the pretty lady! I’m gonna vote for her ’cause she’s pretty!…I’ll bet you voted for Schwarzenegger because he was a big movie star, am I right, Mr. Shallow?



“Irrelevant and immaterial” certainly describes the current BOS. Now, about her image.

A mother, a successful business person who earned a Juris Doctor degree, and supports small business. Compare her credential’s to those of the rest f the board and then lets talk image.


This should bring a bit of balance to an otherwise unbalanced BOS.

Good luck Ms.Compton. We need people with grey matter LISTENING and REPRESENTING the citizens of this county, unlike what is occurring currently.